Thursday, September 30, 2010

Malaysian Ringgit appreciating

The Star reported that

The ringgit rose to a fresh 13-year high against the ailing US dollar yesterday, tracking gains by other regional currencies, as the prospect of stronger economic growth fuelled speculation of further inflows from overseas funds.
At 5pm yesterday, the ringgit was traded at 3.0846 against the greenback – the strongest level since October 1997.

This may be good news for the country but for Malaysian bloggers who earn US dollars, this trend spells less income in Ringgit after conversion. I'm holding some company stocks and I'm seeing my profits/dividends eroding due to the appreciating Ringgit.

Is your iPhone insured?

iPhone owners, did you know your precious iPhone can be insured?  Bet you didn't know that.

With more and more high-tech and expensive gadgets coming into the market, insurance companies are not being left behind on keeping up with the times.  Check with your insurance agent for the iphone insurance that insures your iPhone against Drops, Spills, and Theft, Unlimited Repairs or Replacements of your iPhone.

CIMB Smart Rewards Fiesta 2010... Oct 1 to 3, MidValley MegaMall

The CIMB SMART REWARDS FIESTA is back. It will be this weekend, from Oct 1 to 3 at the Mid Valley Megamall Exhibition Center from 10am to 8pm.

If you are a CIMB credit card member, here's where you can redeem your Bonus points and enjoy incredible discounts on promotional items. It also saves you having to go through their card redemption catalog online tediously scrolling through pages and pages of products for different price ranges.

However, if you are out-of-town or prefer to go online, their Rewards Redemption website does come in handy. Here's the URL:

Jackpot winners

Last night, I read with joy for Ernest Pullen who won US$1 million with a Missouri Lottery, '100 Million Dollar Blockbuster' Scratchers ticket in June. And this month, he won (again) $2 million with a "Mega MONOPOLY" Scratchers ticket. Boy! How lucky can a person get!

And then this morning, I read of another man (here in Malaysia) who had won RM47.82mil – the largest ever lottery jackpot in Malaysia.

Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd said the previous highest jackpot of RM20.9mil was paid out in December 2008.

The winner, a businessman in his 50s, learned of his win from the Sports Toto website on Tuesday night after the draw results were announced. His winning set of numbers – 8, 11, 19, 22, 54 and 55 – were derived from a random computerised selection.

He said part of his winnings will go to charity. (No mention of shopping and diamonds. Unlike the US winner, we will not get to see a picture of the Malaysian gentleman. Here in Malaysia, identities of big winners of lotteries or jackpots are never revealed for security purposes. However, if you are a jackpot winner in the Genting Highlands casino, your name and identification number will be listed in their list of jackpot-winners displayed inside the casino.

Heartiest Congratulations to the winners!

Here's a thought. What would you do if you win a multi-million Ringgit or dollar jackpot? Besides spending it, of course. Ever given that any thought?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a Boy for Amber Chia

The stork brought international model, Amber Chia, a baby boy around 5pm Monday, that's 27 Sep, two days ago. The yet unnamed baby was born in a private hospital in Petaling Jaya. Both mother and child are doing fine. Baby was delivered through natural birth.

Congratulations, Amber!

My colleague too just gave birth to her first-born, a daughter, two weeks ago and she's just amazed at the amount of baby clothes she received, enough for twins, she said. What does one get for babies if not clothes, eh?

Image source: The Star (With them is Amber’s friend, Stella Lim)

Don't leave home without your Binoculars

There are certain items which are good to have when they're needed, otherwise they would fall under what we would term 'nice to have' buys. I discovered I do have a pair of binoculars which I should have brought along on that trip to KL Bird Park last year.

If you haven't been to the KL Bird Park, you're missing a beautiful part of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysians pay an admission rate of RM20 but if you have certain membership cards, you can get up to 50% discount. Any one of these cards will accord you a discount, though in various quantums:

1. J Card from Jaya Jusco
2. MetroJaya Privilege card
3. International Student Identity card
4. RealRewards Privilege card
5. MBf card
6. Hop-On Hop-Off ticket

I had a funny episode with a peacock but that's for another day..

How to recoup that US 30% withholding tax

Here in Malaysia lottery or casino winnings are not taxed unlike in the US. If you win a million Ringgit here, you get to keep that cool million, not having to pay any tax for it.

Whereas in the US, when you win in lotteries or in casinos or even come into any financial gains, the winnings or gains is subjected to a 30% withholding tax. All is not lost, however.

Canadian and International visitors to the US can make a claim of the 30% withholding tax which is a good thing to offset one's gaming losses. You could recoup at least some or all of the gambling winnings tax.

One company that provides U.S. Gambling Tax Recovery services is As an IRS authorized Certifying Acceptance Agent (ID # 98-0337122) they can get you an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and provide you with all the necessary service to help you with the US tax recovery. If you don't get your casino refund cheque they don't charge a fee.

In Case of Emergency, Please Remove Your Bra

Yes, in Case of Emergency, Please Remove Your Bra, suggests Fox News which I'm sure other news channels are urging the same if they're highlighting this Dr. Elena Bodnar's Ignoble Award winner won last year.

It sounds silly, but Bodnar, a Ukraine native who now lives in Chicago, started her medical career studying the effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster. If people had had cheap, readily available gas masks in the first hours after the disaster, she said, they may have avoided breathing in Iodine-131, which causes radiation sickness.

The bra-turned-gas masks could have also been useful during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and for women caught outside during the dust storms that recently enveloped Sydney, she said.

You can buy the eBra online for just $29.95.

Source: Fox News

Asset-based bank loan

Need to improve company cash flow because your company is growing faster than your cash flow intake but you are concerned that you may not be able to get your bank loan approved because of the insufficient stationary tangible hard assets?

All is not lost as some banks consider inventory and receivables as part of the borrowing base.

Asset-based lending works well with manufacturers, distributors and service companies with a leveraged balance sheet whose seasonal needs and industry cycles often disrupt their cash flow.

Any company that is under-capitalized that has good performing receivables and is growing faster than its cash flow intake would be able to get an asset-based bank loan. Your financial institution would be able to advise you.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Log beds and pretty quilts

The other day, Jules, a girlfriend, and I dropped by a quilt shop.  Jules was looking for a quilt for her niece, her sister's daughter.  They have just moved into their new home and Jules wanted to get her niece this lovely quilt she saw on her previous visit to the quilt shop.

I couldn't help admiring all the quilts there because they were all so pretty.  I thought some of them would be just right for log beds giving them that rustic charm.

Image source:

My Moroccon Adventure

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

As an avid traveler who likes to undertake long journeys, I was tempted to make plans for Morocco after watching a Travel Channel episode on Satellite tv in Texas. Since international travel is my hobby, I always wanted to visit Morocco, which has retained its old world charm in midst of modernization.

Inside the Magic Lamp

Fez was my destination of choice as its old city is considered to be the largest UNESCO heritage town in the world. On arrival, I stayed in one of the popular old renovated boutique hotels inside the walled city. To reach my hotel, I had to traverse numerous alleyways, where time seemed to stand still. These streets were a conglomeration of old coffee shops, mud walls, colorful murals and painted windows. There were street musicians, painters and street hawkers making it feel like an Aladdin movie set.

The Jewel of the East

After two days, I arranged for a group travel to Casablanca. Casablanca is well known for its historical architecture, and the architecture was precisely what we wanted to focus on. Visiting the splendid Hassan II Mosque and Cathédrale Sacré-Coeu were the highlight of our tour.

In the Sahara

Still, the pinnacle of my international travel was a visit to Kasbah Toubkal, which is a model of Arabian mountain resort. My hosts also arranged for me to stay at one of the traditional Bedouin camps located near the Algerian borders. Had it not been for that particular satellite TV program, I could have missed a trip of a lifetime.

Smoking kiosks planned in Penang

It's difficult to get people to stop smoking so Penang has decided instead to provide smoking kiosks respecting people's right to smoke. These smoking kiosks will be set up around the island once the Health Ministry approves the Penang government’s proposal to make the state smoke-free.

The designated smoking areas, by the roadside or in open air areas, will be complete with ashtrays and chairs. Each kiosk would be able to accommodate some 20 people. However, a survey would be conducted before the move would be implemented in stages.

Unlike Mesothelioma, which is equally devastating, lung cancer is a disease of uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. Lung cancer, the most common cause of cancer-related death in men and women, is responsible for 1.3 million deaths worldwide annually, as of 2004, according to Wikipedia. The most common symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing (including coughing up blood), and weight loss. Best to quit smoking if you value your health and that of your loved ones.

Sir Richard Branson visits Kuala Lumpur

Sir Richard Branson, a British industrialist, best known for his Virgin Group of over 360 companies, was in town to deliver a talk at the “Dawn of The New Decade: Alternative Investments in Asia" conference.

He commented that Malaysia has a good reputation overseas but there are several issues which the country needs to tackle to attract investors. He also shared about his space travel program and that it is no longer a fantasy as tourists would soon be able to travel to the moon on a day trip and stay in a space hotel.

According to him, the space-travel fare would start from US$200,000 (RM600,000). Virgin Galatic, under the stable of Branson’s Virgin group, is the world’s first commercial company that promotes space tourism and they are 18 months away from taking people into space.

Virgin Galatic had collected some US$45mil (RM135mil) in deposits from more than 330 people who had reserved seats aboard the six-seater spaceship. When this travel program comes into existence, we'd be talking about space insurance instead of auto insurance. So, are you set for space travel? Would you go on this trip if you have the chance?

Source: The Star

Radar detectors

Malaysian highways have a speed limit of between 90 to 110km/hour. Our highways here are well-maintained and during non-peak times such as non-festival periods, it's indeed very enjoyable to drive along it. Going slow is definitely not the order of the day. Most vehicles would be breaking the speed limit cutting down travel time.

As radar detectors are not allowed to be sold here, many vehicle-owners resort to buying them online or buy them whenever they travel overseas.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A love story by Singapore Lee KY's Daughter Lee Wei Ling

Thought I'd share this love story which I received in an email today.  You probably might have read it but I believe it'd still make a good second read.  It also gives us a little insight into the private life of Singapore's Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew, as the author of this article is his daughter, Dr Lee Wei Ling.

Love at first sight is romantic but may not hold a candle to love that lasts a lifetime & is for better or for worse

An advertisement for the 'Sassy Miss 2010 Workshop Series' in The Straits Times caught my eye recently. The headline was: 'The Power of First Impressions.'
The text claimed: 'It takes just 30 seconds for your first date or prospective employer to form an everlasting impression of you. So flash your X-factor, from the way you look to the style in which you carry yourself. Come uncover all the trade secrets of image-making at this power workshop!'

I was amused. If I want to make an impression, it would be to show my competence, sincerity, pragmatism and willingness to fight for what is right. My appearance and how I carry myself are highly unlikely to make an impression in a 30-minute encounter, let alone a 30-second 'flash'.

As for assessing someone on the first encounter, it would take me at least five to 10 minutes to appraise a person. I do not base my judgment on whether the person is good-looking or how he carries himself. Instead I would focus on his facial expression and body language.

If these contradict what he says, I would be wary of him. Body language and facial expressions are rarely under voluntary control and hence are better indicators of the true intent of a person than speech.

I am fairly good at sizing up people. There have been quite a few instances when I have accurately assessed someone at the first brief encounter. But even then, I seldom depend solely on first impressions. I will reassess the person on subsequent occasions. Only if I observe certain traits repeatedly would I be confident in my assessment.

Some people do indeed judge others on the basis of first impressions. Their judgment may well be strongly influenced by the person's appearance, how well he carries himself and how eloquently he speaks. I think such people are shallow. In life, we have to interact with people; and the more accurately we judge people, the fewer mistakes we are likely to make about them.

Research on interpersonal relationships between strangers shows that physical appearance does influence first impressions. But this does not explain why people stick together in long-term relationships. Commitment is a key variable in sustaining such relationships.

The one remarkable relationship I have personally observed is the one between my father and mother. Theirs was certainly not love at first sight. Nor were looks the main factor in their mutual attraction. Rather, it was personality and intellectual compatibility.

They are not only lovers, they are also best friends. There has never been any calculation about how much each had invested in the relationship. Theirs is an unconditional love.

Before my mother suffered her first stroke in 2003, she lived her life around my father, taking care of his every need. The stroke and the resultant disability made my mother quite frail.

From that point on, my father lived his life around her. He was still in the Cabinet, first as Senior Minister and then as Minister Mentor, but he tried his best to arrange his working schedule around my mother's needs.

He also took care of her health, strongly urging her to swim daily for exercise, and supervised her complicated regime of medication. He would also measure her blood pressure several times a day, till I got in touch with Dr Ting Choon Ming who had invented a blood pressure measuring equipment that is worn like a watch. Next day, when Dr Ting came to take the watch back to analyse the recorded blood pressure, my mother said to him: 'I prefer to have my husband measure my blood pressure.'

After my mother's second stroke in 2008, she became bed-bound and could no longer accompany my father on his travels overseas or to social functions here. Every night after returning home from work, my father now spends about two hours telling my mother about his day and reading aloud her favourite poems to her.

The poetry books are rather thick and heavy, so he uses a heavy-duty music stand to place the books. One night, he was so sleepy, he fell asleep while reading to my mother, slumped forward and hit his face against the music stand. Since the music stand was made of metal, he suffered abrasions on his face. He cursed himself for his carelessness but still carries on reading aloud to my mother every night.

I have always known my father was fearless, willing to fight to the bitter end for Singapore. When Vietnam fell in 1975, it looked for a while as though the domino hypothesis - which held that other South-east Asian states would also fall to the communists like dominoes - might turn out to be true. My father knew how ruthless the communists were, but he was determined to stay on in Singapore, and my mother was just as determined to stay on by his side.

I began this article because I was reading an article in a psychological journal on 'love at first sight versus love for a lifetime, for better or for worse'.
Love at first sight is rare and often does not endure. The affection my parents have for each other is also rare. They are each other's soul mates; their happy marriage has lasted beyond their diamond anniversary.

But they have never made a show of being a loving couple in public. Even in private, they have rarely demonstrated their love for each other with hugs or kisses. It was only after my mother's second stroke that I saw my father kiss my mother on her forehead to comfort her. They don't seem to feel the need for a dramatic physical show of love.

I have great admiration for what my father has done for Singapore - and at age 87, he is still promoting Singapore's interests. But he being the first-born son in a Peranakan family, I would not have suspected him to have been capable of such devotion as he has shown for my mother, taking care of her so painstakingly. My admiration for him has increased manifold because I have watched him look after my mother so devotedly over the last two painful years.

Original source unknown.

Forex training seminars

People are the most important asset of a company and training the workforce is an investment that bears great returns. Besides technical training, nowadays softskills training is seen as equally important in human resource development.

Companies here contribute to a Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) from which they can file in claims for training refunds when their employees are sent for seminars and training courses.

Over the years, I've attended quite a number of training courses and seminars and I'm thinking of attending one of those Forex training seminars near me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fire Hydrant Spa shower heads

On a hot humid day, the next best thing after a long cool drink is a long cool shower. The latter, of course, can only come from a powerful invigorating massage shower.

Low water pressure can be the cause of a less than satisfying shower. If you find that you can barely rinse the shampoo out of your hair and nothing works even after changing several different shower heads, it's time you fix a shower head that really works. What you need is a Fire Hydrant Spa shower head. Every Fire Hydrant Shower Head has been specifically designed to solve your problems with low water pressure – regardless of whether you are on a well or have city/town water. You will get a stronger, more powerful and invigorating shower then you ever thought possible.

You do not have to suffer from low water pressure anymore. Check out for a solution to your low water pressure problem. Your shower time will never be the same again.

Healthcare jobs

Malaysia has a low unemployment rate. There are plenty of jobs available in every sector. Foreign labor from Indonesia, The Philippines, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal and China make up a big part of our manufacturing, restaurant and domestic help sectors.

For locals, there are many job options. Just take a healthcare career, for instance. There has been an increase in private specialist hospitals in the country, especially in Kuala Lumpur so a career in this field has much room for career development.

Buy New York shoes wherever you are at Infinity Shoes

Looking for a great-looking pair of boots to go with that new pair of designer jeans? How about a good pair of Old Gringo?

Infinity Shoes has a large selection of high quality men’s and women’s shoes, boots, and sandals and at affordable prices. You'd be amazed at the extensive brands available including Miz Mooz, Clarks, Dr. Martens, Sebago shoes, Hush Puppies, Kickers, and many more.

A leader in fashion footwear for over 20 years, Infinity Shoes is a prominent independent retailer with stores located in several parts of New York City. They not only pride themselves on offering a large selection of high quality men’s and women’s shoes, boots, and sandals at affordable prices, they are also reputed for their great customer service. The best part is, you do not have to be in New York City to buy their footwear. You can buy them online. Plus, new products are constantly being updated on their site. You will also find wonderful seasonal discounts.

Shopping at Infinity Shoes is a pleasurable experience. You can shop by brand, by size, by color, by price, by category, even by heel height. Cool, eh? They provide free shipping for orders above $89. Get an immediate 10% off on your first order by signing up for their newsletter joining their Infinity Shoes community.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Costume party

My friend, Lydia, and I went shopping last weekend for costumes for a children's costume party that her two children will be attending in two weeks' time. It wasn't easy looking for costumes because there aren't many stores here selling costumes.

Perhaps, Lydia may want to look for costumes online instead. I'm sure there are a lot more choices of costumes not only for children but for adults as well if she's also looking for a costume for her Halloween ball. Isn't the costume in the picture above just so cute?

Riding boots

I find garage sales just as interesting as flea markets. You never know what unusual items you will find there.

The other day, a girlfriend and I went to a garage sale because she wanted a couple of bedside lamps. This expat family was having the garage sale because they'll be going home to the US after spending a good five years here in Malaysia. They sure have accumulated many things looking at what they've put up for sale. No bedside lamps though but two pairs of riding boots were among the collection of furniture, clothes, books and magazines, crockery and cutlery, sports equipment and so forth.

Eddie Fisher, Pop Singer, Dies at 82

Eddie Fisher is before my time but I remember reading that he was once married to Elizabeth Taylor whom he left Debbie Reynolds for. He was also father to actress and writer, Carrie Fisher. If you remember, she played Princess Leia of Star Wars.

Just read on New York Times that he passed away so thought I'd pay him a tribute by posting this classic song of his, Oh! My Pa-pa.

May he rest in peace.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Favorite Super Hero: Batman

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of our time, and probably one of the most well-known. The Caped Crusader has been featured in more movies and comics than any other superhero in the world.

Batman is an admirable individual, who always values upholding the sanctity of law over personal justice. He will never kill a rival criminal, and only incapacitates or disorients his enemies. This dedication to personal convictions and society is something that most humans admire, for it takes a great individual to uphold these good principles. Batman would even go against a law if it were to serve an evil purpose, and would actively pursue the best outcome.

On top of his morals, part of Batman's appeal are his awesome gadgets. I watch Batman swing into action on my HD TVByDirect station. There's nothing like watching him plant explosive Batarangs in the side of the Joker's car. It's great when Batman is able to rig up his inventions to trip criminals or explode on impact with another vehicle.

I still say that Batman is the best superhero of all time. The combination of his good morals, dedication to uphold the law, and his cool gadgets makes him an appealing and godlike character. While I may not be able to personally sympathize with Batman, he is something that most people should aspire to be.

Friday Frolics - Are You Roller Skates or Rollerblades?

Inline skates or commonly referred to rollerblades are just so cool. There was a time when I wanted to pick up the skill but alas, fear of falling and breaking bones stopped me in my tracks. This week's personality quiz is to find out whether you are roller skates or rollerblades. Have fun and happy Friday (whatever's left of this wonderful day of the week)!

You Are Rollerblades

You are a total daredevil. You're always getting yourself into a fix, but you're agile enough to usually get out of it.

It's likely that you're sporty or athletic. You love physical activity.

You love technology, and you're always ready to buy the latest and greatest toy.

You are innovative and optimistic. You don't know what the future will bring, but you can't wait to find out.


Gold and Silver Coins from Kelantan

When Kelantan announced that the state would be issuing their own gold coins, coin-collectors must have been happy and looking forward to owning them. In tandem, silver coins were also issued at the same time. The gold Dinar coins and silver Dirham coins come in a few denominations. Both types are sold based on current market prices. The coins were issued middle of last month receiving an overwhelming response, especially the gold coins.

The current popularity of gold both for keepsakes and for hedging against inflation has made gold a much-sought after commodity. Here in Malaysia, it's not easy to buy gold bullion or gold coins though one can sign up for a gold account in banks here.

If you are looking to invest in gold, the United States Gold Bureau is a good place to check out. Their professional gold expert staff will be more than happy to provide you all the information and assistance you need. Now is as good a time to include gold in your investment portfolio.

What is Rapid Detox?

Inevitably, our modern lifestyle has caused many people to turn to drugs and alcohol as an escape route. Unfortunately, it can lead to their dependence and addiction.

For people who decide to kick the habit, a rapid detox program is one that is more favorable than a conventional detox program.

Rapid detox takes just a few hours what normally takes days. This means the withdrawal time is much reduced subsequently reducing the discomfort. A rapid detox procedure though complex is safe when performed by a certified doctor in a licensed detox center. Besides safety, other factors that people look for in a detox center are comfort, effectiveness and reasonable cost for the addiction treatment.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tire Chains for that safe Winter trip

Tire chains, or snow chains are devices which are affixed to the tires of vehicles to provide superior traction when driving through snow and ice. In our tropical climate, we have no need for such a device but in countries where there is winter and in elevated places, every car is required to carry them or risk being turned back by officers manning chain controls.

Tire chains are usually sold in pairs and purchased to match a particular tire size (tire diameter and tread width). Tire Chain Dealer, an online dealer in tire chains, has a wide selection of tire chains to suit every vehicle type. They focus on chains that are easy to install - not the ones that get people frustrated. Their most popular product is the Grip tire chain which can be installed in less than 2 minutes per tire and cost less than $100. If you are unsure of the right chain, you can search their site by tire size. Having the right tire chains for your vehicle is important for safe travel.

Tire Chain Dealer is a resource for getting information on Tire Chains and to help you determine which snow chains are right for you. Several of their products have installation movies to teach you how to install them. Below is one such video.

A Vacation that includes Golf

Are you up for some vacation time and thinking about incorporating a few rounds of golf into your vacation?  If that were me, I'd know where to make that vacation come true.  This would be the site I'd go to for reservations: Yeah, spending my vacation at Myrtle Beach which includes golf.

I'm always for less hassle when making vacation plans and with a holiday at Myrtle Beach, you can also book Myrtle Beach golf packages when you make reservations for accommodation. There are many great golf courses at Myrtle Beach so including golf on vacation here will ensure a most enjoyable holiday experience. While you play golf, the family can enjoy other equally fun activities and attractions available.

A little about Myrtle Beach Golf Courses.. has the most comprehensive guide to Myrtle Beach Golf Courses where you can browse over 80 of Myrtle Beach's top golf courses. Navigation on the site is easy. You can see a description on each golf course plus videos, course statistics and details. There is also information on restaurants, attractions, and everything you need to know for your perfect Myrtle Beach golf vacation.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chiang Mai - The Taste of Real Thailand

Contributed by Johnny Graves

For most tourists, international travel ends up in Bangkok therefore I arranged my family to take a trip outside the Capital. We all agreed that the best way to enjoy Thai culture would be to take a trip off the beaten path. Initially, we decided to go East, but that changed after my kids heard about Chiang Mai. Later, I learned that they had watched a documentary on BestChoiceTV in our hotel room.

What Is It?

Chiang Mai is the second largest city of Thailand, which is tucked in middle of nowhere at the end of rail track to North. From the first day, it became evident that Chiang Mai was a laid back city where people were not accustomed to the busy lifestyle of metropolitan cities like Bangkok. It is not unusual for Westerners to hang there because it is regarded as the adventure capital of South Asia. Once in Chiang Mai, it didn't take us long to understand why travelers would like it.

Within first three days, we had already taken elephant rides, bamboo rafting trips and elevated canopy tours. As for more subtle fun, we wandered off to local monasteries some of which were located on a desolate patch of land, well hidden from the scrupulous eyes of every day tourist. Actually, my kids never wanted to leave that place.

Create Your Custom-made Mattress

If you are in the market for a mattress and with an intention of securing a mattress discount, you may want to check out this site.

Create-A-Mattress allows you to create a mattress according to your own specifications. They really do make your custom mattress just for you, exactly the way you order it. They even put your name right on the label so you know it was made just for you. They keep no standing inventory.

People expect it would cost more for a Create-A-Mattress made-to-order mattress than a traditional mattress from stock inventory but it isn't so here. In fact, you pay 20-40% less than mattress chains, furniture showrooms, and department stores. Take for instance their queen size memory foam mattress. You will save close to $1500 from Create-A-Mattress. Their mattresses are made by one of the major brands to their highest specifications; there are no compromises.

Creating a mattress is easy.
Experience a different kind of shopping experience,
Start Creating Your Mattress Now..

Demi Moore on Twitpic

Some celebrities don't seem to age at all. Take Demi Moore, for instance. For the past week, even today, my site has been hit by searches on "Demi Moore twitpic". As you may know, twitpics are pictures or images posted on Twitter and I must say Demi (and husband Ashton) do post some great and fun pictures.

Back to aging, wrinkles can mean experience and wisdom, in my opinion. Somehow, guys do not lose sleep over them, or do they too? I wonder if there is really any natural wrinkle treatment in the market.

Image source: Twitpic

Blackheads Treatment

As we all know, blackheads are not pretty. What are blackheads? Blackheads are formed from follicles with wider openings than normal. They are filled with sebum and dead skin cells and when they have undergone melanin oxidation, the black color results.

The thing to remember if you are going to try to get rid of your blackheads on your own is not to squeeze them. There is a lot of bacteria beneath your nails and on the fingers, and so you could actually do more damage than good by touching or squeezing blackheads. The best way to avoid permanent scarring is to find an effective blackhead remover that will remove and prevent future blackheads. Get the right blackheads treatment products. They are available in the market.

Art and Photography

I'm thankful for friends who keep me in their thoughts. They may not pen as much as a "Hi, how are you?", but they continue to forward me emails with all sorts of information, stories and articles that make me go ooh and aah(!) at times, cry a little or laugh aloud or even swear at other times.

Through their emails, I get to visit beautiful exotic places, see things I might not get to see otherwise, get political stories that are not in mainstream media, funny stories and jokes and much more. Yesterday, when I received the images below, I thought I'd have to share the beauty with you who are into art and photography. For the latter, KS and Mei Teng come to mind. Enjoy them! There's more where these came from.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Recipes for Health

Do you find yourself running out of ideas on what to cook for dinner? One of our favorite breakfast topics is food, But of course! The topic of food gets everyone perked up (me included even though I don't cook often) and it seems everyone has something to share in the discussions. Topics range from favorite food to where to go for the best of that dish, recipes, shopping for the best ingredients, budget (yeah, that too), to new food experiments, triumphs and fiascoes.

I believe we all have a cookbook or two at home but most of them don't really cover recipes for healthful eating. The book featured here is a compilation of the author's best recipes for health. Found the article written on this recipe book in the Health section of the NY Times.

If one is obese, weight loss supplements might be effective to shed the extra pounds but it's always advisable and easier to prevent rather than to cure. What do you think?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Drug and Alcohol abuse can be treated effectively

Recreational drugs are not the only cause of drug addiction. Surprisingly, more and more people are addicted to prescription drugs that they obtain from their doctor or doctors. The problem starts when over time, the drugs are not effective enough resulting in dosage being increased or the patient moving on to stronger drugs. Dependence on these prescription medication inevitably results in drug addiction and one that is difficult to break.

Alcohol abuse is equally a concern besides substance or prescription drug abuse. If you or a loved one are in need of help, there are a number of rehab centers in California. Among them is San Jose Addiction Treatment Center. Call them on their 24-hour tollfree number to find out more. In the meantime, you may want to learn more about Addiction Facts and Treatment Statistics. News and updates available online are just the right kind of information to give you a better understanding of drugs, types of addictions, benefits of detox, and more.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Frolics - Are You Mind, Body or Spirit?

Happy Friday, everyone! Here's a Friday personality quiz for you.. Are you Mind, Body or Spirit?

Happysurfer is Mind

If you dream it, then you can do it. You are very mentally sharp and strong.

You enjoy challenging yourself both at work and with studies. You love mastering difficult tasks.

You thrive in new environments, even stressful ones. You are able to study everything objectively.

You have a upbeat attitude, and won't be deterred easily. You are open minded and optimistic about the future.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Oct 1 - 31, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). Each year, organizations around the world take steps to support this movement to make people aware of the dangers associated with breast cancer and to highlight the importance of early detection as early detection saves lives.

This article on Pink Ribbons and Breast Cancer Awareness has concrete proof that awareness is key and that many corporations around the world play a major role in getting the message across and funding research that enables huge progress and reaching milestones in early detection, survival rates, treatment options and more. Millions of dollars have been raised from Pink Ribbon product sales in which everyone can contribute in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.
is a website of very unique and high quality, budget friendly fundraising products for businesses to use to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Products including planners and calendars, totes, pens, key tags, coolers, t-shirts, lapel pins, bracelets and lots more can be found on this wonderful site and which can be used in various ways in support. Custom imprints are also available. Everyone can buy something from among the Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise in support of this worthy cause. Support the pink ribbon cause. Support Breast Cancer awareness and research. Spread the word!

The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2 begins this Monday

Can't wait to see The Biggest Loser Asia which begins its new season on Monday. With all reality shows, from setting up restaurants to The Apprentice to Project Runway, you get to pick up some tips that you could apply yourself.

With this weight-busting reality show, we could definitely use those exercise tips and for people on the heavy side,, the natural fat burner techniques to help participants shed those pounds could come in really handy. The Biggest Loser comes on on Astro's Hallmark Channel at 702. Happy watching..

How to produce more breast milk

Here's a website for lactating moms or moms-to-be. It's a new site and I'm sure would be filled with lots of news and updates on breastfeeding in time to come.

Right now, it has information on how you can increase breast milk production, and what causes low milk production. Want to know how to produce more breast milk? Then click here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's All About The Runway

Authored by Leandro Delgado

We all have guilty pleasures--for some, it's chocolate, while for others it's reading gossip magazines. My guilty pleasure is watching Project Runway. I have always prided myself on being fashion forward and enjoyed following fashion trends. Maybe I have some hidden desire to design clothes, or maybe not. But, I do know that Project Runway allows me to live vicariously through the designers on this reality show.

There is just something about sitting down with a diet coke in hand, turning on my www.TVByDirect.comsatellite TV, and kicking back to watch the emotion and drama unfold on Project Runway. While watching all of emotion play out on screen while the designers come up with some crazy apparel is entertaining to say the least, the last 15 minutes of the show is perhaps even better! It is in the last part of the show that we get to see the runway show and judgment. The judgment consists of the Heidi Klum and the rest of the judges critiquing each individual designer. The emotions that were displayed earlier in the show are now multiplied by a factor of at least 10. At the end of an hour somebody is kicked off the show and I can rest easily that night knowing that I had a full hour, to myself, enjoying my guilty pleasure.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Coffee, Tea or...

Though some of us shun coffee, others need that morning fix to start the day. Did you know that coffee has health benefits?

Studies have shown that coffee drinkers at midlife had a lower risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease later in life compared with those drinking little to no coffee. According to another study, those who drank 3-4 cups of coffee per day were 5 times less likely to develop Parkinson's disease. The truth is, coffee is a great beverage with or without an ailment.

Now, looking to buy some good coffee? Here's a site where you can purchase an extensive variety of coffee including the finest Miss Ellie's gourmet coffee, coffee pods and teas. Coffee pod machines too, in fact all things coffee including K-cups, can be found on this wonderful coffee site, Need coffee for your office? will help you set up an office coffee program quickly and easily. You just need to contact them for a free quote.

Gift baskets are so versatile for any occasion. If you're wondering what to get for a coffee-drinking friend. Well, wonder no more. A beautifully-arranged coffee gift basket from would be just the ideal gift. (S)he'll be certain to think of you each time (s)he has a cuppa.

Earthquake insurance

I suppose one of the insurance quotes that very few of us ever consider getting is for earthquakes. We're lucky in the sense that our country does not lie on top of a fault-line unlike places like Indonesia, New Zealand, and California. It’s important to consider purchasing earthquake insurance – especially if you live in an area known for fault activity. Earthquake insurance premium may be higher but it's worth it.

By the way, people who rent their homes would be wise to take up home insurance too. This is because the landlord’s insurance covers only the structure of the building. Insurance of the contents is up to you. Think about it.

Forbes Special 2020 Report

Interesting article in The Star today about Forbes' predictions for the years ahead. In its special 2020 report called ‘What Happens Next Our Look Ahead’, among others Forbes predicts that in 2014 the richest man on earth would be Indian business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. His current wealth of US$29bil would swell to US$62bil pipping the world’s current richest man, Mexican businessman Carlos Slim.

If you're a big fan of Facebook and a stocks investor, you might be able own a piece of Facebook (in stocks, that is) when in 2012, social networking site Facebook debuts on NASDAQ. Its IPOs value US$40bil and founder Mark Zuckerberg becomes the first 20-something who is worth US$10bil-plus.

And in the US, there'd be more jobs as the US job scene finally improves in 2018 as unemployment drops below 7% and worst of quadruple-dip recession is likely over, Forbes predicts.

There you go, things will look up again in the coming years.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Frolics - What Color is Your Personality?

Interesting quiz..

Happysurfer is Green

You are laid back and quite patient. You are naturally very calm.

You are an understanding person, and you believe in forgiving easily. You prefer to keep the peace.

You get annoyed by pushy or aggressive people. You don't like anyone trying to dominate you.

You always have time for someone genuine and friendly. You seek out similarly mild mannered folks.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Credit repair services Can Improve your Credit Score

Poor credit score is the reason people face difficulty in obtaining loans or credit cards. Poor credit score can be caused by several factors including bankruptcy, repossesions, collections, late payments and others. Unfortunately, the impact of these instances linger on indefinitely unless they are removed. That is where credit repair services come in if you're looking to have them removed to improve your credit score.

CCRC (Consumer Credit Repair Counseling) is one of the best credit repair services available. Their solutions are provided by Lexington Law Firm, a law firm that has been in the credit repair business since 1991. Their credit repair services have deleted over 1 million negative items from credit reports last year alone. Over 500 hundred thousand Americans have utilized their services. To get a free consultation, simply fill in the form provided on their site or call them tollfree.

Amco mailboxes make wonderful gifts

If you are looking for a housewarming gift for a new home, a landed property, how about giving a gift of a mailbox? Not just any mailbox but one of those great-looking Amco mailboxes that will have a long-lasting impression and a very functional adornment for any home and one which the host would be ecstatic to be presented with. I know I would be.

Come to think of it, an Amco gift certificate makes a wonderful gift too. Amco gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination, has no expiry date and good for use on any of their websites.

Amco mailboxes come in a variety of sizes, colors, finishes, styles, and materials and are of very high quality. Shipping is free on all Amco mailboxes. When you shop with them, you know that you're getting the best and lowest prices, before and after a purchase. By the way, you must check out their range of Amco Victorian mailboxes. They are simply gorgeous! The one in the picture is an Amco pedestal mailbox, one from their range of Victorian mailboxes.

Don't leave home without a Credit Card

In this day and age, credit cards are no longer a luxury but more of a necessity. Its introduction has added a dimension of convenience in our life.

If you're in the market for a credit card, it's understandable if you are baffled with the many credit cards available. But have no fear, with the help of credit card reviews and ratings, you'd be able to compare credit cards to narrow down your search and make an informed decision. You could even find credit cards by credit score. The higher your credit score, the more choices you'll have.

Want to know more about financial matters or learn more about personal finance? Here's a finance forum you may want to check out where you'd be able to get views and news on the latest on finance, finance tools, credit cards, or simply to network.

Visiting Taiwan

The other day, I saw a travel programme that showcases one of the many eco-parks in Taiwan. According to this traveller, she said that Taiwan developed seven eco-parks in a span of just twenty years which is amazing.

The park that she visited is Taroko National Park. It's got marble mountains, clean blue waters and spectacular vista through awesome gorges, mesmerising waterfalls and more, and I noticed each sharp bend along the trekking path is equipped with a convex mirror for user safety. I'm now looking at Taiwan as a possible holiday destination. Have you been to Taiwan?

Image source: Virtualtourist

Selamat Hari Raya

To All who celebrate Aidil-fitri, Selamat Hari Raya and to the rest, Happy Holidays..
Wherever you'll be heading to, have a safe and wonderful celebration and holiday..

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oakley Digital Prescription Lenses

Sunglasses protect our eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun. For those of us whose eyes are perfect or who do not need the aid of eyewear, picking up a pair or two of sunglasses is an easy task. However, for people who need prescription sunglasses, it is a challenge to get the right pair, one that will be comfortable, easy on the eyes and allow you to engage in more strenuous activities such as sports.

Oakley is one of the world's leading sports performance brands. You can now get Oakley prescription sunglasses from a company called HeavyGlare. HeavyGlare uses the latest in direct digital surfacing techniques. Due to the high degree of accuracy this new technology provides, they are now able to make lenses with a tolerance of .01 diopter, whereas previously, the margin of error was .12 diopters. This high technology system not only improves the clarity and acuity of the lenses, it also allows usage of the peripheral portion of the lens as well, very useful in sports including skiing. With such a high standard of product, customers are naturally happy with their purchase. Not only are the customers happy with their prescription sunglasses, testimonials are pouring in appreciating their outstanding service. The next time you're looking for prescription sunglasses, think

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Powerful 7.1 quake hit Christchurch, New Zealand

Oh dear! Another disaster - a powerful 7.1 quake hit Christchurch, New Zealand, this morning causing much damage to infrastructure but fortunately, no loss of life though two people have been badly injured. One man was hit by a falling chimney and was in serious condition in intensive care, while a second was badly cut by glass. A state of emergency has been declared.

There were cases of looting but police is dealing with it. It's been reported that there is quite significant damage and that some people were trapped in damaged houses. 13 mostly freight trains had been halted on South Island lines, with some damage already confirmed to rail lines north of Christchurch.

Christchurch International Airport was closed after the quake as a precaution, as experts checked runways and terminal buildings, according to a spokesman.

The quake, which hit 19 miles (30 kilometers) west of Christchurch according to the state geological agency GNS Science, shook a wide area, with some residents saying buildings had collapsed and power was severed. No tsunami alert was issued.

I have vivid memories of my visit to New Zealand and I remember Christchurch as a very beautiful city with their black swans on the river and the awesome cathedral which is so tall I remember I had a tough time capturing the whole structure on camera. I hope and pray that all will be well again in the shortest time.

While Indonesia is on the Pacific Plate Ring of Fire, New Zealand is smack on the Indo-Australian Plate. Below is an image borrowed from Wikipedia for a better understanding.

- The Star
- Wikipedia

Get a Free copy of all you need to know about Gold

When people talk about investment, gold and the price of gold are most likely to be included in the discussion especially if investment is for retirement or how to preserve wealth and saving for the future. These days, a smart investment portfolio would be to include gold either in coins or bullions.

Gold has for centuries been a much-prized precious metal. Gold is the ultimate asset. It is the purest form of money, and the oldest, most durable wealth-preserving asset on the planet. We have seen gold price escalating from year to year and investors nowadays are placing physical gold in IRA's. If you had purchased $25,000 of gold bullion coins in the early 70’s and held on to it during the oil crisis, inflation, the various recession cycles, the tech and Internet bubble, 911, and a real estate bubble you could sell that gold today for $524,999.00. Alright, maybe you were not born yet (the 70's) but you get the picture.

Governments can’t devalue gold. It has no debts, no board of directors, no politicians or central bankers that can mess with its value. That’s why gold has survived every economy history has ever witnessed, and preserved investors’ purchasing power over a span of thousands of years.

If you need to find current gold prices and gold charts online, just key in common search terms such as gold prices, gold price, price of gold, gold spot, and spot gold. With the fluctuating dollar, gold is the answer, an asset that can preserve your wealth and protect your purchasing power. You can get a free copy of everything you need to know about gold, gold prices, investment, etc.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Online Trading

The convenience of the Internet has even spilled over to stock trading. Here's an online brokerage firm that has been serving investors for over 23 years. This online broker offers a comprehensive array of investments allowing you to fully diversify your online investing portfolio. Firstrade allows customers to trade Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Bonds and more and all at competitive costs.

Firstrade is one of the least expensive brokers on the web charging a flat rate of $6.95 per trade and no minimum account balance. They do not charge a commission on mutual funds held for more than 180 days. Firstrade has an impressive 11,000 mutual funds to choose from.

For IRA accounts, there is no setup, maintenance or termination fees. You can transfer your existing IRA from another brokerage or rollover your 401K or employer-sponsored retirement plan from a former employer.

Firstrade is a good choice for new traders with a low deposit as there is no minimum amount required and trade fees are low and predictable. Online trading is so much easier and more convenient with their Mobile trading system where you can trade, get realtime quotes and other fundamental information from just about anywhere.

Their website is easy to navigate. Categories are well–labelled thus information is easy to find. If you have questions, you can contact them by telephone, email or live chat.

Friday Frolics - What Kind of Chinese food are you

If you were Chinese food, what kind would you be? Take the interesting quiz to find out. The last bit is off the mark for me though. Still, give it a shot! Enjoy..

You Are Dumplings

You are cute, polite, and considerate. You are well known for your generosity, and you truly love to share.

You have a real style and presence about you. You know how to take the simplest thing and make it look chic.

You tend to order carefully and conservatively off the menu of life. Simplicity is your motto, and you don't like to take on too much at once.

You are the type of person who does one thing at a time, really immersing yourself in the moment. You detest multitasking.

Indonesian volcano, Mount Sinabung, spews new burst of ash

If we didn't know any better, this image could well be a beautiful view of morning mist around a mountain but alas, it is a picture of the Indonesian Mount Sinabung sending a new, powerful burst of hot ash high into the air early Friday, violently shaking homes and trees along the slopes and sending panicked villagers scurrying back to safety.

Everything around was shaking, the air was thick with the smell of sulfur and visibility was limited to just a few yards (meters). 

There are fears that current activity could foreshadow a much more destructive explosion in a few weeks or months, though it is possible, too, that the mountain will go back to sleep after letting off steam.

Source: The Star

Medicare Supplement Plans

Many of us don't give enough thought to medicare supplement plans. The thinking is why bother when we already have medical insurance plans?

If we scrutinize the fine prints, we'll find that some if not most medical insurance plans are not comprehensive and certain items are not included. That's where having medicare supplement plans can come in handy when needed.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Isn't Over Yet in Arizona

According to Wikipedia, Arizona experiences great variations in climate. Arizona is the state which has both a metropolitan area with most days over 100°F (38°C) (Phoenix), and another metropolitan area with a low temperature below freezing (Flagstaff, in northern Arizona).

Because of the extremes in temperature, many homes are equipped with heating and cooling systems for families to remain comfortable in their homes. If you are in Arizona and require heating and cooling solutions, such as repair and installation, Jay's Comfort Team would be the company you will want to contact.

This Arizona heating and cooling company offers complete and expert air conditioning repair and installation services in the Phoenix, Arizona Metro area including Scottsdale. As is apparent in the many testimonials and online informational resources, they have a lot of expertise and knowledge in the service of air conditioners and with the technological expertise required for today's heating and cooling systems, including geothermal systems which are gaining popularity today. Geothermal systems are not only eco-friendly and energy-independent, they can help you realize substantial savings and also qualify you for rebates and credits.

If you were to make a comparison of Arizona air conditioning contractors, Jay's Comfort Team company would stand out among them. They are highly specialized and provide world-class technical support on an ongoing basis. All work is done by their own employees as they do not use subcontractors. They service all makes and models, with service available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. With advice and support from this Arizona air conditioning service company, I believe your choice of air conditioning and cooling system won't be wrong.

The Biggest Loser Asia 2

If you had enjoyed watching The Biggest Loser Asia Season 1, you wouldn't want to miss Season 2.

The Biggest Loser Asia 2 premieres on Diva Universal (formerly Hallmark Channel, Astro Channel 702) on Sept 21 at 9pm. The new host this season is Marion Caunter.

An American franchise, The Biggest Loser aims to help morbidly overweight people lose weight and get healthy. Under the guidance of trainers, the contestants are put through the grinder – six hours of exercise a day, portion control, discarding unhealthy and fatty foods – every day, for about three months.

They stay in a remote location undisclosed to the public and are isolated from family and friends.

At the end of the series, the person who has lost the most weight wins. David Gurnani from Indonesia is Season 1 winner.

Read about this season's contestants and why they join the reality TV show..

Trainers Kristi Curtis and Dave Nuku are back with an arsenal of different training strategies to whip their out-of-shape team members into fitter and stronger individuals.

Source: The Star