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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Earn an Online MBA

A good friend who works in the Education Ministry as a head of department is looking into pursuing an MBA. His works around a tight schedule having to run the administration of the department as well as attend meetings most times all over the country. He even authors workbooks and set exam papers. I marvel at his ambitious nature and hardwork.

Due to the time constraint, he's looking into an online MBA program whereby he will be able to do it at his own pace and save time attending lectures. I read that the MBA Online Degree Program at Capella University was developed around skills that matter most for upwardly-mobile managers. He doesn't have to worry about Capella University's degree programs as they have earned the respect of leading corporations including Boeing, Farmers Insurance Group, and Johnson & Johnson, besides they offer highly specialized, cutting-edge business curricula.

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  1. happy,
    I know you are making money from sponsored posts, but I worry I can't agree with you.

    One of the major advantages of classroom-based MBA program is networking - you get to know your classmates who could be your future business partners. This is not something you can do with online MBA.

    Of course, if time constraint is an issue, online MBA is second best.

    BTW, try advertising classroom-based MBA as well...

  2. KS, thanks for yr thoughts. I agree with your points too. Don't worry that you can't agree with mine because everyone has his own perspective on things, everyone having different experiences. In fact, I am glad that the good people who visit this blog generously share their thoughts and ideas freely. Please keep them coming.