Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taylor of Old Bond Street

I sometimes wonder if Malaysia is the only country in the world in an effort to play down her colonial past has changed road names in Kuala Lumpur. I can imagine foreigners who have been living here some decades ago coming back to Kuala Lumpur for a visit struggling to find Mountbatten Road, for instance, or Weld Road or Birch Road.

Came across this interesting name for a business, taylor of old bond street. This is a company that started out selling hair care products but now also carries other toiletries in their product range. The company has been in business for 137 years! It must have started in the old Bond Street in London thus its name, and the business has now expanded to the United States.

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  1. South Africa has done exactly the same: old British and Dutch names have been replaced by various indigenous languages.

    PS: Remember Rhodesia? Named after Cecil John Rhodes? Currently Zimbabwe ...