Sunday, October 30, 2005

Master plan for cancer care


PUTRAJAYA: The Prime Minister’s mission to make cancer treatment affordable to sufferers has been given a timely boost with the Health Ministry’s announcement of a five-year master plan to provide comprehensive care to Malaysians.

Its director-general Datuk Dr Ismail Merican said the “roadmap” would include early detection, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, hospice care, herbal therapy and training.

He said the plan was to make cancer management available to all Malaysians, and patients need not have to go abroad for treatment.

“Some types of cancers can be treated in the country. We are also looking at new ways to ensure drugs are accessible.

“We want to fill the gaps in several areas. There will also be ‘full-blown’ information on the preventive aspects of specific types of cancer,” he told The Star.

The plan will look at improving diagnosis strategies for early detection, while the ministry is working on increasing the number of oncologists in the country, he added.

Dr Ismail said that one key target of the plan was to increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle to reduce risk factors.

“Besides having good habits, a healthy diet such as cutting down on salted, preserved and fatty foods will reduce cancer risks. Keeping one’s weight in check to avoid added problems of diabetes and obesity is also important.

Read article: Master plan for cancer care...The Star

MyKad reader a hot seller

This brings to mind my hairdresser who related that she was
asked by her bank manager whether she's a Muslim from Sri Lanka
as her new MyKad said so. The fact is, she is a Chinese from
up north. She hastily got it sorted out.

So this gadget is useful.

USER FRIENDLY: The IST MyReader comes in different colours and can read information stored in MyKad

The reader can display certain information contained in the MyKad such as the IC number (both old and new), address, driving licence details and passport information.

But its biggest selling point is that the information on religion is also displayed.

Mistakes in data entry have resulted in embarrassing situations.

For example, Wong related the case of a woman who wanted to get married but her marriage registration was rejected because her sex was listed as ''male'' in her new MyKad.

Read article: MyKad reader a hot seller...The Star

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Higher ticket fares due to higher fuel prices

Higher fuel prices is the culprit for higher prices all around.
The latest victim being higher ticket fares.

Travelling is fun but can be a costly affair. A traveller has to
contend with the cost of the air-ticket or cost of the tour package
whichever the case.

Even before you get on the plane, the toll begins - fuel surcharge
and travel insurance.

During travel, there are the optional side-trips (that the travel
agent conveniently not mention), the irresistible exotic food
you simply had to try, the impulsive shopping (of things you could
not figure out why you bought them in the first place). Of course
not forgetting the obligatory tips for the guides.

After the travel, there is the arduous task of reconciling the
credit card statements, but this is for another post.
Ahhhh.....the 'joys' of travel.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I don't know about you but I sure am looking forward to the holidays next week. This year, Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa are back-to-back which makes it such a welcome break - to be able to spend a longer time with loved ones outstation. Yippeeee!

Let me take this opportunity then to extend you my best wishes.

To Hindu readers let me wish you

To Muslin readers:

May you
have a happy
and blessed Ramadan

And to you who celebrate Halloween:

And to the rest, Happy Holidays and remember that

Also, if you would like to send some e-cards to friends and family,
here are two sites to pick from:

1. 123greetings
2. Bluemountain

Lastly, drive carefully.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Financial help needed for a burnt little boy

Sep 24, 2005
Sep 27, 2005
Oct 5, 2005

Below are messages about Wong Jing Ren, the two-year-old
burnt little boy. This is a genuine case.
Donations can be banked into an account set up with
RHB Bank with the following details:

Name : Wong Jing Ren
Bank : RHB Bank
A/C # 1-12161-0009290-8

From: jennifer
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2005 11:34 AM
Subject: 2 year old burnt victim Wong Jing Ren needs financial aid

Dear colleagues & friends:

I had on last Thursday (20th Oct) after receiving the e-mail called Gleneagles and was told that the boy (Wong JR) was still in ICU since admission on 27 Sept. I had on the same day called RHB and the bank confirmed an account in the name of Wong JR has been opened by his mother, Mdm Yap.

This unfortunate accident was reported in several Chinese newspapers on 22nd & 23rd Oct when Mdm Yap appealed for public donation to support the huge medical fees, estimated to cost about RM300,000. Thus far, the family has paid out RM70000 on medical expenses and has since run out of resources.

Based on news report, the fire accident happened on 27 Sept in the uncle's house in Ampang, who is a shoe maker operating from home. On that fateful day, Wong JR was sitting on a sofa in front of his uncle, who had just applied glue to a big rubber sheet to be used for shoe making. About 10' away from the uncle, there was an altar with a lighted oil lamp. It was believed that the oil lamp had triggered the fire as the whole house was filled with highly inflammable gases emitted from the industrial glue. When the house suddenly caught fire, out of panic, Wong JR jumped down from the sofa, stumbled over the rubber sheet, fell and got himself glued to the rubber sheet. The big rubber sheet quickly caught fire and turned Wong JR into a fire ball. Wong JR suffered 90% 2nd burn from head to toe, he was rushed to the nearest hospital, Gleneagles.

Wong JR and his family are in desperate need of financial aid, pls donate generously, if you can.

---- Forwarded by Jennifer/SEH on 10/24/2005 09:47 AM -----
10/20/2005 03:34 PM
To Jennifer/SEH@SEH
Subject Fw: My Son : Wong Jing Ren Need Help

Jen, I felt that I've a heart attack after seeing this, nearly want to cry, so pityful. I want to donate n help him, but have no guts to call up the mother to confirm the matter, can't take it if she cries to me, can you do so or not? If this is confirmed, I will bank in the money tomorrow...

----- Forwarded by Melissa/SEH on 10/20/2005 03:37 PM -----
ML Teoh
10/20/2005 01:19 PM
Subject: Fw: My Son : Wong Jing Ren Need Help

----Original Message-----
From: Tan Yoke Ling
Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2005 11:01 AM
To: Tan Yoke Ling
Subject: FW: My Son : Wong Jing Ren Need Help
Hi All,
Receive this email this morning.
I had called up the mother of the child Bonnie Yap (office number 7490 8028 ) this morning to get her permission to do so. I was told that she had made an arrangement with the hospital to ask for help on this sunday newspapers.

If you can't help her financially, please help her to get help from others.

Thank you and may god bless you of what you have done for her.

YL Tan
-----Original Message-----
From: Seng Meng Leng
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 6:41 PM
Subject: FW: My Son : Wong Jing Ren Need Help
For your action.
-----Original Message-----
From: Tong Pin Wan
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 6:15 PM
Subject: FW: My Son : Wong Jing Ren Need Help
Pls help.

This is a genuine case.

-----Original Message-----
From: Lee Leh yee
Subject: FW: My Son : Wong Jing Ren Need Help
Hi All,

My ex-colleague's 2 years old son is currently at ICU ( Gleneagles MC ). He has been badly burnt by fire at his baby-sister's house 3 weeks ago. He had sustained 90% of 2nd degree burn from head to toe. The doctors and nurses were able to stabilized his condition and now he has a better chance of surviving. However, my ex-colleague is now facing a financial problem on the medical cost for her son.

I will pass around the donation envelope, appreciate if you could help and contribute. Alternatively you could bank in to the account as per below mentioned. Thanks !

Name : Wong Jing Ren
Bank : RHB Bank
A/C # 1-12161-0009290-8


-----Original Message-----
From: Bk Cheah
Subject: FW: My Son : Wong Jing Ren Need Help

Hi All,

any donation you all can direct bank in to his account and send me a copy. or you all can call me to collect. When I bank in, I will send a copy to you all.

Thanks & regards.
Cheah 019-4116521


From: Bonnie Yap [] []
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 1:50 PM
To: 'Bk Cheah'
Subject: My Son : Wong Jing Ren
Hi Ms. Cheah,

Thank you for your kind assistance. Here is some note for the assistance on the fund collection.

There was an accident at the babysitter's house where both have sustain injuries. His name is Wong Jing Ren and he is 2yrs old and have sustain 90% 2nd degree burn from head to toe. Only a small portion on the back is not burnt. He is currently in ICU, Gleneagles Ampang. Due to his age and the injuries, the doctors and nurses of Gleneagles were able to stabilised his condition and he now have a better chance of surviving. We are grateful of the doctors and nurses but we now face a financial problem on the cost of his stay in the hospital.

Name : Wong Jing Ren
Bank : RHB Bank
A/C # 1-12161-0009290-8

Bonnie Yap
Vsource Asia Berhad (502982-W)
(formerly known as Vsource (Malaysia) Berhad)
Tel : +603 7490 8028
Fax : +603 7490 7999

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The U in colour

The next time you find yourself green with envy, feeling in the pink, or sad and blue, take a look at the colours around you.

SCIENTISTS have long known that colours can affect our moods, but now they think the colours we prefer might say something about our personalities as well. Leatrice Eiseman, author of several books on colour including Colour Answer Book, explores how we respond emotionally to colour. She says people tend to gravitate toward certain hues when choosing the colour of rooms, clothes and even mobile phones. Here's what she says your favourite colours say about you:

Red – You have a zest for life. You like to stay on top of things. Key words associated with red are 'winner', ‘achiever', 'intense', 'impulsive', 'active', 'competitive', 'daring', 'aggressive' and 'passionate'.

Blue – Blue is the colour of tranquillity and peace. Although cool and confident, blues can be vulnerable. Blues have a high sense of responsibility and must be careful of perfectionist tendencies.

Green – You are likely to be stable and balanced. You are a joiner of clubs and organisations – especially those that are charitable. You are kind and generous.

Black – Black can represent conflicting attitudes. You may be conventional, conservative and serious or you may think of yourself as rather worldly or sophisticated. Wit, cleverness, personal security, and prestige are very important to you.

Pink – You are talented, charming and warm. You also have drive; however, it's not an overly aggressive, ambitious streak. You are most likely the candles-on-the-table kind of incurable romantic.

o Prefer colour mixtures – If you like lots of different colours, then you are a creative type, one most likely to work professionally with colour. You may have a fragmented personality. You are open and far less rigid than those with very dogmatic likes and dislikes.

Eiseman says the word has gotten out on the significance of colour and that designers now create styles and products specifically to meet people’s colour preference. She says even mobile phones – which have become popular ways for people to accessorise and express themselves – have gotten in on the act. Sprint and Sanyo, for example, now make phones in colours ranging from silver to deep blue and satin red to forest green – one of their phones even comes with changeable colour-accent plates for those who prefer colour mixtures.

Do the colours of a cellphone really matter? According to Eiseman, the answer is yes. She says 60% of our decision to buy a product is based on its colour. –

Source: The Star...The U in colour

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Super Crab Porridge

The Super Crab Porridge served in Claypot is best enjoyed in groups

Super crab porridge served in Clayport - this is enough to give one a huge appetite. What about Cheese Cooked Octopus or Salty Egg Prawns? Yummy! All these can be enjoyed at a restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant.

Source: The Star

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Furby up for grabs on Red 104.9

Here's a chance to win a Furby. According to The Star:

From now until Oct 29, you can look out for the Red Sorento Crew to win yourself a Furby. Track down the locations of the Red Sorento at noon everyday.

Next, try your best to put Furby to sleep and you will stand a chance to bring home a Furby worth RM199.

You can also stay tuned to Terry and Albert In the Coffee Shoppe between 1pm and 4pm from today until Oct 21.

Listen up for the cue to call and dial 03-4043 1049 and give the deejay the password “Hey Furby”.

You are required to answer some multiple-choice questions.

If you answer correctly, you will take home a Furby. For more Information, visit

The Star operates Red 104.9.

Source: The Star

Friday, October 14, 2005

Furby, the talking, singing cuddly toy

Christmas is fast approaching and if you're already drawing up a presents list why not include a Furby.

The new Furby is bigger and more advanced than the 1998 version that took the world by storm

Furby can chat with you any time of the day, sing songs or tell jokes when you are down and play games with you when you are bored.

“Furby became a historic bestseller and a cultural phenomenon when it hit the market in 1998,” said Hasbro's Toy Malaysia general manager Ng Chai Lee at the launch of Furby in Subang recently. 40 million pieces were sold globally.

Hasbro’s Toy Malaysia marketing manager Albert Tan holding up two of the new Furbys’

It can speak hundreds of words, speaking English and “Furbish.”

It has a flexible beak, rolling eyes and movable ears and brows for a wide range of facial expressions.

The new Furby, which is double the size of the original version, comes with an “ off” switch. Alternatively, you can ask it to go to sleep, and it will close its eyes and snore.

The Furby is available at Toys'R'Us stores and leading department and toy stores.

Source...The Star

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Egg, prawn and cabbage prices up


PUTRAJAYA: Food items such as eggs, white prawns and round cabbage will cost slightly more under ceiling prices the Government has set in the run-up to the festive season.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal said that Grade A eggs would now cost 2 sen more than the current market price of 28 sen each.

“Similarly, consumers will have to pay 50 sen more for round cabbage at RM2.50 per kilo. White pomfret and large white prawns are capped at RM40 per kilo compared with the previous RM33 and RM38 per kilo, respectively,” he told reporters after the post-Cabinet meeting here yesterday.

“This ceiling price is the result of the compromise between the ministry and the wholesalers and suppliers after many meetings and much monitoring of market trends.

“The prices are to allow them to still reap profits, but not too much. At the same time, these prices will not prove too burdensome to consumers.”

Shafie said egg suppliers wanted the ceiling price to be fixed at 32 sen for this period, from Saturday until Feb 28.

“But we finally agreed on 30 sen, which is comfortable for both traders and consumers,” he said.

Other items which will cost more are Grade B and C eggs. Grade B eggs will now be at 29 sen, up from 27 sen, while Grade C eggs will cost 3 sen more at 28 sen.

Imported beef, local and imported bone-in mutton, local mackerel, grated coconut, shallots, tomatoes, and Chinese cabbage will cost less under the ceiling price scheme, which covers 23 food items.

This year, Shafie said, the ceiling prices of these items would also be standardised within each state.

“Only chicken – both standard and super chicken, which will retail at RM6 and RM6.70 per kilo respectively – imported buffalo meat and Chinese potato will have their prices standardised in peninsular Malaysia,” he said.

Shafie said traders had been reminded to display pink price tags for controlled items and to adhere to the ceiling price, adding that failure to do so could result in their being compounded, fined up to RM15,000 or even jailed.

“We have also made arrangements with the Housing and Local Government Ministry to revoke the licences of any trader found to repeat the offence during this time,” he said.

Source: The Star

RM100 for buffet is too much

RM100 for buffet is too much, says Toyad.

What do you think? Let's hear some views.

Tourism Minister Datuk Dr Leo Michael Toyad says hotels are overcharging for the breaking of fast buffet during Ramadan.

Although the ministry has no power to control buffet prices, he said hoteliers should be reasonable as charging RM100 or more was too much.

“I think consumers will have their opinion. Consumers have the right to make a choice. But again, I will say RM100 is too high,” he told reporters after opening the 10th anniversary of Optimax Eye Specialist Centre here yesterday.

He was commenting on a statement by the Malaysian Hoteliers Association that hotels would stick to their decision to charge RM100 or more for the breaking of fast buffet.

Dr Toyad said his ministry and the Health Ministry were working to ensure the success of the health tourism promotion campaign.

He said a Cabinet committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had been set up to co-ordinate and monitor the campaign.

The health tourism industry shows promise because Malaysia has a high standard of medical expertise at competitive prices, he added.

Source: The Star

Monday, October 10, 2005

Ramadhan buka puasa treats

I thought this is an excellent idea. McDonald's has got its
own buka puasa buffet. Everything you can eat for only RM9.00
for kids below twelve and RM18.00 for adults.

Here's one more place for buka puasa buffet.

Residents counting their days at flats

Once a popular landmark of Kuala Lumpur, the Pekeliling Flats will be demolished by the end of the year

The Star

EVER since the move to Sri Rampai Flats began in May, the Pekililing Flats is almost devoid of life, especially in Blocks A and B.

Residents have left their empty homes behind to dust, rubbish, stray cats and even rats.

But, life at the blocks opposite the vacated ones still goes on as it has for decades.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

New deadline to pay summonses

Good news for those who have yet to settle their traffic summonses.

New deadline to pay summonses
By Salina Khalid

THOSE who missed the Sept 30 deadline to pay at a discounted rate summonses issued by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) can still do so until the end of this month.

Mayor Ramli Mahmud said the city council had decided to extend the period due to overwhelming response from the public.

The 70% discount is being offered on all MBSA-issued summonses including for traffic and parking offences. Previously, the city council only gave discounts up to 50%.

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