Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Frolicking again

It's Friday again. Nice! I've always loved Friday, and why not, I'm a Friday's child.

Actually what I have in mind for today's post is... a quiz. Let's do one today after all the last quiz we did on Friday Frolics is way back in March. If you haven't taken that last quiz you can go here to find out What Flavor Jelly Bean Are You? and know something about yourself that may surprise you along the way, maybe?

Today's quiz is on Color Code. It's got an interesting set of questions too - thought-provoking a little.

This quiz says my Color Code is Yellow..

Your Color Code is Yellow

You are a ton of fun, no matter what is going on in life. You feel like you were put on this planet to have a good time.

You see each moment as an adventure, and you refuse to get stuck in a rut. You are always up for doing something new.

You are a very persuasive person, but you convince with your actions - not your words. Everyone wants to be living the kind of life you live.

You have friends pretty much everywhere you go, and if not, you make new ones easily. You always prefer life as a shared experience.

Now, your turn..

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