Monday, November 24, 2008

The Language of Signs

Signs are great communication tools. Though they can sometimes be misleading or ambiguous, once in a while you come across some really hilarious ones, like these as submitted to . The comments are copied verbatim from the site, simply because I couldn't do better. Enjoy them... For more chuckles, visit the site.

A sign in Beijing Zoo says..

Oh dear!...Is the car park half full or half empty?

Drive-by surgery
The streets in Wausau are kept so clean you could perform surgery on them.
Location: Wausau, Wisconsin

Deep thinkers ahead
Superficial drivers should proceed with caution.
Location: Opiki, New Zealand

Fresh flesh
We only sell the fleshest food.
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Have you come across any that can top these?


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Hahha..funny signs. Don't wanna shop at flesh food..:D

  2. Very funny! Haha! Hmm, flesh food nice or not? LOL

  3. I can't top that, but I can send you to a site I think you'll like!

  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    dude, what's ur favourite beer, I saw ur comment on the other blog about paulaner...cheer!!!

  5. MBL, it's just a matter of getting used to. No? LOL!

    Foong, nice or not? Probably an acquired taste? Like durian? :p

    Do I sound like a cannibal? The great test might come if I'm stranded with a few other people with no food in sight. *Gulp* Nah!!!!

  6. "Flesh market" sounds better...

  7. Hey Bonnie, thanks for the link. I've done it. Check it out here.

    Kennhyn, hi! I'm not a beer person but probably it has to be Paulaner for its sweet taste. Could you tell the difference between the one served at Microbrewery and the one here in KL?

  8. KS, flesh market would have everyone fleeing. haha...

  9. Ha, ha, ha....! :D Flesh food. People who can't pronounce "fresh" properly pronounce it as "flesh" instead :p

  10. Car park full of empty cars.