Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Frolics - What is Your Defense Mechanism?

It's that time of the week again for Friday Frolics! Come, frolic with me..

Every one of us has a way to tackle issues or problems when faced with them. Ever wondered what is your defense mechanism, one that will see you through rough patches? The results here say that humor will see me through the day and I think it has some truth. What's yours?

Your Defense Mechanism is Humor

When life gets you down, you just have to laugh. And that's a very healthy reaction.

It's not that you don't take your problems seriously. You do. You just don't let them control you.

You are able to make the best of things, even when things look very, very bleak.

Some people may consider your sense of humor to be dark, but it has served you well!


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    It's true that humour is used to mask what's underneath.

  2. my result:

    Your Defense Mechanism is Sublimation

    Compared to most people, you handle your problems very well.
    You're good at channeling negative energy into positive energy. You know how to change your perspective.

    You turn bad events into opportunities. You find strength in dealing with your problems.
    You are inspired and productive. Some may describe you as a "tortured genius" - but you're not that tortured.

  3. Tekkaus, great! I have company.

    Mei Teng, to a certain extent, perhaps. I was thinking not so much as masking but more towards looking at the issues in a better, positive perspective. It's important to take a realistic stand in times of adversity, not forgetting to be mindful of every possible reaction and effect.

    SK, interesting - a "tortured genius" but not that tortured. LOL!

  4. hmm.. mine is humour as well =)