Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain wins the FIFA World Cup 1-0

Spain wins the World Cup! This makes them World champions and Euro champions. This also means Paul, the Octopus, is the true psychic?!


This is also a match of yellow cards. Check out scorecard below (courtesy of livescore) - click image to enlarge.

Winner of Golden Ball - Diego Forlan (Uruguay)
Winner of Golden Boots - Thomas Mueller (Germany)

Fireworks at the closing ceremony.. Let the celebrations begin!

See you in Brazil in 2014!


  1. So sad... Netherlands didn't win... :(

  2. I have mixed feelings...

    My aunt lives in the 'Nederland'. I visited the country once, and love it. I always supported Oranje, until this tournament. I knew that a win by the Dutch would signal the demise of Total Football.

    It is ironic that even Dutch legend Johan Cruyff supported Spain...

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Did you stay up to watch the games?

  4. Though i dont watch.. but my frens were vouching for Netherlands to win ..

  5. Aww... Somehow I always thought Spain is the better team but was surprised Oranje gave them a run for their money. It was a good match until the end. Did you watch the game?

    KS, you think it won't be good if Netherlands had won? No doubt, the game was rough. I was shocked too when they played Brazil. Both teams were equally rough, I thought, but then again, that's football.

  6. Mei Teng, heheh... I did. Couldn't resist the game of the year or rather the game of four years! Now am looking forward to the EPL (English Premier League) but in the meantime wondering who the managers are buying to shore up their lineup.

    Claire, they should have listened to Paul, the psychic octopus. Oops! If it's any consolation, they made it to the finals at least, eh? Sad though third time was not lucky enough for them. Netherlands also lost in the World Cup finals in 1974 and 1978 - to Germany and Argentina respectively.

  7. Yeah watched the match.It was awful to see so many yellow cards on a final.Spain finally won at extra time.They have always been tagged as underachievers but now the have showed their true potential at world stage.

  8. I am glad that Forlan won the Golden Ball. :D

  9. didn't stay up to watch, but google for the result first thing wake up in the morning.. but kind of thot Spain will win actually, and nope, not because of Paul.. :p

  10. Slept after watching F1 delayed telecast.. phew seems everything is back to "normal" now haha..tQ for the updates.

  11. I lost S$50 to the Octupus. =(

    Octopus sushi, anyone?

  12. Congrats to Spain!!

    I am kinda sad that World Cup has ended. I miss it and I even miss Paul The Octopus and those Vuvuzelas!! LOL!

  13. Custom Programming, both Spain and Netherlands have not won the World Cup so with either winning, the country is the 8th country to have won. Yeah, all those tussles and yellow cards are rather embarrassing for a world class match. Oh well.. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    Tekkaus, me too and he deserves it. He must be the footballer with the greatest goal-post shots. hehe.. Is Manchester United missing him?

  14. SK, I was rooting for Spain too - and not because of Paul too. I've always thought Spain played better, except for losing to Switzerland.

    Bananaz, indeed! Everything is back to normal. haha... Only the mamak stalls are missing the business.

  15. Shingo, you lost S$50 to the Octopus? Aww... You believed the parakeet then? So patriotic! haha...

    Foong, true in a way that all is quiet and boring after the World Cup. One thing I won't miss though is the sound of the Vuvuzelas. Did you know there's a gadget in the market that can filter out the sound of Vuvuzelas to allow for a more peaceful game-watching experience on the tv? But of course you won't need it since you like all that racket. Oops!