Monday, September 13, 2010

Earthquake insurance

I suppose one of the insurance quotes that very few of us ever consider getting is for earthquakes. We're lucky in the sense that our country does not lie on top of a fault-line unlike places like Indonesia, New Zealand, and California. It’s important to consider purchasing earthquake insurance – especially if you live in an area known for fault activity. Earthquake insurance premium may be higher but it's worth it.

By the way, people who rent their homes would be wise to take up home insurance too. This is because the landlord’s insurance covers only the structure of the building. Insurance of the contents is up to you. Think about it.


  1. This is a pretty new topic to me. I have never heard of this type of insurance but this is a must in most of the earthquake prone countries. Thanks and bye.

  2. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Maybe for those living in earthquake prone areas.

  3. Instantdocs, certainly advisable if one lives in a quake-prone area.

    Mei Teng, most definitely.

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