Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Prince William & Catherine Middleton

They are married! Prince William and Catherine Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, treat the crowds to a quick kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

More of the Royal Wedding on
- OfficialRoyalWedding2011
- The Telegraph

The hats - you must see the hats. Check out People magazine's Best Hats of the Royal Wedding.

Victoria Beckham's hat made it to the list. The expectant star designer matches a swingy navy dress from her own collection to a dramatic floral Philip Treacy fascinator. Her handsome husband is by her side in a traditional top hat, also from Treacy, paired with his Ralph Lauren suit and Order of the British Empire.

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The Royal Wedding Official Programme

The Royal Wedding Official Programme

The Day has finally arrived. Will you be among the forecasted 2 billion people watching the royal wedding today?

It must be wonderful to be in London right now. The city is all decked up with flags and buntings and everyone is in a party mood anticipating the big day. The atmosphere must be electric. People are already lining the streets and some are camping outside booking themselves a place for a better view of the royal couple. CNN showed Prince William out and about at a mall shaking hands with well-wishes at around 10pm and Kate earlier on arriving at the hotel she and her family would be staying.

For those of us who are too far away to get ourselves a souvenir item or two of the royal wedding, if it's any consolation for those of us who want a little momento of this big event, you could access or print yourself a copy of the Official Programme for the wedding.

The Official Programme for the wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton is now available for the public to download for free from the Official Royal Wedding website.

The Official Programme includes the full Order of Service (as used by guests in Westminster Abbey), a personal message of thanks from Prince William and Miss Middleton, and a photo of the Couple taken by photographer Mario Testino at the time of the Couple’s engagement. The Official Programme features Prince William’s recently updated Coat of Arms on the front cover and Catherine Middleton’s new Coat of Arms on the back cover.

The Order of Service includes full details about the processions, music, hymns, prayers and readings. The Wedding Service follows the Book of Common Prayer (Alternative Services: Series One). There will be one Lesson during the service, which the Couple have asked James Middleton to read.

The Official Programme will also be available for free electronically in three formats: as a page-turning PDF (using Flash) and an iBook compatible with Apple products, which can be downloaded from the Apple iBookstore. It is also available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF (you will need Adobe Reader to view the file)

On the wedding day, 150,000 copies of the programme will be sold by 60 Explorer Scouts and 80 Cadets (supervised by adults) for £2 per copy at locations in Green Park, Hyde Park, St James’s Park and Trafalgar Square. Profits from the sale of the Official Programme will go to benefit The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Congratulations and Best Wishes..


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Second Video Clip of the Sex Video of 'Anwar Ibrahim'

After the first video clip of the sex video, I thought that would be the end of it as the case is still under investigation by the authorities.

A second video clip turned up on You Tube. I didn't get to see it this time because it has been taken down due the pornograhic nature of the clip which is in violation of You Tube's regulations. A few blogs had it posted before it was removed. I read on a blog that the man's 'family jewels' were exposed.

Meanwhile, some scenes from the latest clip made it as a poster as stacks of them were left at a bus stop in Jalan Genting Klang and was found around 11:30am on Tuesday. The posters came with captions in Bahasa Malaysia.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

McDonald's Coca-Cola Can Glass Promotion - Charcoal

Also check out the latest series of CocaCola glasses - McDonald's celebrating The Olympics - July 2012

McDonald's has done it again! Collectors of McD's promotional items will be happy to note that beginning tomorrow, Apr 28, you'd be on your way to owning yet another collectors item set of McDonald's specialty glassware, this time the Can Glass.

Get a free Can Glass with a purchase of any Coca-Cola Glass Meal. Charcoal starts the ball rolling tomorrow from a range of six different colors. Happy collecting!

Here is where you can buy a Coca-Cola can glass or sell one that you have excess of.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Income Tax tax-saving tips and Broadband & Travel claims

A reminder that there are only five days left to submit your income tax returns.

You can either file in your forms using the Inland Revenue Board's (IRB) e-filing system or submit them manually. E-filing service counters in all states will remain open from 8am to 6pm this Friday and Saturday.

Tax payments can be made through IRB's online payment service or its appointed banks.

Be aware that failure to submit Income Tax forms is an offence under the Income Tax Act 1967, and defaulters could be fined between RM200 and RM2,000 or jailed up to six months or both.

For further details, visit or call 1300-88-3010.

If you haven't filed your returns, here are some tax-saving tips, though drawn up in 2008, I believe they are still applicable. Do check them out, they may be able to save you some money.

Also, here is a Q&A from The Star on Broadband and travel claims answers of which are provided by the Inland Revenue Board's Communications Unit for your reference which might help clear some doubts you might be having.

Source: The Star

Monday, April 25, 2011

Malaysian Ringgit strengthens against the US dollar

The nation rejoices that the Malaysian Ringgit is strengthening against the US dollar and that Malaysians can look forward to paying less for imported goods. It is also good news for parents with children studying in the US as well as for travellers.

Today, The Star says Economists expect the ringgit to steadily appreciate against the US dollar with several predicting the local currency would strengthen to between 2.95 and 2.90 against the greenback in the coming months. The ringgit was valued at RM2.50 per US$1 prior to the Asian financial crisis and was later pegged at RM3.80 to the US dollar.

What does this mean to you if you earn in US dollars or hold US stocks bought when the exchange rate was above 3.5?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sai Baba passes away in India

Sathya Sai Baba, considered a living god by followers, has died. He was 86.

According to Wikipedia, Sathya Sai Baba was admitted to the super-specialty hospital at Prashantigram at Puttaparthi on March 28, 2011 following respiration-related problems. After many days of hospitalization where his condition progressively deteriorated, he passed away on April 24, 2011 at 7.40 am (IST).

I remember a former colleague made a trip to one of his temples in India. She and many others waited for days in order just to get a glimpse of the great guru. Not sure if she ever saw him.

More from Wikipedia, born as Sathyanarayana Raju (23 November 1926 – 24 April 2011, Sai Baba was a popular Indian guru, spiritual figure and educator.

On 8 March 1940, while living with his elder brother Seshama Raju in Uravakonda, Sathya was apparently stung by a scorpion. He lost consciousness for several hours. Within the next few days there was a noticeable change in Sathya's behavior. There were "symptoms of laughing and weeping, eloquence and silence." "He began to sing Sanskrit verses, a language of which he had no prior knowledge." Doctors believed his behavior to be hysteria. His parents brought Sathya home to Puttaparthi. Concerned, they took him to many priests, "doctors" and exorcists.

On 23 May 1940, Sathya called household members and materialized sugar candy and other items. His father became furious upon seeing this, thinking his son was bewitched. He took a stick and asked him who he was. To this Sathya announced calmly and firmly "I am Sai Baba," a reference to Sai Baba of Shirdi. He proclaimed himself to be a reincarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi — a saint who became famous in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Maharashtra, and who had died eight years before Sathya was born.

May he rest in peace..

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Image source: The Star

Diving in Layang-Layang, Malaysia

Diving. It must be an awesome feeling swimming among schools of dolphins and colorful and unusual-looking fishes or among sharks and manta rays in the deep blue sea. If you are a diver, you would be able to experience this, I believe, one of life's rare delights.

A girlfriend who goes on diving trips with her boyfriend (both in the local waters as well as overseas) can't wait to go on the next one each time she comes back from a dive. With its mysterious allure of beautiful creatures, plants and corals, the water world is just as, if not more, mesmerizing as the sights we have on land, I imagine.

Come on! Come with me on a pseudo-dive at Layang-Layang, off the coast of Sabah, and experience the thrill of swimming alongside these awesome sea creatures or have them hovering above you. Woh!!

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Image source: Avillion

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day, Apr 22

Probably a little late but nonetheless... Happy Earth Day! Still there are a million things we can continue doing for our Earth, and there's that Great Cloth Diaper Change challenge tomorrow.

Google doodle for Earth Day..

Source of top image: Wikipedia

Watch Live Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, Apr 29, 2011

Friday, Apr 29, is an important date for the royal family of Britain. It is the wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

Millions around the world will be watching this much-anticipated event live. With technology at the level it is today, there will be more people watching this wedding than the wedding of the prince's parents, Prince Charles and Lady Diana. People all over the world will be live-streaming the event - at home, at work, at the cafes, just about everywhere where you can have your laptop.

If you have Astro in Malaysia, you can watch the live telecast on Channel 700 at 1:00pm and other tv channels live-streaming the event.

BBC will be live-streaming it on while CNN will stream various aspects of the day's events on, including views from inside the Abbey as well as the parade. Check out CNN's interactive map of the wedding route.

The Sky News for iPad will also offer live coverage. Sky News’ app for the iPhone and Android will also have live coverage and video highlights.

Here's a guide to how you can watch the Royal wedding on television in the UK.

Naturally, the royal wedding will be available to watch on the Royal Channel Live Stream, accompanied by a live multi-media blog put together by St. James's Palace.

Well, enjoy watching the wedding, i.e., if you are able to catch it because it's a workday for most of us though some of us may be able to watch it over lunch.

Friday Frolics - The Sushi Chopstick Test

If you like Japanese food, here is a quiz for you but if you are not so into Japanese food, you can still take the quiz. Of course! Take the Sushi Chopstick test..

HappySurfer Is Fun

You have been called egotistical or arrogant, but the people who know you love you.

You are vivacious and spirited. You live fully and well.

You could be described as outgoing, social, and a bit of a party animal.

You are a glass half full type of person. You see opportunities everywhere.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poor purchasing power in Malaysia

It is common knowledge that a hundred Ringgit doesn't buy us much these days. Our poor purchasing power sees to that.

The Malaysian Insider did a check on salaries and prices in selected developed country cities and results show that despite being touted as one of the world’s least expensive cities, KL residents pay as much or even more for chicken, broadband, cars and mobile phones as a percentage of their income.

Communications, for example, is one area where Malaysians are paying notably more than residents in developed countries even after currency conversion.

For instance, a 5Mbps broadband package costs RM149 in KL while in London, a 10Mbps package would cost GBP13.50, in Melbourne a 5-8Mbps package costs AUD40 and in New York, a 7Mbps service costs USD41.95.

Those who want to buy an iPhone 4 in KL, meanwhile, would have to pay RM1990 with a basic 24-month contract while in London, residents can get an iPhone 4 for just GBP199 with a basic 24-month contract and in Singapore, it costs just SGD210 with a basic contract.

The 2010 Prices and Wages report by Swiss bank UBS AG shows that residents in KL have only 33.8 per cent the purchasing power of their counterparts in New York, 42 per cent that of London, 33.7 per cent that of Sydney, 32.6 per cent that of Los Angeles and 31.6 per cent that of Zurich.

The same study shows that on average, KL residents have to work 22 minutes to afford a loaf of bread as compared with 18 minutes in Los Angeles, 16 minutes in Sydney, 15 minutes in Tokyo and 12 minutes in Zurich.

Wait, there is more..

A Honda Civic in KL costs about RM115,000, or 20 times the average monthly salary of an auditor.

In Melbourne and London by comparison, a Honda Civic costs AUD25,000 and GBP19,000 respectively, or only about three times the average salary of an auditor in those cities.

The high cost of cars is part of the reason that Malaysians have leveraged themselves to a record 76 per cent of the country’s GDP.

Bank Negara statistics show that at the end of last year, 20 per cent of Malaysian household debt was due to cars, an asset which depreciates over time.

All this from TheMalaysianInsider..

How to save money and be happier

What gets most of us into financial trouble is when we mix up what we really need and what we just want; or what we could make do instead of rather have when it comes to making choices.

When we seriously start working on only getting what we need, we can begin to see the possibility of saving money, staying out of debt or perhaps not having to resort to the aid of a payday advance though the latter could be a life-saver in some situations. Keeping tabs on your monthly expenditure could help you manage your finances better.

Port Dickson can be a great holiday destination too

Many of us travel the world in search of new sights, new tastes, new holiday experiences forgetting that some of the best of these can be found in our very own land. Life is like that. The grass is always greener on the other side.

While on a trip to Port Dickson, my friends and I visited a number of hotels and resorts along that stretch along the beach. Most of these places are impressive with their own private beach; outstanding spa and pool facilities that are on par with some of KL's best, probably the world too, I suspect; chalets by the sea reminiscent of those you see on Bora Bora brochures; sunsets that promise a romantic evening ahead.

They even have rooms as refreshing as the one in the image below found at an Outer Banks rentals website. The room is a delightful, bright and airy ocean-front room.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day - The Great Cloth Diaper Change Challenge

If you are a mama or a papa with a child who is still using diapers, here is a chance to be a part of a worldwide record-breaking feat - a cloth diaper changing challenge.

Celebrate Earth Day this year, by joining the North American and International cloth diaper community on April 23rd, 2011, to set the world record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. If you are in KL, ClothDiaperMalaysia has all the information you will need. If you are elsewhere, GreatClothDiaperChange has the details.

Over 400 locations around the world have signed up for this challenge. Watch fun video..

Earth Day is on Apr 22.

Ergo Baby Carrier makes a Great Gift for Baby

This picture reminds me of Ted Danson in Three Men and A Baby which was shown again on tv the other day, except that Ted has the baby in the ergo baby carrier on his back. Guys can make great 'moms' too. Seen the movie?

Back to the baby carrier, opting for these ergo baby carriers is one of the best choices a parent can make for babywearing. They make an excellent baby shower gift that is sure to be appreciated!

Yakima bike rack makes a great present for a cyclist

Picking out a present for a hobbyist is an easy thing to do. You just need to know his interest or hobby and get something that he can use. For a cyclist, for instance, a yakima bike rack will be sure to make him happy. Of course, you would have to check that he doesn't already have one. It is always good to do some checking beforehand so that your present would be useful to the recipient otherwise it would end up being clutter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Most Influential People in the World & 2011 TIME 100 Poll

Who do you think made it into TIME's list of 2011 most influential people in the world? Official voting for inclusion on the TIME 100 list has now closed with Rain is the 2011 readers' choice. You read right. Rain, the Korean pop superstar actor has been voted the most influential person in the world by readers in an online poll conducted by TIME magazine.

Rain received the highest number of votes among the 204 candidates with 439,251 people voting for him. He has been making the TIME 100 online list for six straight years since 2006.

Jay Chou, a Taiwanese director-singer-songwriter, received 229,442 votes. Susan Boyle, a Scottish singer, received 167,711 votes.

Other list categories include Arts & Entertainment, Politics, Business, Religion, Crime, Science, Energy & Environment, Sports, Education, Tech, Health & Medicine, Travel, Internet, Lifestyle, United States, War & Terrorism, Personal Finance and World.

The lists can be found here, The 2011 TIME 100 Poll.

UPDATE on Apr 22, 2011:
TIME's official list is out. The South Korean pop star turned actor Rain, 28, took the top spot in the TIME 100 reader poll for the third year, trouncing competitors from Barack Obama to Lady Gaga. That's pretty impressive online power for a guy whose main claim to Western fame is a role in the 2009 film Ninja Assassin. View photos of Rain..

Read more:,28804,2066367_2066369_2066482,00.html #ixzz1KCggoeXx

Let me just single out two categories that might interest you.

For bloggers, here are the top 5 blogs that readers voted.

For tweeters, check out the 140 Best Twitter Feeds..

Though official voting for inclusion on the TIME 100 list has now closed, users can continue to vote for their favorites until the final list, selected by TIME editors, is revealed on Thursday, April 21st.

- Wikipedia

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Japan quake - A Story of a Generous 9-year-old boy

There have been many stories circulating online about how the Japanese people conduct themselves so commendably well in the recent quake, tsunami and nuclear radiation catastrophe. Below is one more touching story..

The email said..

This article is real and has a good spirit.......For your reading pleasure.

*EDITOR’S note: THIS letter, written by Vietnamese immigrant Ha MinhThanh who works in Fukushima as a policeman to a friend in Vietnam, was posted on New America Media (NAM) on March 19. It is a testimony to the strength of the Japanese spirit, and an interesting slice of life near the epicentre of Japan’s crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. It was translated by NAM editor Andrew Lam, author of “East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres.” Shanghai Daily condensed it.*


How are you and your family? These last few days, everything was in chaos. When I close my eyes, I see dead bodies. When I open my eyes, I also see dead bodies.

Each one of us must work 20 hours a day, yet I wish there were 48 hours in the day, so that we could continue helping and rescuing folks. We are without water and electricity, and food rations are near zero. We barely manage to move refugees before there are new orders to move them elsewhere.

I am currently in Fukushima, about 25 kilometres away from the nuclear power plant. I have so much to tell you that if I could write it all down, it would surely turn into a novel about human relationships and behaviours during times of crisis.

People here remain calm despite the devastation– their sense of dignity and proper behaviour are very good – so things aren’t as bad as they could be. But given another week, I can’t guarantee that things won’t get to a point where we can no longer provide proper protection and order.

They are humans after all, and when hunger and thirst override dignity, well, they will do whatever they have to do. The government is trying to provide supplies by air, bringing in food and medicine, but it’s like dropping a little salt into the ocean.

Brother, there was a really moving incident. It involves a little Japanese boy who taught an adult like me a lesson on how to behave like a human being.

Last night, I was sent to a little grammar school to help a charity organisation distribute food to the refugees. It was a long line that snaked this way and that and I saw a little boy around 9 years old. He was wearing a tee-shirt and a pair of shorts.

It was getting very cold and the boy was at the very end of the line. I was worried that by the time his turn came there wouldn’t be any food left. So I spoke to him. He said he was at school when the earthquake happened. His father worked nearby and was driving to the school. The boy was on the third floor balcony when he saw the tsunami sweep his father’s car away.

I asked him about his mother. He said his house is right by the beach and that his mother and little sister probably didn’t make it. He turned his head and wiped his tears when I asked about his relatives.

The boy was shivering so I took off my police jacket and put it on him. That’s when my bag of food ration fell out. I picked it up and gave it to him.

“When it comes to your turn, they might run out of food. So here’s my portion. I already ate. Why don’t you eat it?”

The boy took my food and bowed. I thought he would eat it right away, but he didn’t. He took the bag of food, went up to where the line ended and put it where all the food was waiting to be distributed.

I was shocked. I asked him why he didn’t eat it and instead added it to the food pile. He said, “Because I see a lot more people hungrier than I am. If I put it there, then they will distribute the food equally.”

When I heard that I turned away so that people wouldn’t see me cry.

A society that can produce a 9-year-old who understands the concept of sacrifice for the greater good must be a great society, a great people.

Well, a few lines to send you and your family my warm wishes. The hours of my shift have begun again.

Ha Minh Thanh

PS: When a country can produce a nine-year-old boy who can think like that and we, in this country, have a political party driven with adults who think nothing but corruption, theft, greed, sex, rape, racism and exploitation, you can see how deeply troubled we are. Worst still some teachers teach how to torture, discriminate and in extreme case murder the defenseless children...

Smash-and-snatch thief caught on video

The Star today carries an article of a smash-and-snatch theft caught on a car-video. It is shocking to see how it was done so speedily and without fuss. This incident happened in Section 16, Petaling Jaya. The footage shows two men on a motorcycle approaching the car at a traffic light junction. Within seconds, the pillion rider had smashed the passenger window, grabbed the driver's bag and sped off. Below is the 22-sec video which has been viewed more than 337k times. Take a look.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Results of Sarawak Election - Barisan wins 55 seats, Taib sworn in as CM

Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud was sworn in as the Sarawak Chief Minister (to serve his seventh term!), shortly after Barisan Nasional secured a two-thirds majority win in the 10th Sarawak State Election. The final tally of seats saw Barisan winning 55 of the 71 seats contested. DAP won 12, PKR - 3 and Independent - 1.

- The Star
- Malaysiakini

How to optimize space in apartment-living

Noticed the drawers under the bed in the picture above? That is a sample of what a colleague intends to get for her new apartment.

It is a king size platform bed which is just what she and her future-husband are looking for. The bed, besides being able to fit the six-footer, her man, the storage space would come in handy in apartment-living. They are still looking and checking out other space-saving and storage options. Setting up home is so exciting, don't you think?

Puduraya Bus Terminal reopens today, April 16

What a shame, it is raining so early in the morning. The sun should shine today in celebration as not only it's the day where Sarawak decides, it's also the day that after several postponed reopenings, the last being in September of last year, the 35-year-old Puduraya Bus Terminal finally opens for operation today. For a terminal that has undergone massive renovations costing RM52.7mil, I certainly would like to visit the place to check it out. Will you?

According to The Star, the new Puduraya terminal has three new waiting areas, one on the Mezzanine floor and two more on the first floor. There are two units of walkalators and disabled-friendly facilities.

There are 50 ticketing counters on the first floor. A company has been appointed to work withthe bus companies on the e-ticketing system. Once e-ticketing is enforced, the tout problem can be resolved as people can now buy tickets online and via the e-kiosk.

The practice of buses waiting alongside Jalan Pudu to pick up passengers will be discontinued. Buses will now have to park at the depot at Jalan Galloway, Off Jalan Pudu, and they will be given a 20-minute waiting time before they can come into Puduraya to pick up passengers. We will experience cleaner air now outside the terminal as buses queuing up outside the terminal with their engines running and causing congestion will no longer happen.

You might want to note that Puduraya is only for intracity buses and long-distance buses going north and Seremban. If you are going south beyond Seremban, Bandar Tasik Selatan station is the station to go to.

Work on the Puduraya Hotel is expected to complete by June. The hotel has been renamed to Angkasa Express.

Map of Puduraya Bus Terminal

View Larger Map

Map of Bandar Tasik Selatan

View Larger Map

As someone from Kuala Lumpur, I would like to say, Welcome to Kuala Lumpur and Welcome to the new Puduraya Bus Terminal!

Image source, third picture: The Star

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Sarawak goes to the Polls today

Sarawak, a resource-rich state on the island of Borneo, East Malaysia, decides on their choice of government today. Some statistics below from The Star:

KUCHING: Polling for Sarawak’s 10th state election started at 8am Saturday.

The 979,796 registered voters in the state will choose from 213 candidates to fill the 71 seats of the State Legislative Assembly.

A total of 1,749 polling centres located in schools, community halls, longhouses and multi-purpose halls have been set up. They will remain opened until 5pm.

The Election Commission said the first official result of the polls is expected to be announced by 8pm and the last by 11pm. Delays would occur in the event of heavy rain, storms or flooding.

The highest number of voters in this election is located in the Pending (N10) constituency which has 29,488 voters.

The smallest number of voters is in Rumah TK Pa’ Berang under the Ba’Kelalan seat with 20 people.

A total of 27 helicopters and two fixed-wing airplanes would be used to facilitate the election process.

Barisan Nasional is facing straight fights in 27 seats, three-cornered fights in 23, four-cornered in 17 and five-way contest in two, with two more facing six-cornered fight.

Opposing Barisan Nasional are PKR in 49 seats, DAP (15), PAS (5), SNAP (26), Parti Cinta Malaysia (6 ) and 41 independent candidates.

Check out The Star's live coverage.

Source: The Star

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Frolics - The Little Cake Test

LOL! I need a little cake to celebrate today! Dramatic? Me? Oops! Take the quiz too for a chuckle..

Happy Friday, everyone!

You Are Dramatic

Witty and talkative, you entertain with your stories and gossip. You know how to delight a crowd.

No matter what, you're the life of the party or conversation. And you like to be talked about.

You enjoy the honeymoon phase of friendships and relationships, but after that it's hard for you to stick around.

Life is too short to be bored! When you get in a rut, you immediately shake things up.

Getting legal advice on Offshore injury issues

Some people I know travel so often yet they think nothing of taking out a travel insurance policy. It is not the money because this policy is not expensive at all but it is the hassle, they say.

Those of us who work in big companies have the benefit of the company taking out insurance policies for its employees. These policies vary in coverage. Some cover around-the-clock, others just the work hours. Say if you are working offshore, for instance, on an oil platform, Offshore Injury coverage is of utmost importance because there are no light duty jobs on an oil platform, barge or cargo ship, and accidents do happen.

Most of us (me included) don't normally read the fine print but it is really good to know in the event of an injury, how will the medical bills be paid, what your employer's obligations are during your recovery and if a serious injury leaves you unable to return to work, what are your options. Thank goodness for maritime lawyers who can help us sort these out.

Google Doodle - Charlie Chaplin's 122nd Birthday

Google has done it again! If you go to today, you'd notice a movie doodle,, Google's way of celebrating Charlie Chaplin's 122nd birthday if he were to be alive today. Click on the doodle to watch a video. Nice..

Small business phone system

The world is changing and moving faster than we can imagine. Break-neck speed, they call it. If you are in business, you would agree that the speed of communication is vital to grow the business and take it to a higher level. Even small businesses must keep up with the pace to stay competitive.

The phone system remains a lifeline for any business, big or small. To enable small businesses to remain competitive, there are phone companies that offer simple-to-use, yet efficient and cost-effective phone systems. Such a small business phone system can mean great savings for the company resulting in better margins.

The Family that plays together...

Nowadays, with each member of the family having his or her own interests, it's not common to see the modern family engaging in a sporting activity together. It is not common but the phenomenon of the family unit playing together still exists, fortunately.

I have friends who enjoy their weekly bowling activity. They even make lane reservations in advance to avoid interruption to their weekly outing. That's how much they value their family time together.

Yet another family I know has set up their table tennis equipment in the garage for whenever they all feel like a game or two.

What game or games do you play as a family?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Titanium rings and stuff people leave behind in restrooms

The things that people leave behind in restrooms! At the office the other day, someone left behind a handphone. This is rather common, I mean there have been many instances of things being left behind or unattended. We have found ladies purses, spectacles. ballpens, watches, hairbands, calculators, phones to name the common items. Not forgetting rings. Yes, rings too.

Talk about rings, did you know that titanium rings are gaining popularity? Titanium is silver in color, has a low density and is strong, lustrous, and corrosion-resistant. You can find a vast selection of titanium rings available - with gold inlays, stone inlays, diamond accents, and special finishes. Pretty! Some samples below I found online.

Altantuya Shaaribuu - the saga continues

Remember the Mongolian interpreter, Altantuya Shaaribuu, who was blown up in 2008 in the jungle? Seems like the saga is being revived today.

The Star today reported that in a TV3 interview last night, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the influential blogger in exile, said I don’t believe PM’s wife was at Altantuya's murder scene. This is in relation to his Statutory Declaration made on June 18, 2008.

and PM Najib is quick to respond - PM thankful truth revealed over Altantuya murder allegations

while Anwar Ibrahim reminded the people in his tweet: Sarawak Election!!

This certainly won't be the end, folks. Stay tuned..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Home automation software provides peace of mind

When it comes to home improvements, many aspects of the home can be enhanced to provide more comfort and convenience to the occupants. We talked about optimizing storage space in the earlier post. Everyone would agree that besides having a comfortable home, security is also of utmost importance. With technology advancement, home security systems have evolved from the ordinary alarm system to one that provides more sophisticated functions.
There is now available a home automation software that allows you the power to arm and disarm your home security system from almost anywhere. It is not just remote security. It is home automation as it also allows you to control climate and lighting as well as video. We are not talking just about security. We are talking peace of mind.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yuri Gagarin made history 50 years ago

Yuri Gagarin. This sure is one unforgettable name in history having appeared in test papers more times than I can remember.

The first human spaceflight was accomplished on April 12, 1961 by Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. That is 50 years ago and we can again count on Google to commemorate this historical occasion with yet another Google doodle.

Looking for a Cheap Auto Insurance rate?

A new office-mate recently realized that his auto insurance will be expiring soon. He is thinking of switching to a new insurer and being someone from out-of-town, he consulted with a few car-owners in the office.

Malaysia does not have that many insurance companies but he did manage to find one that provides a cheap auto insurance rate for his car. We all know that cheap doesn't necessarily mean "unreliable". It just means "inexpensive" and one that could meet or even exceed your needs.

Fake eggs is a myth

Since news of alleged fake eggs in Penang first surfaced, there has been a lot of attention and concern, and rightfully so as eggs make up a big part of our food source.

Many readers here are still following the saga of the fake eggs and I am happy to report that we are finally having a closure to the topic, and a favorable closure too, I might add.

Results of the final test carried out by the Veterinary Services Department confirm that the alleged fake eggs found in the Pulau Tikus wet market in Penang last week were merely deformed and “out of shape” - and were not meant for sale.

In a news article yesterday, Health Minister, Datuk Seri LiowTiong Lai, said the first tests found the protein content, yolk and shell’s calcium were no different from normal eggs concluding that they are the real thing.

The Minister urged the public not to panic, saying that Malaysia does not import eggs but export them.

It may soon be mandatory for egg farms to stamp the grade, the farm code and a best-by date on chicken eggs as a quality standard measure to ensure the safety of eggs for public consumption.

There you have it. Eggs in Malaysia are the real thing so egg away to your heart's content!

Sources: The Star..
Seized 'fake' eggs were deformed or rejected ones
Fake egg myth cracked

Lost and Found Nike Sunglasses

It is amazing the kind of things women have inside their handbag and to think that they lug that weight around day-in day-out. I am guilty of that too. There is nothing like a place for all things you think you would need some rainy day. Lots of unmentionables in there too.

A colleague was going through her bag looking for something and found something else instead. She found her long-lost nike sunglasses! This thing does happen. You find something you think you have lost and out of the blue, it shows up. Have you ever experienced that? What 'treasure' have you found lately?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Personal Creations for Easter gifts

If you are looking for Easter gifts, Easter toys and everything Easter, here is a site you would want to check out.

Personal Creations offers unique gifts for everyone in the family from babies to grandparents. For kids and babies, there are plush fluffy stuffed Easter bunnies, cuddly dolls, fun name puzzles, and personalized storybooks. These include some of their Easter bestsellers.

You can also find a wide selection of personalized Easter apparel to get your family ready for spring. Rompers, pajamas, and sweatshirts that can be customized with everyone’s names for a unique Easter treat. How delightful is that!

Easter baskets and totes are an awesome way to hold gifts. What a thrill it would be for kids to discover their very own Easter baskets filled with goodies like candies, chocolate eggs, and other treats.

Personal Creations
hasn't forgotten Easter decorations for the home. Doormats, linens, mugs, and serving platters are just a few of the choices for Easter d├ęcor. These decorations can also be personalized with everyone’s name to get the entire household included in the fun.

Easter is a time for rejoicing a new beginning. Secular customs, such as the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunts, have become part of the holiday's modern celebrations and are often observed by Christians and non-Christians alike. What better way to enjoy this holiday with pretty Easter creations from Personal Creations. Whether you are looking for Easter toys for kids or a sweatshirt for grandpa, check out Personal Creations. Egg-citing gifts are waiting to be discovered. Happy shopping!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Vettel wins Malaysia Formula 1 Grand Prix

SEPANG: Red Bull driver
Sebastian Vettel won the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday, giving the German back-to-back wins to open the season.

The pole sitter led throughout to win by 3.2 seconds from McLaren's Jenson Button, with Renault's Nick Heidfeld hanging on for third.

McLaren Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain , left, and Red Bull Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany, right, speak during the driver's parade prior to start the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix in Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday, April 10, 2011. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) - 10 April, 2011

More pictures at The Star Gallery

Source: The Star

How to Make your own Jewelry

Fashion accessories and costume jewelry are the rage these days. Never before have they seen so much attention and demand for them. Not only can you buy them off the shelf, you can even make them yourself. What you need are just an interest and some jewelry making supplies and with instructions, voila! your very own jewelry set all ready to be shown off to the world. They make great gifts your girlfriends would love too.

Fake eggs sold in China for the last 10 years!

More on fake eggs. Read on..

Would you believe it? Fake eggs have been sold in China for the last 10 years? What does that tell you? It just says that if you have been to China from as far back, you could have tasted fake eggs - in your soups, puddings, desserts, omelettes, etc. And you survived!! Alright, don't want to freak you out or anything.

Remember I wrote that there are instructions out there to teach one how to make fake eggs? Indeed there are.

A short insight into the making is as follows:

No great equipment is needed, just a small mould, just a few dollars to purchase.

Next add some sodium alginate which was been soaked in water, stir until it is clear and resembles an egg white. The next step is to add some pale yellow food colouring to resemble an egg yolk. Pour the liquid into the ball shaped container. Place the container into water containing calcium chloride. Wait one minute and a layer of yellow solidifies, forming the “yolk.”

The final step is to put the “yolk” into the previously made “white” then pour into a pre-made calcium carbonate egg shell and seal it.

A complete “egg” made of chemical raw ingredients has been produced in less than 5 minutes. This simple process can be quickly mastered and with 10 moulds, 300 eggs can be produced in one hour!

Making money is why anyone would want to mess with a chicken egg.

The cost of these “eggs” works out approximately 0.55 yuan per kilogram; while genuine eggs cost around 6.5 yuan per kilogram.

The fake eggs can be identified by a few means: the shell feels rougher, both end sof the shells have perforation marks, when shaken a strange noise can be heard and also when broken the yolk will mix with the white. This is because the yolk and white are made from the same raw materials. Also when frying the fake eggs, the yolk will automatically scatter without being stirred.

A supermarket in Huanggang at Shenzhen has resorted to setting up special equipment in order to help consumers test the quality of eggs.

The above is borrowed from Check out the link. There is more info on fake eggs in China where the above came from. It also has a link to an article on how fake eggs were first discovered at Xiamen.

On the local front, The Sun reported that tests conducted by CAP, i.e., the Consumers Association of Penang, found the fake egg shells to have been made of paraffin wax, gypsum powder and calcium carbonate, while the yolk and egg white, made using natrium alginate, alum, gelatine, benzoic acid, calcium chloride, water and food colouring.

Legal action will be taken against anyone found to have sold fake eggs, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai. If convicted for the offence, the seller faces a jail term of up to five years or a fine, or both under the Act.

The Health Minister added that anyone with information on the matter should lodge a complaint with the ministry's Food Safety and Quality Division, State Health Department, District Health Office or the website

Who knows what kind of illness or even genetic problems may result from this type of product.

Image source: