Friday, July 30, 2010

Lockers Depot

If you are in the market for lockers, you'd want to check out Lockers Depot. They have over 600 different lockers - high quality metal lockers, wood lockers and plastic lockers - suitable for gyms, schools, institutions, hospitals, workplaces, warehouses, homes, garages and offices.

Lockers Depot's full line of lockers includes standard lockers, vented lockers, wood and plastic lockers and non-traditional lockers such as storage lockers, modular and basket lockers.

They guarantee the lowest price on their lockers, so if you find a price that's lower than theirs, they will match it.


  1. I wish back in school we have these lockers. :p Too bad.

  2. nope i'm not in the lockers market.. and i seldom use the public lockers too, don't feel safe afterall.. :)

  3. Tekkaus, I agree but schools still do not have lockers or do they have them now?

    SK, perhaps we need more lockers in public places to instill a locker culture.

  4. Today lockers can be found not only in school but also in our house. Lockers are now becoming more of a decorative element as well as space saver.