Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Frolics - The Zebra Test

This being the World Cup season and all and the host being South Africa, the land of safaris, I thought it's befitting to have an animal quiz. Let's do the Zebra Test and see what our choice of the stripes say about us.

You Are Uncomplicated

No doubt about it - life is very complex and confusing. However, you believe things don't have to be this way.

You try to swim against the tide and keep things simple. You hate chaos and drama.

You are honest and direct. You feel like too much confusion results from people lying to others and themselves.

You are also very organized and tidy. You keep track of your possessions, and you try not to get weighed down by stuff.


  1. hey, i like this, so true about myself~~

    You Are Original

    You're one of a kind, baby! The jury is still out on what kind though...

    You are creative, zany, and totally wild. You're all over the board, and having fun doing it!

    People may accuse you of being totally random... you just have your own way of doing things.
    You may go off in many different directions at once, but you always end up where you're supposed to be.

  2. An interesting assessment. So true what it says about you? Awesome!