Wednesday, July 5, 2006

The Care Bears

Zeroimpact inspired me on this post. In my previous post on
being a Bear, he commented that he'd like to be a Care Bear
which reminded me about a cartoon series, The Care Bears.
I enjoyed this series for its promotion of moral values.
Do you remember it? There's even a Care Bear movie and the
theme-song is performed by Carol King, I think.

Here's the Care Bear story:
The Care Bears are a group of adorable, furry friends each with a special caring mission. They help teach people how to care. Every Care Bear wears a bright-colored tummy picture that tells the world who they are and what is their special area of caring.

In their cloud-land home, called Care-a-lot, the Care Bears help each other learn to care. Sometimes they magically bring a child with a special caring concern to Care-a-lot so that they can better teach them some of the finer points of being a caring person. Sometimes, too, the Care Bears have to speed down to Earth to help with some crisis in caring. Wherever the Care Bears go, and whatever the Care Bears do, in their soft, fuzzy, and funny way, they share their special gift of caring with everyone they meet.

Where's Care-a-Lot?
Wherever good feelings are nurtured and shared! Care-a-lot is where the Care Bears live. It's a star-speckled, rainbow-trimmed, cotton candy, cloud world that's as brightly beautiful as a summer sunset and as snug and loving as a mother's hug. Care-a-lot is a child's weightless wonderland—a "positively anything's possible" kind of place and a perfect playland. In the heart of Care-a-lot is Care-a-lot Castle, where the Care Bears gather to help others. It's home to the "Hall of the Heart", a beautiful gallery where the Care Bears meet around a heart-shaped table.

Where's Care-a-lot? It's here, it's there, it's everywhere there are hearts that love and those who care!

Happysurfer is Funshine Bear! Funny, clever,
inventive, playful and have a great sense of humour.
She loves to help others laugh and have fun!

So, which Bear are you? Find out here..



  1. carebear is my fav!!

  2. Anonymous7:17 PM's also my favourite when i was a


    I just can't bear all this CUTENESS!!!!!!

  4. Sorry about that...bad day.

    Actually, I'm a Share Bear!

  5. Anonymous10:21 PM

    HAPPY: U're really a funshine Bear.

    I am a Cheer Bear.

    Cheers!!!!!Bear friend ^_~

  6. Anonymous11:45 PM

    The care bears...
    So the cute
    I m a Tenderheart bear

  7. I used to watch carebears as a kid. Much love. But as I grew up it became too mushy for my taste (and testosterone) and favored shows like mask, transformers, ninja turtles thunder cats and such instead. Hahaha, boys. But sometimes i do catch myself enjoying the show unintentionally. It's all good.

  8. hey, the CB is a bit last season, so I was told..

    Unker should know, since Kh2o is the hip of the kids.


  9. but nonetheless, cuteness 100%.. I have still some of them in my cupboard.

  10. Robin, you have Care Bears? How cool is that! Must be presents from those ladies who adored you. hehe..

    Yeah, they were popular many years back but the movie version is still being shown on cable TV once in awhile.

    Agus, I used to watch Transformers,
    Ninja Turles and Thurdercats. Good fun.

    Zeroimpact, Tenderheart Bear, eh? I think I agree. ;)

  11. PP, hello Cheer Bear! It's good to have you around.

    MM, bad day, huh, Share Bear? How apt being a Sensei and a Share Bear - imparting knowledge, I mean.

    Hafiz, come on, you're still a kid! You know, you shouldn't be hanging out at this blog for one who's under 18. Well, okay, on one condition lah - just skip those 'adult' posts, alright?

    Hi Winn, one of my fav cartoons.

  12. hehe, I buy for myself hor..

    or brought for people who I dun dare to give too

    (shy mah)

  13. Okay lah, I believe you.

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  15. I know that there is this series of bears since I was a child, but I never know the name and the cartoon. I know it because one of my relative has the whole set. So cute!

  16. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Hi happysurfer. Sorry abt removing the comments as i've used the wrong id to comment. my apologies too as i had to remove ur comments. hope you don't mind.


  17. Anonymous6:27 PM

    ermmm in future, pls go to my littleguykitchen blog. btw ur care bears are nice and cute. I've also used that. Later if got time, I'll post it too with reference to our blog. :)

  18. Oh my. I thought I'd seen the last of those when my daughters out grew them. Many times I read a care bears story to them at bed time. Sweet memories.

  19. So strange being a Generation X-er who saw all these characters in their first go-round & am now working in children's publishing watching 'em be solid sellers in their second go-round. Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake - they're all back!

    Funny we haven't had a resurgence of Cabbage Patch Kids. Or Jem and the Holograms!

    I will only go take the quiz if they add the character Safe Boating Bear!

  20. Hi Red Sponge, Wow! one of your relatives has the whole set? That's awesome.
    Thank you for stopping by. I enjoyed your flower site.

    LGK, hey, no problem, don't worry about it.
    Also, I'll be sure to visit the right blog.

    Pandabonium, glad it brought back sweet memories.

    Hey Bonnie. Yes, Jem and the Holograms - I enjoyed that too.

    Safe Boating Bear? You're in publishing, right? You could do something about it. hehe..