Sunday, August 19, 2012

Owning a Communication headset - Scala Rider G9

A convoy of motorbikes vrooming down the highway is a sight to behold - flashy outfits, flashy bikes, flashy helmets and visors. Such convoys can normally be seen during festive seasons particularly during Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.

Gone are the days when two riders on a motorbike were just that - plain riders, and not able to communicate without the sound of traffic or the wind distorting voice subsequently meaning.

If I were a rider, even riding pillion at that, I would consider owning one of those headsets that enables rider-to-passenger communication. I hear the Scala Rider G9 is a good buy.

I read that this G9 is the evolution of the G4 from Scala Rider and it can pair with up to 8 other Scala Rider headsets and toggle between them. In order to activate the capability, you program the names of your riding partners into the headset and when you want to talk to them you speak their name and you will connect to them instantly for a full duplex intercom conversation. How cool is that!

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