Monday, December 12, 2011

Medical Insurance - Don't leave home without it

We are talking about medical insurance here but a little digression first.

The Thailand border towns are common holiday destinations for Malaysians. Hatyai and Songkla are popular towns where Malaysians visit by the busloads every year. Buses leave Kuala Lumpur at night, reaching there in the morning. It is a long ride. A flight would reduce the journey drastically and AirAsia, the local Low Cost Carrier, does have great ticket prices.

Many people travel without travel insurance. Making it a point to at least sign up for medical or health insurance can stand you well financially in the event of an accident. Recently, a Malaysian tourist had to cough up over RM90,000 to settle medical charges at a hospital in Thailand after being involved in a road accident.

When shopping for insurance, I believe the best rates are from an insurance agent that offers Wholesale Insurance for a comprehensive coverage. A wise shopper shops around for the best deal.


  1. i've got all types of insurance.. have been a target of many agents few years back, and the "kiasu & kiasi" me just get them whenever i feel needed.. so now i have all the savings, life, medical and accident insurance.. huh, sometimes a bit burden to pay for them every month, hahaha~~ :p

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