Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pest control and Fun facts about bugs

Contrary to popular belief that black attracts mosquitoes, they are actually attracted to blue twice as much as to any other color and butterflies taste with their hind feet. Cockroaches are worrisome creatures because some female roaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their life. Bet you didn't know about these bug facts.

Insightful facts, aren't they? These and more facts about ants, spiders and other bug facts are available on this Elite Pest Control Services site.

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  1. I like my pest control provider. Without them, I surely have headaches dealing with all those icky cockroaches.

  2. yeah, that's really interesting facts about insects.. thanks for sharing.. hmmm, and now i know some tricks on how to kill them, hehehe~~ :p

  3. i once poured water on a cockroach and sprinkle some eno on it, you know the "sizzling" effect when eno meets water?? and the cockroach just struggled to death.. hehehe~~ :p

  4. Oh gee the female roaches are pregnant for life? My goodness!tQ

    [SK[ you sadistic murderer???..haha.

  5. What? Mozzies love blue more? Not black? :/

  6. No wonder mozzies like to stick around blue jeans...tQ

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  9. "I like my pest control" wow... you weren't talking about Bulwark Exterminating? Kidding... But I was shocked to find this site to rank for that term. Never know these days with the Panda 2.2 crawling out of it's cage.

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