Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun with Pandas for A Sunday Evening...

The cutest and cuddliest animal in the world has got to be the Panda bear. 30% of the world's pandas can be found in the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary in southwestern China and the place has been named a World Heritage site.

Visitor number to the Wolong Valley has skyrocketed from 200,000 people a year to 1.8 million.

Only about 1,600 giant pandas are left in the wild.

Recently, someone sent me some images of these cute darlings, shots of which were taken at the Panda Sanctuary in China. The captions add spice to the already-lovely shots. Take a look.



  1. I think "I'm the king of the world" looks rather cute.

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    The pandas are so cuddly cute! Good to hear another heritage site.

  3. So cute those pandas! The captions are really funny! I especially like that 1st picture - so cute!!

    And that one with the caption 'just nappin' - ultra cute!

    The panda tai chi - what a view!

    And the last one contemplating life. haha!

  4. I like the "wasn't me" panda. xD

  5. very beautiful pics of the pandas. add that with funny & cute the captions :)

  6. Wow, super cute pandas! If I don't had enough sleep, I get panda eyes, hahaha.

  7. Ouh...aren't they cute. They reminds me of Kung Fu panda! :D

  8. Ai Shiang, something like Panda Tarzan, eh? LOL

    Mei Teng, these cute and docile animals sure do need protection or they'll be like the dodo bird which is now extinct.

    KS, cuddling one would be quite an experience I imagine.

  9. Foong, glad you found them funny. I like the first one and the tai chi panda too.

    Jim, yeah, that's funny - playing innocent.

    QC, I agree - good pictures and captions.

  10. Hi Irenelim, super cute they are. Welcome to my site. You do have some nice dresses. Good luck with your business.

    Tekkaus, LOL! Kung Fu Panda turned out rather entertaining and funny, hor?

  11. cuteness 100%

    Smelly 100% too.. hahaha

  12. LOL! Really? I remember one time I was so fascinated by the beauty of the giraffes at the National Zoo here but at the same time rather put off by the strong smell of their you-know-what! Oh well.....Can't have the best of everything.

  13. LOL! I guess none of them is a musician like you, PandaB.