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Auspicious days and dates to start work after Chinese New Year 2013 in Year of the Snake

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Chinese New Year is a month away today. How time flies. Are you planning your vacation and probably wondering what are the auspicious days to end work for the year and start work after the Chinese New Year? But, more of that later..

Source: The Star

Let's instead talk about auspicious colours for the Chinese New Year first.

If your favourite colours are blue, green and purple, then you are in sync with the colours for next year, the Year of the Snake.

Even though red is the default colour for Chinese New Year and all other celebrations, feng shui experts indicated that the lucky colours for the upcoming Year of the Snake are blue, green and purple.

Blue has been cited as the most favourable colour, as it represents the “water” element, while red and yellow, representing fire and earth respectively, would be less favourable options for the year ahead.

It is not just for clothes. It also applies to buying a new car to choosing accessories for your handphone. Blue, green and purple are good colours to choose.

“You could even paint a small portion of your home in one of these colours,” said Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences (Mings) president Prof Joe Choo, adding that the colours would attract good luck.

The Year of Snake begins on Feb 10, which is the first day of Chinese New Year.
For businesses resuming after the new year, Sunday, Feb 17 is the best date to start work. This is the 8th day of the new lunar year.

It is still favourable to start work the following day, which is Feb 18. However, you can go into the office for a while on Sunday evening and make your wishes for the year ahead. .

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And now for the specific auspicious days to end/start work. Below is a chart borrowed from WayOnNet which tells the dates to end work for the year and dates to start work in the new lunar year.

Quoting what the website says, No matter what your occupation is, you will desire to start work on a day that can bring about prosperity, personal safety and a successful career.

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A glimpse..

The following is our translation of the poem for the Year of the Snake 2013:

The rains in the S6R6 year come in the right seasons,

Farmers enjoy a huge harvest, fishing boats fill with abundance,

Harvest in the highlands is huge; the lowlands are good though not as plenty,

Pests and insects are the only worries,

A good harvest also means a time for weddings,

With matchmakers busy in their work, merry and grinning,

Brothers congratulate each other, everyone is happy,

The Snake year will be a happy one indeed.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!


  1. Ulala .. Ulala ..
    I been hearing this song over the radio now..
    Hope that snake year will be a good year for everyone....

    1. Indeed. Hope that snake year will be a good year for everyone.

      Happy Ulala year, SP, everyone!

  2. OH great favorite colour is purple so if possible can Bananaz starts on Feb 17 2014? One year plus holiday how nice.

    1. Why not?! It is a free world.

      Favorite colour purple? Then you must do this quiz:


  3. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Got lucky numbers or not?

    1. hehe...

      Me, no God of Fortune, wor.

      Nevertheless, best wishes for striking big in the Year of the Snake. Huat ah!

  4. oooh, thanks for sharing the info.. i always hunt for this piece of info, haha~~

    1. You're welcome, SK. Glad it's info you can use.

  5. I'll be in South Africa when Chinese New Year arrives, so I think I should have my own Chinese festival: throw oranges at the sea, do a lion dance, shoot fire crackers. Do you think I'll shock the neighbours?! :D

    Blue and green? Yay! Love those colours!

    1. Ooh, so cool to be celebrating Chinese New Year in South Africa! And don't forget to dress up for the occasion too - new clothes, new shoes, new handbag, new hairclips, the whole works. Also, no sweeping of floor or emptying trashcan on the first day, i.e., on Feb 10. Taboos also include no cutting of hair nor clipping of finger-/toe-nails. Taking bath or shower okay. :O

      Right. Blue and green.