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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Vacation that includes Golf

Are you up for some vacation time and thinking about incorporating a few rounds of golf into your vacation?  If that were me, I'd know where to make that vacation come true.  This would be the site I'd go to for reservations: Yeah, spending my vacation at Myrtle Beach which includes golf.

I'm always for less hassle when making vacation plans and with a holiday at Myrtle Beach, you can also book Myrtle Beach golf packages when you make reservations for accommodation. There are many great golf courses at Myrtle Beach so including golf on vacation here will ensure a most enjoyable holiday experience. While you play golf, the family can enjoy other equally fun activities and attractions available.

A little about Myrtle Beach Golf Courses.. has the most comprehensive guide to Myrtle Beach Golf Courses where you can browse over 80 of Myrtle Beach's top golf courses. Navigation on the site is easy. You can see a description on each golf course plus videos, course statistics and details. There is also information on restaurants, attractions, and everything you need to know for your perfect Myrtle Beach golf vacation.


  1. nice place..been it

  2. hmmm, i don't know how to even play golf, to me this is rich man's game.. haha!! but a holiday in a golf resort is not a bad idea, i love to see a wide spread of green grass on the course.. :)

  3. Very nice information. Thanks for this.

  4. Nah...I don' play golf. Not rich enough. I don't mind if my vacation doesn't include any sports at all. :p

  5. There's a reason why Myrtle Beach is the golf capital of the world!