Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Log beds and pretty quilts

The other day, Jules, a girlfriend, and I dropped by a quilt shop.  Jules was looking for a quilt for her niece, her sister's daughter.  They have just moved into their new home and Jules wanted to get her niece this lovely quilt she saw on her previous visit to the quilt shop.

I couldn't help admiring all the quilts there because they were all so pretty.  I thought some of them would be just right for log beds giving them that rustic charm.

Image source: logfurnitureplace.com


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  3. Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by and for bookmarking my site. Welcome back anytime..

  4. Beautiful tray! I love things like that! The colour are perfect in there too! I am starting to introduce rustic pieces like that. I just love all the history and stories that they may carry! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Susan Graham