Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't let your Cell Phone walk away

I read in the papers the other day that the crime rate has dropped some 30% in Kuala Lumpur. This certainly is great news. Kudos to the police force. However, there still are petty thefts and cheats going on that can't be avoided.

I recently heard of a case of a conman walking way with a cellphone. No, not a cell phone but two cell phones at the same time. The conman took the phones on the pretext of helping the two men calibrate their phones. Incredible but true incident. So, be careful, don't let your phone leave your hands - not even to people you think you know. This happened in the Kepong area.


  1. Anonymous12:15 PM

    cell phone thefts can also happen in the office.

  2. It is scary, isn't it,, that's why i dont have expensive handphone,,,,, hilang hilang lah,, no sweat,, touch wood touch wood

  3. That's true, Mei Teng. So sad, isn't it?

    Eugene, I know what you mean. The thing that hurt most though when the phone is lost is the loss of the contact numbers - family, friends, business associates, etc. The more reason why we need to jot down all the numbers in the phone as a backup. Do you?

  4. Gotta change no more call handphone but leg phone. Have legs will travel.

  5. Wouldn't be so bad if the thief became responsible for the bills!

    Take my cell phone, please!