Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Frolics - What Does Your Part Say About You?

Ahh, it's Friday again! How nice! The first Friday of the new year sees Kuala Lumpur bathed in gorgeous sunshine with the bluest of blue skies and playful white clouds.

This is a hint of the approaching Chinese New Year weather though strong dry winds have yet to arrive. They are late this year but not the waxed ducks and sausages, mandarin oranges and other goodies that are synonymous with the Chinese New Year. Chinatown, specifically Jalan Petaling (Petaling Street), is the place to visit if you are visiting Kuala Lumpur.
Do you believe some things we do are driven by our subconscious or rather what we are drives our actions?

See if you find this week's quiz true in your case. We take a look at how we part our hair this week.

Your Center Part Says You're Balanced

You are easy going and philosophical. You don't get upset easily.

You know how to calm down and enjoy the little things in life. You have a modest lifestyle.

People may accuse you of being a hippie, but that's not exactly true. You are a free spirit though!

You enjoy all things in moderation. The key, however, is knowing not to overdo anything.

Last Week's Personality Quiz


  1. happy friday..
    soon it is CNY liao..

  2. Bananaz is Creative and Funky oh yeah..have a nice weekend tQ

  3. You are naturally artsy and a little kooky. You do and see thing in a very unique way.
    Forget marching to the same beat as everyone else… you don’t even hear the same beat as everyone else.

    You have always been a very independent person. Years ago you stopped even trying to fit it.
    You’re very comfortable in your own skin. If people can't handle your eccentricities, that's their problem... not yours!

  4. My Unpredictable Part Says I'm Experimental and Rebellious!! haha.. and very true that "it's easy for me to become bored"..

    I'm the type of person who likes to shake things up. It's easy for me to become bored. I like to be spontaneous. I prefer to lead a very exciting, fast moving life. I am outspoken and bold. My opinions change frequently, and I never have any problem expressing them. My wild ways always have people guessing, and that's fine by me. Ireally don't care what others think.