Monday, December 19, 2011

Lionel Messi named World Player of the Year

More soccer news..

Messi (not to be confused with the Octopus though it is named after him) has been named World Player of the Year.

Messi collected more than 60 percent of the votes cast in the annual poll of the British magazine’s readers from more than 40 countries – a record haul since the awards began in 1982.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Portugal came in a distant second with 9.3 percent of votes while last year’s winner, Messi’s Barca team mate, Xavi, was third with 7.6 percent.

In fact, European champions Barcelona swept the board in World Soccer magazine’s prestigious annual awards with Lionel Messi named World Player of the Year, Pep Guardiola Manager of the Year and the side that won the Spanish and Champions League last season named as Team of the Year.

So, looks like Messi the Psychic Octopus is on its way to stardom as the next psychic octopus. He did correctly predict Barca to beat Real, didn't he?

Source: The Star..Barcelona sweep the board in World Soccer awards


  1. The Psychic Octopus didn't predict Messi to be World Player of the Year? haha.

  2. He deserves it. :)

  3. Congrats to Lionel Messi!

  4. Received this a moment ago and Bananaz thought of you..Happy Surfin' Bulldog It put a smile on my face.

  5. errrr not into soccer but congrats to Messi! He's gotta cost even more expensive now!

  6. Bananaz, he probably is still on a learning curve?

    Lina, he has great support from his teammates on the pitch.

  7. Foong, yeah, another feather to his cap.

    Bananaz, great video. Love it, esp that skateboarding part. He must have been a skateboarder in a previous life. LOL
    Thanks for the thought.

  8. Rad, Messi won't leave Barca for sure, not in the foreseeable future at least.