Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Are you Healthy?

Quite an unusual way to measure health. :D

Source unknown


  1. nearly didnt sleep for 2 nites partying in ipoh and i can still stand & walk...

    i guess i am healthy kua?!!

  2. I don't feel healthy after looking at that...

    Oops, my lunch is comi....

  3. Well, there are a few questions that I am not able to give an absolute answer. But I guess I fall in the average category.

    Thanks for visiting my blog too.

  4. Phew! *pinching nose*
    I'm quite healthy! ;)

  5. 哎也!!!你幾時轉職做佐化驗員或者醫生呀??

  6. Why are Pink Panther's comments suddenly all appearing in Chinese? Oh, no...something is being hidden from the non-Chinese speakers! I feel totally left out!

    Then again, there is always free online translation...he he he

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Lucky din have nething today...
    Now I'm thinking if I should skip din din oso or not

  8. ermmm...i'm almost afraid to ask. how are we supposed to find the answers to the "how hard are they" and how much they weigh questions? i can't imagine anyone using their hands....do you know the answer to yours? :-)

  9. hehe.. in olden days, the court physicians need to look at all the poo of the royal family to check if they are well..

    and till this date, this is a good diagnosis for GI problems, especially babies and children who dun know how to complain about their pain.

  10. Anonymous1:19 AM

    indeed poo tells you much about your health condition and so is urine :)

  11. See fei, Whoa! partying in Ipoh. Somemore two nights! Let me guess - you must be on the Italian side - healthy, alright!

    MM, oops! forgot to stick the note "Skip this post and come back later if you're waiting for your chow". hehe!

  12. Ian, hi! Nevermind, give or take a stool. Oops!

    FH2o, good for you. You're gonna need the health for that getting wet activity of yours.

    PP, haha! Dr Quack Quack!
    MM is right. Perhaps we need to stick to a common language, Engrish, so that everyone can enjoy the fun of everyone's thoughts and comments.

    MM, plz don't feel left out. PP was just teasing me about being a doctor quack. PP, naughty girl.

  13. Zeroimpact, huh? No input? How to get output, le?

    ME, haha..good questions. Your guess is as good as mine. Thanks for stopping by.

    Robin, that is true. I know of a nanny who studies the stools of the baby to tell the well-being of the child.

  14. Slurp!, indeed. Urine tests come to mind but the other one....? Let's change the subject. ;)

  15. No one will read this except you, Happy, as I'm so late, but I am not making this up: When heads of state visit the USA, the Secret Service collects their excreations (by diverting the plumbing) so as to medically analyze them. They learn if the visitor has any serious diseases - such as cancer - and what drugs they may be taking and so on.

    When Bush went to Austria last month, they brought a toilet for him to use and his wastes were flown back the to the USA so no foreign government could analyze it. Also, his food was brought in from Ramstein AFB in Germany.

    Strange, but true!

  16. Pandabonium, this is amazing and quite sci-fi too, if I might add. Thanks for sharing this interesting info.

    You're not late. I'm sure others will read this illuminating info too.

    Thank you.