Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Frolics - How would you Grade your Year?

This being the last Friday Frolic for the year, how would you grade your year? What an apt quiz for this week, wouldn't you say? Take the quiz to find out your rating or rather grading of the year, and celebrate (at least celebrate that you are alive!).

Best wishes for a Happy New Year, Everyone!!

Your Year Was a "B" Year

You had a pretty darn good year, thank you very much. You're happy with how things went.

Was it perfect? No. But there was a lot more good than bad that happened. And that's good enough for you!

While you may want to spend time thinking about how you can do better next year, make sure to pay tribute to the year you had.

Pretty good years don't come along often, and you should celebrate that you had one!


  1. Hey,May you have a great 2012... good health and all good tidings all year round...ya

  2. i got a B year also, well, guess this is not bad at all huh?? so how many grades do they have??

  3. "B" for Bananaz all three the same haha. Keep it up may 2012 be even better tQ.

  4. Eugene, thank you. May you too be blessed with great health and good tidings throughout the year.

  5. SK, we can't have everything work out our way, can we? So B is darn good, I believe.

    How many grades are there? I went back to check and found that there are 5 grades in all - A, B, C, D and F (that's right, they dropped the E and fitted in F instead.) F must have been everything in the pits (Oops!) so didn't want to check what it says.

  6. LOL!
    B for Bananaz..

    Yeap, may 2012 be even better for all!

  7. Mine was a C. i miss being here. Happy New Year HappySurfer. :)

  8. Hi, Rej! Sure is good to 'see' you again. How are you?

    Aww, a C Grade? Nevermind, it's over and done with. Best wishes to you for a much better year ahead, a year of wonderful health, great happiness and progress. Prosperity too, of course! Take care..and don't be a stranger!