Monday, June 5, 2006

Come Tomorrow

While filing an e-report, it struck me that tomorrow will be
a significant day. Why?

Tomorrow is June 6, 2006, and at six minutes and six seconds
past six in the morning, the time stamp would read:

06/06/06 -- 06:06:06

So, what will you be doing at this date and time?


  1. Some people planned to get married, some people planned to watch the latest movie "The Omen"...

    I am stuck in my final lap. haha. :-) Freedom is 3 days away!! yooohoooo...

  2. I will hopefully be still sound asleep!! LOL!!

  3. At 06/06/06--06:06:06 I will be getting dressed and wishing the hell I were still in bed.

  4. haha.. strange.. the lunar calender accordingly to the Chinese Almanac claims that tomorro, 6 June 2006 is the best day of the year.

    BTW, it's the eleventh of the fifth month..

  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    It could be at 06/06/06--> 06:06:06 a.m. or at 06/06/06-->06:06:06 p.m.

    In the morning, I am having my sweet dreams of course.

    In the evening, will having 6 dishes of dinner with my friends. ^_^

  6. The Omen sounds good...Well maybe I'll wait for 88888888888888...:p

  7. At this wee hour of the morning...probably too sleepy to be conscious about it.

  8. oh sex, oh sex, oh sex

  9. well i was sleeping !! hehee!

  10. hmmm.. I like the

    o sex. o sex. o sex better..

    And Panda at 6am.. hmmm?

  11. robin - haven't u heard that morning is the best time? hmmm ;)

  12. FH2o, best time for what? Oh, I get it. **blushing** Jeez..... You guys just have one thing on your mind.

  13. YD, that explains. Robin said it's a good day according to the Lunar calendar.

    Robin, thanks for the info. I should do something important too, but what? **Thinking...**

    LB, a natural thing to do...zzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzz........

  14. Oohh, MM, you, are the most hardworking one here, besides Pandabonium of course, hard at another activity. Oops! I probably need to wash my brains out with soap. :)

    Pinkpanther, hope you had sweet dreams. Six dishes for dinner at six minutes and six seconds after six with six friends at house number six? Enjoy! And how about posting some shots here? We'd love it, wouldn't we, people?

    Low, Hi. The Omen of sixes. Yeah, maybe 8 is better, eh?

    Wakey, wakey
    It's time for a little poetry.....

  15. Pandabonium, tsk tsk! But I like your honesty! haha........

    Winn, you missed the moment! I guess what they say about ignorance being bliss is true.

    AFT, think of Winn at that precise moment this evening. Tell you what I'll do. Immediately after this comment, I'm going to stick a screaming fat note here in front of me to remind myself to think of you and Winn and everyone here. If you all feel a vibe, you'll know it's me thinking of you wherever you are, okay?

  16. 6:6:6pm
    - Note has been scribbled.
    It's on screaming ORANGE paper.

  17. You guys just have one thing on your mind.

    Actually, I think most of us guys have two things on our minds. One of them is the one you're thinking of. The other is different for each person:

    Me: music
    FH2o: kayaking
    Robin: animals
    Agus: Starbucks
    Pandabonium: more sex

    Did I miss anyone?

    (Currently planning a safer route home from work so I won't have to go near Panda's place...)

  18. MM, yes, you missed Low and for him:

    Low: FRIM

    Let me reword what you just said.
    It would be something like this?

    MM: Sex and music
    FH2o: Sex and kayaking
    Robin: Sex and animals
    Agus: Sex and Starbucks
    Pandabonium: Sex and more sex
    Low: Sex and FRIM

    Pandabonium, you do know the alternative route, don't you?
    MM, you're in trouble.
    **evil grin**kekekekekekekeeee..........

  19. while our male friends have been busy thinking about variuos things, I just realized I slept past the 06:06,06-06-06. So much for setting an alarm clock to be at THAT moment. I am such a pig. gaaa...

    (eh?? the word verification shows "ukomen", real SPOOKY!!!!)

  20. hi there! :)

    well well well...666 has come and gone

    Lets see whens the next 666...hmmm...6th of June 3006???

  21. hehe pink cotton, next would be 08:08:08. 08-08-08

  22. You know the old saying - "early to bed, early to RISE".

  23. YD, yes, The Omen in UK. LOL!
    Oh, nevermind that you missed the moment. Nothing spectacular happened. Besides, you deserved that sleep after all the hardwork for the exam. You, my dear YD, must be sooooo glad that it's all over. Play-time.

    Pink Cotton, YD's right. The next auspicious moment would be the 8's but before that, there are the 7's, 07/07/07 @ 07:07:07. Did you know that it is believed that 7 is a significant number in magic?

  24. Pandabonium said:
    "You know the old saying - "early to bed, early to RISE"."

    My dear Pandabonium, you, are so WISE.