Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is an Address Plaque important?

An address plaque or address sign not only add aesthetics to your home, it makes it easier for emergency responders to locate your home in an emergency situation.

A nicely-crafted address plaque gives a good first impression to your visitors because an address plaque is most likely the first thing they see when they visit your home.

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  1. i think it's really rare here, we only have the numbers at our door.. visitors have to remember which road/street they are at, and then go down to the correct house by looking at the house number (most of the time, even on one side, odd at the other side).. :)

  2. That's true. We don't pay enough attention to address signs and plaques. Maybe we should start, eh?

  3. The design of your home sign is entirely up to you, but try to keep in mind the sort of image you'd like your home and your family to have among your neighbors and friends