Saturday, July 3, 2010

Anyone for Eye Creams yet?

The subject of skincare came up at breakfast the other day. Inevitably, wrinkles crept into the picture. So unfair that men are not one bit fazed by their wrinkles but for ladies, even a teeny weeny shadow of a wrinkle-resembling line brings on sleepless nights. Am I exaggerating here? hehe..

I found this interesting piece of info online, and I quote:

Did you know most eye creams on the market were NOT designed for the delicate skin around the eyes? The delicate skin around the eyes is completely different from the skin on any other part of the body. This highly sensitive skin requires more attention and care when treating it for wrinkles, dark circles, crow’s feet, and puffiness. However, with hundreds of products that promise you amazing results, but never seem to get the job done, how can the average person find an eye cream that actually works?

To answer that last question, the site recommends that we go to reliable eye cream reviews for some guidance.

And then we moved on to what the sun can do to our skin. I suppose we can only love the sun under the shade for the health of our skin or complexion.

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