Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tarpaulin Shopping

When it comes to tarpaulins or tarps as used in American English, what first comes to mind are those blue covers that are used to cover hillsides to prevent soil erosion. Other tarps would be those used to cover vehicles or other types of transportation such as boats or lorries.

I now know there are many types of tarps available and each type has a specific use. Poly Tarps are the most popular tarps. Poly tarps are strong and versatile. They are widely used in construction, roofing and outdoor covers. Poly tarp is made of polyethlene coating over polyester mesh fabric. They are waterproof, mildew-resistant and tear-resistant. They come in a number of colors including blue, green, silver, brown, and white.

Vinyl tarps are much stronger and more durable than poly tarps. Vinyl tarps can be more than 10 times stronger and last 10 times longer than poly tarps. They are great for extreme environments where sunshine UV and heat is strong.

Canvas tarps are great tarp choice any time you want to cover stationary objects that need a breathable canvas tarp fabric to protect your equipment or supplies and to prevent condensation. Canvas tarps are fully-treated so they also resist water, mildew and rot. However, canvas tarps are not suitable as car or boat covers where canvas tarps directly touches car or boat exteriors because wax and dye in canvas tarps may rub off and stain car or boat exteriors. There are covers specially for boats and cars.

If you are looking for a plain canvas for art projects, duck canvas is what you need. Duck canvases are artists favorites and are widely used in school art projects. Duck canvas is made from 100% natural cotton canvas, which is not treated with chemicals for water resistance.

For anything tarp or cover, is the store to check out. They have the largest selection of professional tarps and covers including hay tarps, truck tarps, yard tarps, screens, sheets & meshes, gym floor covers, boat and car covers and lots more.

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