Saturday, July 24, 2010

Got lost in the land of Yong Tau Foo, Ampang Village

I didn't know the Ampang town area and the Middle Ring Road 2 at the Ulu Kelang area could be so congested in the evenings.

Was heading to a baby's fullmoon gathering yesterday and was stuck in congested traffic for a good hour along those areas. To make it worse, I got lost inside the Ampang village! Was my second time in that area plus it was already dark when I got there after going through the traffic jam. Darkness and finding your way around a strange place are certainly not good for each other. In times like this, I wished I had a GPS in my car. Maybe I should have a GPS unit but first I'd better read up on some gps reviews so that I get the right one. Any recommendation in the meantime?


  1. there are also applications in mobile phones with GPS functions, maybe you would want to consider those too?? :)

  2. That's why you need a GPS phone right? :D

  3. Thanks, SK, for the recommendation. Will look into that.

    Tekkaus, I'll need to check out all available phones with GPS capability then.