Monday, September 20, 2010

Recipes for Health

Do you find yourself running out of ideas on what to cook for dinner? One of our favorite breakfast topics is food, But of course! The topic of food gets everyone perked up (me included even though I don't cook often) and it seems everyone has something to share in the discussions. Topics range from favorite food to where to go for the best of that dish, recipes, shopping for the best ingredients, budget (yeah, that too), to new food experiments, triumphs and fiascoes.

I believe we all have a cookbook or two at home but most of them don't really cover recipes for healthful eating. The book featured here is a compilation of the author's best recipes for health. Found the article written on this recipe book in the Health section of the NY Times.

If one is obese, weight loss supplements might be effective to shed the extra pounds but it's always advisable and easier to prevent rather than to cure. What do you think?


  1. I think I need a cook :P

  2. this book looks interesting.. so it's all about healthy food??

  3. Me four!!! And I also need someone to do household chores and iron my clothes too. Oops! Out of topic LOL!

  4. Lina, ooh, KS and I have got company. LOL!

    SK, that's what the book review say. It could still on the NY Times website. Check it out.

    Foong, haha... I actually wanted to add in household chores in my blog post but changed my mind. Psst, my clothes go to the dobi for pressing. Bliss!

  5. Thanks for the information on this healthy recipe book. This book will provide an insight into the tips and techniques of good and healthy cooking. Bye.

  6. Instantdocs, you're welcome.