Monday, September 6, 2010

Oakley Digital Prescription Lenses

Sunglasses protect our eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun. For those of us whose eyes are perfect or who do not need the aid of eyewear, picking up a pair or two of sunglasses is an easy task. However, for people who need prescription sunglasses, it is a challenge to get the right pair, one that will be comfortable, easy on the eyes and allow you to engage in more strenuous activities such as sports.

Oakley is one of the world's leading sports performance brands. You can now get Oakley prescription sunglasses from a company called HeavyGlare. HeavyGlare uses the latest in direct digital surfacing techniques. Due to the high degree of accuracy this new technology provides, they are now able to make lenses with a tolerance of .01 diopter, whereas previously, the margin of error was .12 diopters. This high technology system not only improves the clarity and acuity of the lenses, it also allows usage of the peripheral portion of the lens as well, very useful in sports including skiing. With such a high standard of product, customers are naturally happy with their purchase. Not only are the customers happy with their prescription sunglasses, testimonials are pouring in appreciating their outstanding service. The next time you're looking for prescription sunglasses, think


  1. Prescription this is a new term for me.:p must be expensive right?

  2. wow, sunglasses also going digital nowadays?? can hardly imagine how but that really sounds cool huh..

  3. Whoa technology advancement very interesting..tQ

  4. I have heard about this lenses a few days back and I'm aware of the fact that they are very handy and reasonable.