Thursday, July 10, 2014

Argentina on to the 2014 World Cup Finals on Sunday

So it's 0-0 at full time but Argentina 4, Netherlands 2 on penalties. What a way to lose, eh? The other semi-final played yesterday was won by Germany - 7 goals to 1 (Brazil).

A look at the scoreline..

After 62 games, we have now come to the final two games. Brazil and Netherlands will play for third placing on Saturday.

The Finals between Germany and Argentina will be played on Sunday an hour earlier than the usual timing. Do take note if you don't want to miss any part of it.

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  1. Don't cry for me Argentina..thanks a lot for the update, good place for me to check the result. Hope to break my record of not watching a single game haha.

  2. i dont follow FIFA. Kecian Brazil fans

  3. Thanks for the updates Happy Surfer. I didn't got enough of time to watch it live.... just see the actual score the next day. I predicted Germany to the final match... yeah!..

  4. And I support Netherland as well... hehehe... This Sunday morning prob can watch... will see how. Last time with one kid, I can curi my time to watch...but now with 2 kids... I'm tired after chasing the small one.... so tak larat wake up to see the matches anymore.