Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fake eggs is a myth

Since news of alleged fake eggs in Penang first surfaced, there has been a lot of attention and concern, and rightfully so as eggs make up a big part of our food source.

Many readers here are still following the saga of the fake eggs and I am happy to report that we are finally having a closure to the topic, and a favorable closure too, I might add.

Results of the final test carried out by the Veterinary Services Department confirm that the alleged fake eggs found in the Pulau Tikus wet market in Penang last week were merely deformed and “out of shape” - and were not meant for sale.

In a news article yesterday, Health Minister, Datuk Seri LiowTiong Lai, said the first tests found the protein content, yolk and shell’s calcium were no different from normal eggs concluding that they are the real thing.

The Minister urged the public not to panic, saying that Malaysia does not import eggs but export them.

It may soon be mandatory for egg farms to stamp the grade, the farm code and a best-by date on chicken eggs as a quality standard measure to ensure the safety of eggs for public consumption.

There you have it. Eggs in Malaysia are the real thing so egg away to your heart's content!

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Seized 'fake' eggs were deformed or rejected ones
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  1. Likey your last sentence 'egg away to your heart's content'. Oh so much headegg over the past few days. tQ

  2. This is a relief. I hate to be eating fake eggs!! Egg is my favourite food no matter how they were cooked! Yum!!

  3. yeah, read this on paper just now, those "faked" eggs are really unclassified low class eggs, haha.. i actually heard that the cost for a faked egg is actually higher than the real ones, so why fake??

  4. im still gonna egg away! luckily there are no fake eggs around, i love eggs :)

  5. Don't bother. Don't eat eggs and you will be safe. :D