Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to Improve and Fix Your Credit Score

Many people find themselves unable to get their loans approved or paying ridiculous interests due to a bad credit score.

When we apply for credit, three things are taken into consideration: The credit score; the negative items in the credit score report; and the positive credit or credit depth. This is the time the negative items have remained on the report.

If I were looking for credit repair services, one company I believe that will be able to help me improve and fix my credit score is With their satisfaction guarantee and success in 60 days, they have helped tens of thousands with repair credit issues. Their 10 years in the business speaks volumes about their service.

If you were looking to Improve n fix your Credit Score, don't put it off any longer. Get in touch with where you can get free information and find out exactly what it will take to improve and fix your credit score. There's no obligation whatsoever.

Video and web conferencing

Smart companies today are taking advantage of technological advances such as the Internet to drive their business - reducing costs with Video, Audio and Web Conferencing Services. Where teleconferencing services are concerned, a one-size-fits-all solution is no longer the best option. Companies are looking for choices, along with flexible rates and payment options. One teleconferencing company that delivers these is The Conference Group.

Whether it's video conferencing, audio conferencing or a web conferencing you need, The Conference Group has got your business needs covered. Rather than sending employees half the world to attend a conference, through teleconferencing, participants can join the conference anywhere they are located saving time and money.

A Video conference offers the most well-rounded solution with participants having access to audible and visual communication to freely share ideas and information no matter where in the world each participant is located. A video conference is almost as good as an actual face-to-face meeting.

Web-conferencing is another option that allows companies to communicate faster and better with clients and employees no matter their location or time zone. The Conference Group's ReadyShow® Web conference service enables meeting attendees to log on and have live and ready access to documents referenced during a call. The unique feature controls even let meeting leaders control document-sharing and poll-taking.

The Conference Group's audio conferencing service stands above the competition. They provide the most comprehensive, worldwide Audio conference solution. They offer International toll-free access as well as allowing clients to choose from among many service options for customization purposes. The options include access to a full-time operator, operator provided Q&A, digital record and playback and much more. At just an incredibly low price of 2 ½ cents per minute, the Together Talk® service can accommodate up to 99 participants and offers toll-free access from the U.S. and Canada. The efficient service features entry and exit tones and auto hang-up when the leader exits the call.

For teleconferencing services and when only the very best will do, The Conference Group has the solutions to fit your unique business need. Visit the site for more details as well as to view their demos.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lockers Depot

If you are in the market for lockers, you'd want to check out Lockers Depot. They have over 600 different lockers - high quality metal lockers, wood lockers and plastic lockers - suitable for gyms, schools, institutions, hospitals, workplaces, warehouses, homes, garages and offices.

Lockers Depot's full line of lockers includes standard lockers, vented lockers, wood and plastic lockers and non-traditional lockers such as storage lockers, modular and basket lockers.

They guarantee the lowest price on their lockers, so if you find a price that's lower than theirs, they will match it.

Friday Frolics - What's True About You

Interesting truth about me - but not entirely true. You try it..

You Are a Contradiction

People accuse you of having a split personality, and it's completely true.

There are two completely different sides to you - as opposite as night and day.

At times, you are highly social and gregarious. But sometimes you can be the biggest loner around.

Sometimes you are serious and studious, but other times you are carefree and wild. You're hard to predict!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Axis Residential Treatment Centers

For people who have a need for drug treatment or alcohol treatment, there are many choices of treatment centers. However, too many choices can be overwhelming. As each treatment is costly, it only makes sense to choose a treatment center that has the best chance to help achieve a lifetime of sobriety.

Axis Residential Treatment Center, located in the Palm Springs area east of Los Angeles, is a drug rehab and alcohol rehab center that provides experienced personalized drug rehab and alcohol treatment. They use a unique combination of 12-Step therapy with individualized treatment plans to address the whole person, both mentally and physically. Their goal at Axis Residential Treatment is permanent sobriety for every person who undergoes their custom-designed recovery program. They have professional, experienced and caring staff, personal and group counseling, Basically Axis Residential Treatment Center is a cutting edge drug and alcohol treatment center with the highest standard of drug detoxification and alcohol addiction programs.
Axis provides residents with a perfect combination of serenity, luxury and therapy. Their residential facility features luxurious rooms, gourmet kitchen, spacious living and meeting areas, lush landscaping, fitness area including pool and spa, and contemplative quiet spaces. Choosing one of Axis Residential Treatment Centers offers the most comprehensive services available.

Rain barrels

According to Wikipedia, in New Zealand, many houses away from the larger towns and cities practise rain harvesting as they routinely rely on rainwater collected from roofs as the only source of water for all household activities. This is almost inevitably the case for many holiday homes.

And in many other countries around the world, rain water is collected either as a substitute source of water supply or even as the main source. This is currently the case in China and Brazil where rooftop rainwater harvesting is being practiced for providing drinking water, domestic water, water for livestock, water for small irrigation and a way to replenish ground water levels. Rain water barrels are therefore useful in water collection and storing.
is the ultimate source for all types of Rain Barrels and Rain Harvesting Equipment. They have hundreds of different high quality rain barrels and accessory products.

So if you are in the market for a rain barrel or other rain collecting, storing or harvesting product, is the source for you. Currently, they have rain barrels for sale at discounts between 15% right up to 24%! Their rain tanks for rain harvesting are also on sale. All products come with a 110% low price guarantee. You can expect excellent lead times and great quality customer service to make your rain water barrel purchase a pleasant experience.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Debt Relief through Debt Settlement

Filing for bankruptcy is not necessarily the answer to debt relief. Instead, debt settlement can help individuals and families deal with unmanageable debt stemming from financial and personal hardships including loss of income, an increase in excessive interest rates, a medical emergency, the death of a member of the household who provided financial assistance, a divorce, a failed business, a reduction in pay/hours, or unemployment.

United Debt Counseling is a debt settlement company that can help in debt negotiation with creditors and arrange for debt settlement. They do not charge upfront fees but only collect them upon successful settlement. Debt Settlement is a proven successful approach to debt relief. United Debt Counseling has helped many clients across the United States.

What United Debt Counseling does is to negotiate with the creditors to settle debt for a lower amount than owed. After the debt is settled, the creditor will send a letter stating the debt obligation has been fulfilled. In addition, the creditor will report to the credit bureaus that the debt has been, "Settled for less than full amount", "Paid in full" or "Settled in full”.

Application for debt settlement can be done online. Once the form is filled out, a debt consultant will review the information and call the applicant.

Towers at North Myrtle Beach

Towers at North Myrtle Beach is the perfect place if you are looking for a golf getaway or even just for the weekend. In fact, a vacation at Myrtle Beach is perfect for the whole family, including non-golfers. There are attractions to keep everyone happy and enjoying the vacation - a waterpark, the lazy river, dinner shows and concerts, museums, theaters, shopping and more.

Towers at Myrtle Beach is a relaxing oasis of comfort, convenience, and carefree oceanfront living. Guests have a choice of either one, two or three bedrooms with views to the oceanfront, angled oceanfront, or boulevard that stretches out across the salt marsh landscape. You will enjoy your own private balcony, full kitchen and stylish furnishings.

If you are playing golf, do ask about their discounts, stay-and-play packages, last-minute specials, and other money-saving offers. Myrtle Beach is a paradise for golf with a choice of many golf courses and for different levels of play. A vacation at Towers at North Myrtle Beach will have you relaxed and rejuvenated. Visit for more information.

Do you pay your credit card bill in full each month?

Some of us take pride in spending within our credit card limit and paying our credit card bill in full each month. We think we are great customers. But in actual fact, card issuers think otherwise.

Here's a good read from The Star today, "Do you know you are not a good customer if you pay debts on time? So ..."

Here's what the article says..

"I AM quite sure the bank that issues me my credit cards (just two) does not consider me a good customer.

I spend way below my credit limit and, save for a few occasions, pay my bill in full and on time.

A friend who works in the industry once told me: “To be honest, you are not the kind of customer we want. A good customer is one who spends more, defaults now and then, and allows us to charge interest on his outstanding balance.”"

..Continue reading..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Golf Packages in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a great vacation destination any time of the year. If you are looking for a vacation that includes playing a few rounds of golf, Myrtle Beach would be just the place.

Not only are there many resorts in Myrtle Beach, you will have a choice of many resorts for golf in Myrtle Beach which are conveniently located and spacious for that enjoyable family vacation. There is Prince Resort, which is perfect for golfers who also love fishing as the resort is conveniently located right at the Cherry Grove Pier. If it's condos you prefer, there are The Horizon and Towers on the Grove to name just two. For golfers, guests have a choice of booking golf packages in Myrtle Beach with the resorts but if you already have hotel bookings, golf only packages can be arranged.

Ttimes Only is your one stop shop for Myrtle Beach golf tee times! Their trained golf professionals will be happy to work with you to help you plan a memorable Myrtle Beach golf vacation.Ttimes Only offers flexibility in times and a wide selection of golf specials and golf packages to choose from. Ttimes Only can also help you with other reservations including hotel lodging, car rental, airline ticketing, restaurants and others to help you complete your golf vacation experience. Visit Ttimes Only website at for more details. for Dedicated web hosting

Your business has grown and are now looking for web hosting to accommodate your business expansion? Why not check out Superb Internet?

Superb Internet ( is a company that provides dedicated and managed hosting solutions specially suited to small and medium businesses around the world. If you are looking for dedicated server hosting, they have all the software, hardware and expertise to support a wide variety of linus-based open source operating systems.'s coast-to-coast, state-of-the-art datacenters are all built with maximum redundancies to ensure 100% uptime for your dedicated servers on all levels including network, power, and cooling. Clients are able to choose a specific location, or they can operate in multiple datacenters to provide site mirroring, disaster recovery, or geographic load balancing between each dedicated server. also provides colocation services. Colocation is another option that works just as well if that suits your business. You have a choice of rack colocation or single server colocation. Whatever services your company requires, will be able to meet your requirement.

Garmin GPS

In my previous post on GPS reviews, SK suggested getting a phone that has GPS capability. That is one option to expore. Thanks, SK. But for some who prefer a standalone unit, a dedicated GPS unit is the way to go. I checked out a few brands and noticed that Garmin GPS is one of the more popular brands with a wide selection of models and range in prices. I'm still looking.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Christmas is not too far away

We know how time flies. With that in mind, my colleague who makes cards as a hobby has started designing and making Christmas cards. Christmas is a time for parties and family gatherings so included in her schedule are cards for Christmas party invitations.

In fact, if you have a knack for art and craft, you can also make your own cards. A color printer is an added bonus. Have you tried putting together a personal card? Try it. It's a great feeling.

Got lost in the land of Yong Tau Foo, Ampang Village

I didn't know the Ampang town area and the Middle Ring Road 2 at the Ulu Kelang area could be so congested in the evenings.

Was heading to a baby's fullmoon gathering yesterday and was stuck in congested traffic for a good hour along those areas. To make it worse, I got lost inside the Ampang village! Was my second time in that area plus it was already dark when I got there after going through the traffic jam. Darkness and finding your way around a strange place are certainly not good for each other. In times like this, I wished I had a GPS in my car. Maybe I should have a GPS unit but first I'd better read up on some gps reviews so that I get the right one. Any recommendation in the meantime?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Frolics - The Poppy Test

Did you know that the poppy flower comes in various colors? I didn't know that and I think they are all lovely. Here's just a few I found on Wikipedia.
Poppy is the subject of our personality quiz this week. The image that I chose says I'm Calm. What does it say about yours? Check it out!

You Are Calm

You are quiet, contemplative, and thoughtful. You step back and observe the world.

You are a very literate person. It's like that you read off and on throughout the day.

You sometimes find it hard to be expressive when you're put in the spot. You tend to be caught up in your own head.

While you have well thought out ideas, you may seem a bit ambiguous if you aren't given time to sort them out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Insurance coverage provides peace of mind

For some reason, many people take insurance for granted and do not have a life insurance policy. If cost is the reason, one can source for an affordable life insurance coverage. These days it is easy to obtain an insurance quote online and even buy an insurance policy online. Having life insurance coverage provides us with peace of mind throughout our life. Taking out a life insurance policy is a simple way to secure the future of your family.

For parents with small children or people with dependants, income insurance protection is not to be taken lightly. One could be out of work due to illness or any untoward incident and an income insurance would come in handy to support oneself and family.

Another insurance that requires attention is the accident and illness insurance. Accidents do happen and illnesses may strike unexpectedly and it'll be a big relief if one has adequate insurance coverage. Having an accident and illness insurance ensures we get the best possible medical attention.

Structured Cabling reduces downtime increasing profits

For the past two days, a section of my housing estate had been without power. Power just came back on last night. This same situation could also happen to any business premise and downtime could also be prolonged if source of outage is not easily located.

Electrical cabling is an important and essential part of a business. Basically, structured cabling is a set of standards that determine how to wire a data center, office or building for data or voice communications. Proper structured cabling has to be carried out by a certified structured cabling contractor. Mason Technologies is a structured cabling contractor who knows the ins and outs of installing a cabling network as well as following up with subsequent necessary actions because your cabling network is one of your company's most valuable assets. It's the central nervous system of your organization.

An essential part of structured cabling is to document the cabling. Every minute spent tracking data, reconfiguring cable or searching for the source of a problem means loss of time and productivity and loss of profit. Cable documentation can help maintain the integrity of the network by tracking the continuity through equipment, patch cords, cross-connects, connectors, cables, and outlets. Cable documentation can be an ally against the ravages of system downtime, giving you the power to configure your cable so you have fewer network problems. Beside minimizing network downtime, cable documentation also increases the lifespan of a cabling. It also reduces the number of manpower needed to handle problems.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Golf Holiday at Horizon at 77th, Myrtle Beach

A holiday at a beach in summer can be just the vacation you and your family would enjoy. If you are planning on staying at a beach resort and playing a few rounds of golf, Myrtle Beach would be just the perfect place for you.

Myrtle Beach is well-known for its great beach accommodations and one popular Myrtle Beach hotel is Horizon Myrtle Beach. The Horizon at 77th resort, one of Myrtle Beach best hotels, lies conveniently in the heart of Myrtle Beach, at a tranquil place where you can dash easily in your bare feet and bathing suit out the front door to the beach beyond, only a few feet away. This resort offers one of the best oceanfront rooms.

While you're out golfing in one of the 80 golf courses available, your family can enjoy theatre, a concert, take it easy down the lazy river in the waterpark, or simply go shopping. There's something interesting to keep everyone busy and enjoying the vacation.

Booking a golf package can easily be done online at, plus if you register using your email address, you'll receive discount alerts and special promotions reserved for online users. Make your booking today. Make it a beach holiday this summer!

Alaska Saturday Market

Guest post of the week by Val Flores

The Saturday Market in Alaska is a perfect opportunity for the entire family to go on a day trip! I just set my alarm system that I got from and head down the road a couple miles to enjoy the day. In Alaska we don't really have flea markets, but the Saturday Market is definitely the closest thing. Regardless of the season, rain or shine, snow or sleet, this market will always be in effect on Saturday.

The Saturday Market may be the only event that brings people from all over Alaska to Anchorage every weekend. This Market allows people to sell anything from food to clothing, makeup to animals, advice, dating services, and anything else you can think of. The majority of the major businesses will even have some type of stand to sell things or even try to hire new employees.

Last week my fiances brother invited us to go with him to the Saturday Market where he was selling homemade cookies. This is a fine example of why I love this place so much. He made a few hundred dollars in a couple of hours simply selling home-baked cookies! The cost of a booth is relatively cheap, so he made a bargain.

I go here every week with my fiance, and sometimes with my family because I can always find something wonderful. The market is perfect for people seeking a special gift, fine cuisine, or great entertainment.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learn about Curtains

Those of us who have furnished a home before would know how expensive and tedious dressing up your home with curtains can be. Fortunately these days, such a task is made easier by sites like is a source for a wide variety of ready-made Curtains, Drapes, Hardware for Your Window at competitive prices making window-dressing easy and affordable to create that fresh look and feel in your room. Besides Curtains, Drapes, Hardware for Your Window, also provides expert advice and how-to instructions to make window decorating fun and effortless. You can also find a large assortment of easy-care fabrics, from casual to country to traditional, with solid colors, classic stripes or beautiful florals.

Franchises and Businesses for Sale

Are you looking to running your own business or recently been laid off and looking for a second career? There is this website, that is a leading online directory that has thousands of franchises for sale as well as lower cost businesses for sale.

You can use their search tool to locate a franchise for sale or business for sale that fits your requirements and criteria across all industries including: Automotive, Restaurant, Fitness, Fast Food, Coffee, Internet, Cleaning, and Home-based - just to name a few

Each franchise or business opportunity has an informative on-line "web brochure" with detailed information about the concept with photos included. FranchiseAdvantage makes it easy for buyers to search the website for free and contact the franchises directly for more information by completing an easy contact form. Your being able to compare many franchises will help you make an informed decision.

Need Yankee Stadium Tickets?

The Yankee Stadium must be the most well-known stadium in the United States and serves as the home baseball park for the New York Yankees. Built in 1923, it was rebuilt and was reopened on April 3, 2009. Besides the new Wembley Stadium in London, the new Yankee Stadium is reported to be the second most expensive stadium with a projected total cost of 1.6 billion U.S. dollars.

Like all other stadiums around the world, the Yankee Stadium when not in use for Yankee baseball games is used for other games and activities including concerts.

Yankee Stadium tickets are some of the hardest tickets to get from many box offices. With so many fans out there, good Yankee Stadium tickets are always gone quickly. With online ticketing available, it is now possible to buy tickets easily and with a discount too.

A Cheap Seat
is a privately owned online ticket broker though not affiliated with any Yankee Stadium website or any Yankee Stadium fan club, they have tickets for every event in the Yankee Stadium. A call to them would enable you to get in touch with their staff who is eager to help you secure the tickets you want. A Cheap Seat not only is able to provide tickets for the Yankee Stadium, they can also help you with Turner Field tickets and Notre Dame Stadium tickets, all just a call or a click away.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Outdoor Wedding Wear

I read that one third of weddings are held in an outdoor location such as in a garden, park, golf course or by the beach. In these locations, formal wear may be uncomfortable and out of place.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, here's a wedding attire site you'd want to check out.

WeddingTropics designs, manufactures, and supplies their own unique label of men's linen wedding attire such as men’s custom shirts and men's custom pants as well as ready-made shirts and pants, both custom and ready-made wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, and childrens attire - custom-made and ready-made. You can also find jewelry including foot jewelry, wedding bands, cufflinks, custom lei's and necklaces. WeddingTropics unique dressy yet casual designs are just the right kind of attire for a lovely outdoor wedding with comfort in mind.

Avista Resort at Myrtle Beach

Summer's here again, are you thinking of taking the family on a holiday to spend some quality time together? Why not go to a beach resort? Why not go to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina? With so many great resorts in Myrtle Beach available, securing accommodation at Myrtle Beach won't be a problem.

If you are a golfer and has plans to include a round or two of golf in your holiday, Myrtle Beach hotel, Avista Resort, is the resort that fits your holiday needs. Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach, offers customized golf vacations for every golfer, different golf packages that meet all your golf vacation needs.

Myrtle Beach is packed with activities and attractions for all ages. So, while you play golf, your family can have their own thrills and spills at the various attractions which include the beach, the waterpark with its pools and lazy rivers, the Alligator Adventure, La Belle Amie Vineyard, Ripley's Aquarium, shopping and many more. For more information on Avista Resort, visit

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buy Gold at United States Gold Bureau

I've had a few queries as to where one can buy gold coins. There are many sources to buy gold coins. One of the best sources is the United States Gold Bureau where you can purchase silver, gold or other precious metals and coins. You have a choice for your purchase to be personally delivered to you immediately or have them conveniently and safely stored at an independent bank or depository.

Why the United States Gold Bureau? United States Gold Bureau is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.But

Inflation and the decreasing value of paper currency are slowly but surely eroding our wealth. And if we want to safeguard our hard-earned savings preserving our purchasing power as a result, investing in precious metals especially in silver and gold is the wisest move. For centuries, gold and silver have been recognised as wealth preservers. Now may be the best time to buy gold and silver in view of increasing prices of these precious metals.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Real estate in North Carolina

Anyone who has bought a lived-in house or sold a house would agree that getting the help of a real estate agent makes it so much easier in closing the deal.

The real estate market in North Carolina particularly in the city of Wilmington NC is continuing to move forward. With its favorable business climate, exceptional arts and cultural scene, deep-rooted history and beautiful beaches, Wilmington has become a choice city to live in.

If you are looking to buy a property in North Carolina, Wilmington NC real estate would be the real estate company you'd want to get in touch with. With their wide selection of properties including residential homes, new home communities, commercial properties, lots and acreage, foreclosures, waterfront homes, golf course homes, condos, town-homes, and many more, you'd be able to find a property that meets your requirement.

Wilmington NC real estate sales and management company is operated by locally-owned CENTURY 21 Sweyer & Associates. They have been in the business for 23 years and operate in the city and its surrounding areas including cities of Wilmington, Hampstead, Leland, Jacksonville, Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Topsail Beach, NC and the counties of New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, Sampson, Columbus, Duplin and Onslow.
Searching for a property with Wilmington NC real estate is a breeze. You just need to key in a few basic attributes on their real estate quick search page and a list of properties that matches your requirement will show up. You can further narrow down the search by providing information on property features, lot features and county. Further fine-tuning your search to property location is possible if you know the street name, subdivision, city and zip or postal code. Call Wilmington NC real estate today for a pleasant, hassle-free real estate buying or selling experience.

Free foreclosure listings

The current unfavorable economy has caused many homeowners to foreclose on their homes. This is most unfortunate but for those out looking for a cheaper home, it is an opportunity to buy one at a lower price and probably in one's desired location.

If you are in the market for a home, a search online would yield many foreclosure sites. The bad news is that most sites charge a fee for their listings or if they are free, one would have to leave some personal information in exchange.

However, there is one site that provides listings of free foreclosures for across the US, both individual foreclosures as well as real estate owned foreclosures. It is indeed surprising that the site also offers free REO foreclosures. Thousands of foreclosure listings available, all for free - no credit card necessary, all details free with pictures and maps on most properties and no login necessary. Check out the easy-to-navigate free foreclosures website for yourself... and good luck on your house-hunting!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nerdy Shirts to add a dash of Pizzazz

For a lover of funny t-shirts, this website is certainly up my alley. has a range of interesting prints on t-shirts and hoodlies. There are funny video games t-shirts, funny movies and funny tv t-shirts, funny hoodies as well as cheap mens hoodies. You can also find funny kids shirts and political t-shirts.

The good thing about t-shirts is that they are suitable for both genders making them very popular. They make great gifts too. These days, t-shirts make up a big part of women and mens clothing and prints on shirts certainly add some pizzazz to a plain boring shirt.

If you are interested in funny tshirts, Nerdyshirts has new t-shirts every Monday and they come with a discount too. The t-shirt below is one of this week's offering.

T-shirts from are made from high quality cotton, printed and shipped from Los Angeles. You can shop with confidence because returns and exchanges are free of charge.

Home Security at all costs

With crime rate increasing everywhere in the world, the U.S. included, one thing that is not to be taken lightly is security, be it personal security, security of your assets including your vehicle, your office premises or your home.

Even gated residential areas are not safe from burglary. A friend who recently moved to a high-end part of the city had to check out a number of security systems to select the best system that suits his family's needs. He's not taking any chances when it comes to security even though that property is gated and with tight security.

Yet another friend in another gated high-end neighbourhood had to install a security video camera at every entrance/exit point of his sprawling home. Since he opted for the wireless system, there is no visible wiring which makes installation easier. However, he needs to pay extra attention to the battery and have necessary backups to ensure that the video cameras work all the time. A copy of the backup battery and equipment guide is always accessible for reference.

With expensive equipment and assets in his home, he's not taking any chances. Having small children at home further makes it necessary to secure the home to the optimal level possible. When it comes to security of lives, there really is no option. Be safe rather than be sorry.

Friday Frolics - The T-shirt Test

Yep! I love t-shirts with a funny, tongue-in-cheek, or subtly meaningful message which explains a little bit about me in this week's quiz. Take the quiz to find out what your choice of t-shirt print says about you.

Your T-Shirt Says You're Witty

You have an amazing sense of humor. You can range from silly to dark to sarcastic.

You are extremely playful and carefree. You try to inject fun into every situation.

You aren't a slacker though... if anything, you are competitive and aggressive.

You strive to be successful and popular. You want to be the best you possible.

Petrol and others to cost more from today, July 16

Oh dear, I'm in trouble! I'll come back to that.

I drove into the Mobil station last night and had to wait for my turn. I never had to do that before, i.e., wait for a vacant pump lot. I thought nothing of it though until I went online last night and read that the price of petrol (both RON 95 and RON 97) besides sugar, diesel and LPG will no longer be subsidised beginning today, Jul 16. This means from today, sugar, petrol, diesel and LPG will be at an increased price, per below..
Now back to why I'm in trouble. The gas-guzzler of a vehicle that I'm driving only works well on RON 97. Each time I tried RON 95, the engine experienced jerks, like skipping a beat besides being not its usual powerful self. Thus, I have no choice but to keep using RON 97.

The price of RON 97 will no longer be subsidised but will be on a controlled float, i.e., according to the market price. The new price per litre is now at RM2.10 per litre, up 5 sen.

Will this price increase see our teh tarik and roti canai and other essentials hiking in price too? Will salaries be adjusted to commensurate this inflationary hike or perhaps we won't feel the pinch that much afterall the government has assured that Govt will not burden people. Or will reality tell otherwise? All left to be seen.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Myrtle Beach offers Great Golf Packages and more..

If it's a beach holiday I'm looking for in the U.S., Myrtle Beach would be where I'd head to. With unlimited choices of hotels, resorts and vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach, getting accommodations will be a breeze. A random search online led me to This chain of resorts of six properties has a range of different accommodation types to suit every need. All six resorts offer superb accommodations and fantastic amenities and all located in three of the most popular areas of the Grand Strand.

Myrtle Beach is popular with vacationers for the many activities it offers the family, golf being one of them. If you are a golfer and would like to play a round or two of golf, check out their 2010 Spring golf brochure. It's available online. There are golf packages for almost every skill level and reservation can easily be made by calling them toll-free.

If a vacation at Myrtle Beach is in your schedule, then you'd want to bookmark their site,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Protecting your wealth with gold and silver

With paper currency constantly fluctuating in value and inflation setting in eroding its value, the smartest thing to do to protect our wealth and your preserve purchasing power is to invest in precious metals.

Purchasing gold and silver either in coins or bullion is the wisest move to protect your wealth against the negative forces of inflation and to preserve purchasing power.

The place to go to buy gold coins is the United States Gold Bureau. United States Gold Bureau is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

Breckenridge Ullr Fest, Breckenridge, Colorado

Have you heard of the Breckenridge Ullr Fest in Breckenridge Colorado? But before I tell you about this Ullr Fest, let's learn something about Breckenridge.

Breckenridge is a mining town in Colorado, USA, with a rich 150-year-old history. It's not only known as a world class ski destination, downtown Breckenridge consists of over 200 historic buildings and homes, 80 restaurants and bars, 180 varieties of shopping choices, 400 acres of parks and recreation areas, and thousands of different types of Breckenridge Lodging which provides holiday-makers a really wide selection of Breckenridge vacation rentals.

Besides skiing, winter activities in Breckenridge include ice skating at their indoor ice rink, dog sledding, Nordic skiing (cross country), Sledding, and snowmobiling. Breckenridge being centrally and closely located to several ski areas including, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Loveland, Vail, Ski Cooper, and several others makes vacation rentals Breckenridge a start to a memorable great Colorado vacation. What makes it even more convenient is the free Summit Stage shuttle to many of the ski destinations.

If winter is thrilling, summer in Breckenridge can be just as exciting. Starting mid-June, Breckenridge begins to come alive with vibrant colors, and warm temperatures. One can go hiking the hundreds of acres of national forest, camping in one of the dozens of campgrounds, biking the miles of public trails, fishing for trout in one of several rivers and lakes, rafting the Royal Gorge, or just merely taking in all of the majestic beauty that is Breckenridge. Summer vacations in Breckenridge can be truly one of a kind. Now back to the Breckenridge Ullr Fest. Since 1963, Breckenridge Ullr Fest (then called Ullr Dag) has been an event that defines what Breckenridge is all about. Ullr fest in Breckenridge is a celebration of the Norse snow god, Ullr, for all of the snow that he bestows on the ski area every year. Due to his winter blessings Breckenridge has become an internationally known premier ski area that hosts many ski events every year. Because of this the town of Breckenridge as well as the local residents celebrate Ullr every year in the hopes of continued heavy snow and ski area success.

Breckenridge Ullr Fest started as a local event, but has become a well known event that draws many vacationers to Breckenridge year after year. The activities incorporated in this week-long event include the Ullr parade down main street, The Ullr Ball, The Ullr king and queen crowning, Ullr bonfire, snow sculpting competition, and the Ullympics. Do make your Breckenridge vacation rental early to avoid disappointment and to catch this spectacular winter celebration which takes place first week of January. Call Breckenridge Property Management today for more information and reservation. You'd be glad you did.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Champagne, anyone?

Here's a gift idea for a housewarming gift, a wine opener, not just any wine opener, but a Rogar Estate wine opener - just like the one in the picture. Rogar wine openers are on sale now so every purchase comes with a great saving.

Come to think of it, every home should have a wine opener. Probably not that realistic this part of the world but you never know because wine-drinking has become popular here of late and every home has a reason to celebrate every once in a while and opening a bottle of champagne or some other bubbly beverage is a most fitting affair.

Why Rogar wine openers, you may ask. Rogar International Corporation founded in 1975 in Abilene, Texas, through their ongoing goal of designing, manufacturing and marketing only top quality products has become a leader in the sales of antique-style wine openers, wall-mounted and hanging pot racks along with other high end quality products. is a full service retailer for all Rogar Wine Openers and Replacement Parts. They generally have all wine openers in stock and ready for immediate delivery. In addition, should you ever need replacement parts for your wine opener, they can assist you with any parts, components, and general product knowledge.

GotMedia for Quality DVD and CD products

On a daily basis, tons of information is generated in every conceivable area, some trivial (but necessary), others important and critical to keep the system going. In the old days, archiving is done through physical filing of papers, but today almost everything can be electronically-filed and archived. The thing to remember though to ensure that your data can be accessed, say ten years down the road. is to store the data in quality products and using quality equipment for duplicating.

There are many different brands of DVD-R supplies available. If you're looking for the better brands, GotMedia offers blank DVD-R from Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, MAM-A formerly Mitsui, Prodisc, Ridata as well their own house brand DVD-R. A quality brand will almost always be the best choice for any application whether it be archiving backing up computer data, master recording, duplicating or just burning a DVD to watch on your TV or burning music in MP3 or audio, archiving photos to share with friends and family. Quality brands are made to perform better, last longer and have the most universal compatibility across various DVD players.

If you're looking for quality duplicating equipment, GotMedia represents some of the best manufacturers of DVD duplicators and CD printers including Microboards, Primera, Verity Systems, Microtech, Pioneer, Teac and Rimage. Whether you are looking for a small desktop CD DVD Duplicator to produce 100's of CD and DVD or you are interested in a fully automated CD DVD Duplication and Printing system there are many choices for you on Need information on DVD duplication? You'll find it in their DVD duplication guide.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain wins the FIFA World Cup 1-0

Spain wins the World Cup! This makes them World champions and Euro champions. This also means Paul, the Octopus, is the true psychic?!


This is also a match of yellow cards. Check out scorecard below (courtesy of livescore) - click image to enlarge.

Winner of Golden Ball - Diego Forlan (Uruguay)
Winner of Golden Boots - Thomas Mueller (Germany)

Fireworks at the closing ceremony.. Let the celebrations begin!

See you in Brazil in 2014!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup Finals

Looks like it's not only between Netherlands and Spain. It's also between Paul, the Octopus, from Germany who picked Spain to win, and Mani, the Parakeet from Singapore, who picked Netherlands.

There's also report of a new 'psychic'. She is Pauline, another Octopus from Netherlands. Same as the parakeet, Pauline picked Netherlands to win the World Cup.

The truth will unfold tonight or rather tomorrow morning.

Who's your pick, by the way?

JK Adams Company of Quality Wood products

I've always wanted to own a wine rack like the one in the picture, maybe not one so elaborate, a smaller one will do.

The one in the picture is a JK Adams wine rack. JK Adams Co., a wood products company located in Vermont, USA, has been in the business of making wood products for more than 65 years now and is growing from strength to strength.

Their current product line includes a wide range of JK Adams cutting boards; entertainment-related items including wooden servers; pot racks; spice racks; wine racks; knife storage blocks; furniture; and more. They are made from a variety of woods including cherry, maple and walnut, all elegantly manufactured by their experienced and skillful craftsmen. I suppose there's nothing much that need to be said about the JK Adams products. Their exquisite quality speak for themselves. Check out the site,, and see for yourself.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Conferencing services

Advancement in technology has taken conferencing to a whole new level. People no longer need to travel miles to attend a conference. Meetings can be attended with others located in different parts of the world. Audio conferencing, video and web conferencing have made this possible.

The Conference Group is one company that offers such international services that are customized and backed by their experienced staff and efficient and cutting edge equipment.

Their audio Conference calls are toll-free around the world. Clients can choose from among their many service options to fully customize their audio conference. The options include access to a full-time operator, operator provided Q&A, digital record and playback and much more.

Web conferencing enables meeting attendees to log on and have live and ready access to documents referenced during a call. Video conferencing provides the most well rounded solution. A video conference removes the need to have meeting attendees travel to a set location, but still gives them the ability to freely share ideas and information.

When it comes to faster and better communication and the need to lower costs, teleconferencing provides the answer. Check out The Conference Group for their solutions to fit your unique business need. Contact them for their excellent demos and trials.

Friday, July 9, 2010

House Plans and Designs made easy

Building a house can be a daunting process but if you already have a good house plan, half the battle is won. of HDA Inc. is a wonderful source for house plans. There are over 17,000 home and project plans to choose from, from beach/coastal home plans to cottage to contemporary style too, farmhouse, luxury house, Tudor house, vacation homes and lots more including specialty architectural styles like Spanish and Mediterranean.

The Quick Search feature on is able to help you find a home that fits your lifestyle needs and preferences. Their Advanced search feature further helps narrow down your search with their extensive lists of amenities, construction type, foundation types and so forth. You can refer to the house floor plan to confirm that the home is set up in a manner that you like. For example you may want your bedrooms to be located far away from the noisy kitchen, or your master bedroom to be away from the other bedrooms. With the help of floor plans you will be able to design your home to your liking. The options are quite endless actually.

Check out for helpful articles, tips & tools to make owning your dream home a pleasant experience. Take your time to browse through the house plans. You can easily save your favorites, compare plans and even create your own personal printable catalog of your favorite dream homes.

If you are in the U.S. and looking for a builder, Houseplansandmore has a directory of builders in your area. The site also has a cost estimator to estimate the cost for building a house in your area, which is identified by your zip code.

You can take advantage of the discounts, free books and promotional offers available by signing up for an account. There's even the free Builder's Advantage program for extra benefits. Houseplansandmore is an industry leader in the provision of house floor plans and being that, their house plans have been reviewed with utmost diligence. Their experienced in-house design staff and customer service personnel are readily available to answer any technical question you may have.

Friday Frolics - What kind of book are you?

LOL! Indeed..

Now if you were a book, what type of book do you think you are? Find out..

You Are Humor

You love to laugh at life, and if possible, get others to laugh along with you.

You believe there's always a humorous side to everything. And your sense of humor ranges from upbeat to very dark.

You are outrageous and very honest. You're often the only one willing to say what everyone else is thinking.

You are witty and verbally talented. You like to play with words and say things in interesting ways.

Ergonomics and Office Furniture

Ergonomics is a key factor to consider when buying office furniture. Fortunately, these days, most furniture pieces are designed with the user's comfort and convenience in mind. Still, it is beneficial for us, as consumers, to be aware of the do's and don'ts, for example, the right way we place the computer monitor or the right way we sit working at the computer. All these good habits will ensure we don't sustain injury in the long run.

Let's just look at the Correct Sitting position. Many of us think that sitting upright is ideal actually we should sit back in the chair between 100° & 110°, (Not 90° or straight upright), with thighs parallel to the floor. Place your feet firmly and evenly on the floor and slightly in front of you (the knee joint is at an open angle).

Following these steps will reduce disc pressure and muscle tension significantly as this position places less stress on the joints of the lower extremities and distributes body weight properly to avoid pressure points.

Acne Treatment

With so many acne treatment products in the market, anyone with an acne problem will be able to easily get help in terms of finding the product that works.

However, too many cooks might spoil the broth, so it is always wise to do some research on the intended product(s). A smart way to go about it is to read up on various reviews to narrow down the search and ultimately arrive at the suitable one acne treatment product.

Generic Phentermine for Safer Weight-losing

I read there is a new weight loss supplement in the market. It's a generic Phentermine, not to be confused with Rx Phentermine. While the latter has side effects, generic Phentermine does not have harmful side effects. Because it does not have harmful side effects, it does not need prescription. Another plus side is that generic Phentermine is more affordable than prescription strength Phentermine. Generic Phentermine is now the choice of many weight-watchers and weight-losers.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rain chains are functional and beautiful

Though widely used in the West and in Japan, there are some things we rarely see in this part of the world. One such item is a rain chain.

A rain chain is an alternative to a gutter downspout. Rain chains break the fall of water guiding it downwards to the ground, into a basin or even a rain barrel for storage. Rain chains are beautiful and functional at the same time and to some, they even sound great!

If you are looking to buy a rain chain or rain chain accessories, here's a site you'd want to check out, They have the widest selection of all things rain chain and their products are made of the highest-quality of thick copper, brass, aluminum and iron materials. You can also request for a rain chain to be custom-made. Shipping is fast, and free.

The Pudu area food hawker center

Recently, some friends wanted some good hawker food so the other evening, we headed out to the Pudu night market/food hawker center. The thing about this place or such eating places is the lack of parking space. We had to park in some obscure and not-so-well-lit lane some distance away. But the food is something else, I tell you. Anyone who has been there will agree, I'm sure.

Anyone with a hearty appetite but not too fussy about ambience, will enjoy eating at these places. Forget about appetite suppressants. They won't work with all that delicious and cheap food available. We each had a fish or pork-mix porridge and shared a variety of other dishes including char kway teow, fried carrot cake, some nyonya kueh and chili clams. Have you been there? What's your favorite food there?

Paul, the Psychic Octopus

Paul, the Octopus, has done it again! Paul is a British-born octopus, living in an aquarium at Sea Life in Oberhausen, western Germany. His 'psychic' prowess has gained him a good following, made him a celebrity even. He has correctly predicted a series of German wins and even Germany's surprise group-stage loss to Serbia. He holds a 100% track record so far.

Soccer fans across Germany was hoping his prediction of a German loss in their World Cup semi-final with Spain would fail him. We all know better now, don't we? Indeed, Germany lost 0-1 to Spain last night.

How Paul does his prediction is to pick the food from two different plastic containers lowered into his tank - one decorated with a Spanish flag and one with a Germany flag. The container which Paul opens first is seen as his pick.

He settled on both containers at first in a sign of hesitation before opening the box with the Spanish flag. The speed with which Paul opens the box is also indicative of the ease with which the win would be as shown in the video above showing Paul's speed in opening the Germany box when placed with the one for England. Germany beat England 4-1 in that match.

Would you believe it? The decision was broadcast live on several news channels in Germany, although commentators immediately cast doubt over the prediction.

I wonder will Paul be asked to pick the World Cup winner and if so, will the prediction come true. I suppose bookmakers and punters alike are now watching Paul closely. However, bear in mind that while Paul's record has been flawless at the World Cup, he has wrongly picked Germany as the winner against Spain at Euro 2008.

Stay tuned for more of Paul..

Golf, the forgotten summer sport...

Guest posting brought to you by guest poster Cody Doyle

PGA golf is an often over looked sport. golf doesn’t have the action appeal of football with large guys slamming into each other, and although it requires significant finesse golf is often over shadowed by the graceful agility of college and professional basketball. Putting a tiny white ball in a slightly larger hole five hundred plus yards down a winding, weaving fairway loaded with water hazards and sand bunkers, using a light, iron rod is one of the most difficult feats in all of sports. Just ask anyone who has ever played the game before. Although not as inherently athletic as players of other sports, golfers are extremely skilled athletes in their craft. Sitting down on a lazy weekend afternoon and tuning into a few hours of PGA golf is an excellent way to spend your free time.

Everybody knows about the ability and the exploits of Tiger Woods, who is one of if not THE most recognizable professional athlete in the world. Tiger is attempting to make a comeback after his latest personal life problems and everyone is tuning in to see it. I personally prefer to follow Phil Mickelson who seems more of a “down home” kind of guy who thinks family is more important than anything else. It seems most people have moved on to cheering for Phil lately probably due to this feeling. I love watching golf on the best cable tv packages in Georgia, in my opinion.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bird cameras - taking bird-watching a step further

Anyone who is into photography and bird-watching would appreciate this gadget, the bird camera. There are many models of bird cameras in the market to suit every need and budget.

Birds, these gorgeous creatures of flight, have fascinated people for a long time. Their colors, shape and size, their movements and habits have always been subjects of study. No doubt binoculars have helped in getting a closer view of these objects of beauty but that's as far as it goes - allowing one to view the birds from a distance.

Cameras for birds have taken bird-watching a step further. They allow one to capture bird habits and movement for further study and admiration. has a bird camera for every purpose. There is the bird nest camera to document development of the bird from egg to adulthood. A bird house camera captures the goings and comings of the birds that come and go in your backyard. Birds, like all other animals, are sensitive and alert creatures. A wireless bird camera would allow for candid shots of the pretty birds.

Add a touch of style to your home with Blomus Stainless steel products

Stainless steel products have always been popular. They are stylish, solid and durable, qualities most suitable for our everyday products and accessories.

Stainless steel is strong, does not rust and is pleasing to the eye. Stainless steel combines both beauty and functionality. Take the blomus stainless steel fireplace set, for instance. This portable, glowingly beautiful fireplace is custom-crafted with skill for years of mood-making enjoyment. It is also one of a kind. Not only does it burn the cleanest fuel available, bio-ethanol, it rotates on its axis so you can direct the radiant heat. The blomus stainless steel firepit is another item worth checking out.

Blomus has a wide selection of stainless steel items and is where you can find everything blomus stainless steel ware. The site is easy to navigate with items categorized accordingly into Outdoor, Greens (gardening and such), Dining, Cooking, products to aid in relaxation, and many more. For advanced searches, items are further sorted into Best Selling, Alphabetical: A to Z, Price, Most Viewed and Date Added enabling the shopper to easily fine-tune his search.

Stainless steel products also make great gifts. A gift of a blomus stainless steel teaset, will surely be one gift item that will be treasured and talked about for a very long time. Check out There is something for everyone. When you buy stainless steel products, you are contributing to the environment because stainless steel is 100% recyclable.

Keeping Your Home Secure While You're Away

Thanks to Taylor Wesner for the post.

Vacations can be fun and exciting but coming home to a house that has been burglarized or damaged can be quite the opposite. You must always take steps to protect your home before leaving it to travel for summer vacation.

Be sure to survey all your valuably belongings. Put them in a safe place. Make sure you know where everything in your home is and put it in its proper place. This way if something is moved or missing you are aware of it.

A good idea would be to take pictures or record a video of every room in the house and compare it to the way your house looks afterward. Know what is included on your home owner’s insurance policy.

Unplug any small appliances, like a clock, or anything that has no use, like a television. But, for large appliances like a refrigerator do not unplug them, just turn the refrigerator down to a lower temperature. Make sure all the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors are working properly. It would be a great idea to replace the battery before you leave. Be sure to lock all windows and doors. Set your home security before leaving the house. Have a trusted friend or family member to come check on your home while you’re away.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is an Address Plaque important?

An address plaque or address sign not only add aesthetics to your home, it makes it easier for emergency responders to locate your home in an emergency situation.

A nicely-crafted address plaque gives a good first impression to your visitors because an address plaque is most likely the first thing they see when they visit your home.

At, you'll find a whole range of address plaques including residential address plaques, commercial address plaques, address numbers, address posts, specialty plaques and mailboxes. You will be able to find anything to uniquely identify your home or business address in stock here or it can be custom-made. All the best brands can be found here providing specialty features to meet any need. offers 24-hour web specials. You can also sign up for email alerts to have access to the deal of the day. Orders can be placed online or through their tollfree line. Whenever you're in the market for address plaques or address signs, think, afterall they are the marketplace for all things address plaques.