Wednesday, April 27, 2011

McDonald's Coca-Cola Can Glass Promotion - Charcoal

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McDonald's has done it again! Collectors of McD's promotional items will be happy to note that beginning tomorrow, Apr 28, you'd be on your way to owning yet another collectors item set of McDonald's specialty glassware, this time the Can Glass.

Get a free Can Glass with a purchase of any Coca-Cola Glass Meal. Charcoal starts the ball rolling tomorrow from a range of six different colors. Happy collecting!

Here is where you can buy a Coca-Cola can glass or sell one that you have excess of.

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  1. Thanks for informing. I am so going to get this new coca cola glass. Muahaha :D

  2. Noticed it today when we had breakfast at McD. Gonna start a new collection! :)

  3. So, you heard it first here, eh? You're welcome, Tekkaus. Have fun collecting.

  4. Lina, you, have fun too!

  5. did you go for it? hmm, i actually saw the ads but not very keen to get them, i still think the previous contour glass design is nicer.. plus, more importantly i don't want to eat so much McD.. haha!! :D

  6. Oh, you prefer the contour glass, SK? I prefer this one though. I'm not a fan of McD food but luckily the set is stretched over weeks. That's a relief, I'd say.

    Psst... I don't think you'd want to miss this set after having collected the others.

  7. sometimes i wonder if McD increase their price just before a promotion like this.

  8. is it available for delivery also.. bcx i prefer home delivery rather than go there..plss let me noo...

  9. Doc, you may be right there.

    Ninhi am, I'm sure it is if you order thru their home delivery service. Give them a call to find out.

  10. Anonymous4:15 PM

    who want to sell me? i missed the charcoal color.. =( i really want to buy let me know if u wan to sell.
    my email is

  11. Jcien, ooh, you just missed it at McD's. And how much are you willing to part for it?

  12. Anonymous10:56 PM

    erm Rm10? =)

  13. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hi, Im also missed this charcoal color one.... do u hv extra to sell?? Im Patrick

  14. I missed the charcoal can glass too ...I promise my loved one to find out for her... Please help! Who have extra to sell? I m serious buyer please email or SMS/call 0172020008

  15. Anonymous2:11 AM

    Buying McD charcoal can glass.. text me your price. willing to pay high.
    016-6816387 :)

  16. i have 2 charcoal can glass extra for sale. but one problem, i threw away the cardboard that suppose to cover the glass >.<
    if still interested
    email =)

    serious buyer only ya

  17. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Anyone here sell green colour can glass??

  18. to : "Anonymous said...
    Anyone here sell green colour can glass??"

    ur green is do mean by green or lime ? i have green.. can contact me by email ..

  19. Anonymous12:19 AM

    anyone sell charcoal and purple can glasses?

  20. Anonymous, you're in luck. Check it out here.