Monday, July 26, 2010

Do you pay your credit card bill in full each month?

Some of us take pride in spending within our credit card limit and paying our credit card bill in full each month. We think we are great customers. But in actual fact, card issuers think otherwise.

Here's a good read from The Star today, "Do you know you are not a good customer if you pay debts on time? So ..."

Here's what the article says..

"I AM quite sure the bank that issues me my credit cards (just two) does not consider me a good customer.

I spend way below my credit limit and, save for a few occasions, pay my bill in full and on time.

A friend who works in the industry once told me: “To be honest, you are not the kind of customer we want. A good customer is one who spends more, defaults now and then, and allows us to charge interest on his outstanding balance.”"

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  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Haha....I am not a good customer according to The Star's article.

    Yes I pay in full every month. I am living debt free.

    But how good paymasters like me don't enjoy discounts, privileges from those credit card companies?

  2. i rather pay my bills in full each month and promptly than being a "good customer" the the Bank, haha!! i don't feel good to be charged on the interest, as i own credit card for convenience and not as a loan facility~~ :)

  3. I'm definitely not a good customer. I pay in full each month. I don't want to donate my hardearned money to the Banks!

  4. As for me and my lovely wife, we even pay full before the due date,kekekek, looks like we are the worse customer,,,,,

    but credit card can be good and bad at the same time but most of the times, we make it ugly for our ownselves, don't we?

    we spend more than we earn, we do not often tell yourself not to buy more than we should, then at the end of the month, we tell ourselves, ok lah,ijust pay minimun amount, then next month continue spending again and the cylcle continues untill it snowballs to a amount that chokes us to death,,,

    take care now and god bless

  5. I am a bad customer. :p I don't let them earn. LOL:D

  6. Credit cards are the legalised loan sharks.

    I pay promptly, especially since the time I had $26 in bills chalked up over a month, and had to pay $25 late fees because I forgot to pay the bare minimum.


  7. Good for you, Mei Teng. Living debt-free is wise.

    SK, I agree. No reason to incur unnecessary interests.

  8. Lina, you are another wise cardholder. Kudos!

    Eugene, looks like my readers are all very wise. Good for you!

  9. Tekkaus & Web design solutions webmaster, you too! Kudos!

    Shingo said, Credit cards are the legalised loan sharks.

    I couldn't agree more.

    Ouch! on that late payment. Do banks in Sgp charge that much for late payment?