Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Frolics - The Modern Chair Test

I've started work early this week but since it's still Chinese New Year, and the fast pace has not caught up yet, thought I'd pick a really easy personality quiz today. Find out what your choice of modern chair says about you.

Incidentally, today is the 9th day of the Chinese New Year. No, I didn't hear the sound of firecrackers last night but lots of fireworks past midnight.

Happy Friday, everyone! And if this is your first visit here in the new year of the Goat, Happy Chinese New Year.

My chair choice says I am Content..

You Are Content

You are modest and humble. You don't think you are better than anyone else in this world.

You are a people person and very community oriented. You never forget where you come from.

You are very in tune with your surroundings. You immediately pick up on the vibe of a room.

You want to live a peaceful life. You don't have time for toxic people.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy Birthday on this 7th Day of the Lunar New Year

Today is the Seventh day of Chinese New Year, a day traditionally known as Rénrì (人日, the common man's birthday), the day when everyone grows one year older. It is celebrated not only in China, but also in other regions influenced by Chinese culture. Some traditional families serve Misua, a Chinese type of angel hair noodle, or noodles to ensure long life.

Read more about the 7th Day and what people do on this day.

No, we are not done with the Chinese New Year celebration just yet. Remember this is a 15-day festival and we are only at the halfway mark. Some of us yum-seng (toast to success) and lo-hei (Prosperity Toss) every day of the celebration until the very last day, i.e., on the 15th day, which falls on March 5.

Enjoy while the night is still young.. :D

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Good days to start work in 2015 after Chinese New Year

The Spring Festival or more commonly known in this part of the world as the Chinese New Year is just days away - 1st day of the 15-day celebration begins on the 19th.

Some would have already called it a year and have started their trip back to their hometown over the weekend. Some are still not sure when to commence work after the long holiday.

If you are someone who sort of is concerned about starting the new year on the right footing (who doesn't anyway), here's a guide on good days or auspicious dates to start work after Chinese New Year.

That chart below provides not only the dates but the best timing as well, together with info on which animal to avoid which day.

I don't have info for best colour(s) to wear this year but I remember reading that red is the colour this year but then again, red is THE colour for Chinese New Year. You won't go wrong wearing red, right down to the unmentionables. :D

Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat!

2015 开市或开工吉日系列 2015 Auspicious dates and time for work resumption after Chinese Lunar New Year holidays:

Source: Goodfengshui

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

When there is love in your heart, everyday is Valentine's Day; but today is special, so

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Frolics - What's Your Valentine's Day Personality?

Hah! Don't I know it! What's yours?

Happy Valentine's!

Your Valentine's Day Personality is Practical

As far as you're concerned, Valentine's Day is simply a commercial holiday.

You don't place any real meaning on it. You don't think it deserves too much celebration.

For you, Valentine's Day is just the day you avoid restaurants and candy stores.

If you love someone, you already show it. You don't need to go all out for a silly holiday to prove your love.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Frolics - What's Your Feng Shui Colour?

Do colours play a part in Feng Shui? I've read an opinion from a Feng Shui expert saying no, it does not. What you do you think or know? Share your comments with our readers below.

But in the meantime, if you think colours influence us or perhaps character determines colour, then you can find out what IS your Feng Shui colour in this week's quiz.

On a different note, we are less than two weeks, or 13 days rather to the Chinese New Year, the year of the Ram or Goat, which reminds me I've not had the time to put together info (as promised) on best day(s) to start work in the new year. Don't you sometimes wish there are more than 24 hours in a day!

No matter, have yourself a lovely, lovely Friday ahead and a wonderful weekend whatever you're doing. Life is about experiences..

Your Color is Orange

You are a harmonious person with good communication skills. You draw people together.

You have a strong sense of purpose, and you're a natural leader. You want to make the world a better place.

You are honest and open. You feel like you can express your feelings and opinions without fear.

You are organized and find it easy to concentrate. You are very productive.

Missed last week's quiz? Here it is: The Cheesecake Test

Monday, February 2, 2015

Slash in Kuala Lumpur - Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, Feb 14

Calling rock fans, this is one concert you may not want to miss.

Slash will be in town this Valentine's Day. The Slash World On Fire Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Live in Malaysia 2015 concert is the only South-East Asian stop in the band’s current world tour - Myles Kennedy (of Alter Bridge) on lead vocals, Frank Sidoris on rhythm guitar, Todd Kerns on bass, and Brent Fitz.

Slash has nothing but praise for vocalist Kennedy. He’s just an incredible singer. We developed a really great relationship, Slash says. Photo: EPA

Organised by the Galaxy Group, Slash World On Fire Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Live in Malaysia 2015 will be held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on Feb 14, 7pm.

Tickets, priced at RM348, RM278 and RM168, are available at all Galaxy ticketing counters at Mid Valley and Sg Wang in Kuala Lumpur or online via For more details, call 03-2282 2020, or visit

(To avoid disappointment you may want to book your ticket(s) early because being the only stop in this part of the world you may have to compete for tickets with fans from neighbouring countries.)

Source - The Star: Forget those Valentine’s Day plans - go watch Slash instead

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New petrol and diesel prices - 1 February

Retail prices for fuel in the country has been reduced between 11 sen and 23 sen from midnight.

petrol dropped 21 sen to RM1.70 a litre.

RON97 is now at RM2:00 a litre (11 sen drop), and

Diesel at RM1.70 a litre (23 sen drop).

Global crude oil price is hovering around USD 48.

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