Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Cheaper cancer treatment

Counting our blessings. One of which is the Prime Minister’s
mission to make cancer treatment affordable to sufferers.
An appreciative Malaysian sent The Star a letter published on Oct 31.

Cheapter cancer treatment is good news
I refer to the letter, "Cancer treatment is too expensive",
(The Star, OCt 26). What concerns me is the comment made by
J. Toh's family doctor who said: "If you have no money in
Malaysia, you have no right to get sick, let alone get cancer."

People do not want to get sick whether they have money or not.
I feel sorry for the poor.

Malaysia is the best place to get sick because healthcare in
the government hospitals is subsidised, if not free of charge.

Over the last eight years, four of my friends were diagnosed
with breast cancer. All of them sought treatment in government

One of them was found to have stage-two breast cancer but she
is still alive and healthy today after undergoing surgery and

Another only paid RM500 for the surgery. Even though cancer
treatment is very expensive, the Government makes sure nobody
is denied treatment.

Pak Lah's resolution to make cancer treatment cheaper is good
news indeed.

Kuala Lumpur

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