Friday, December 31, 2010

It's Party Time!

Like cities around the world, Kuala Lumpur will be hosting her own countdown parties around the city. You can head on down to Dataran Merdeka, the street party at Sungei Wang, the dress-up-like-Lady Gaga party at the Pavilion, be at SohoKL or the Mutiara Damansara Commercial Centre, i-City or even up at Genting Highlands. Or you can just go up the KL Tower and enjoy all the firework displays around the city. At 276m high, the views would be awesome at the stroke of midnight!

Check out the party venues here at Countdown parties in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley.

By the way, be aware of road closures. Best to park a distance away. You don't want to be caught in the jam after the party. Public transport may be a better option.

Image source: The Star

No more free plastic bags in Penang from Jan 1

Going to Penang anytime soon? Do remember to bring along your own shopping bag as Penang's ruling on ‘No Free Plastic Bags’ and ‘No Polystyrene at Local Council Hawker Centres’ will take effect tomorrow, Jan 1, 2011. This is in line with Penang's objective to reduce the state's carbon footprint as announced earlier by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng when tabling the 2011 Budget earlier.

The ruling will cover all hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental stores, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, nasi kandar outlets, convenience stores including petrol kiosks and chain stores.

Mini markets and sole proprietorship businesses will have to adhere to the plastic ruling on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in order to ensure the renewal of their licences.

Of course, you can request for a plastic bag but each plastic bag will cost you 20 sen. Money collected from the sale of plastic bags will be channelled to ‘Partners Against Poverty’ Special Fund to help the state’s hardcore poor.

However, if you buy in volume you can request for a used cardboard box or paper bag. They will be made available at shopping outlets and hypermarkets. No mention of charges for these though.

Random checks will be conducted by government department officers to ensure adherence to the ruling.

Friday Frolics - How Should You Spend New Year's Eve

Today is New Year's eve. The quiz here says I should throw a Party for New Year's eve. I should and you all would be invited!

H A P P Y.......N E W.......Y E A R!!

And May Each Day in the Year be a Good Day. Cheers!

You Should Throw a Party for New Year's Eve

You're a total social butterfly and the only person you know who could throw the party of the year.

You would enjoy a big night out as much as anyone else, but a big night in would really make you shine.

So make up your guest list, buy some champagne, and work on a killer playlist.

You'll throw the type of party that everyone will be talking about during the whole new year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Major road closures in Kuala Lumpur ahead of New Year celebrations

If you are planning to hit the city to celebrate the new year, you may want to note that several major roads in KL will be closed beginning Friday.

Affected roads are those in the vicinity of Dataran Merdeka, Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Bangsar/Telawi and KL Sentral.

The Dataran Merdeka will be closed from 5pm Friday until 6am the following day while the road at Bukit Bintang will be closed from midnight Friday until 6am on Jan 1.

Several other roads are also expected to be closed in stages according to the prevailing traffic condition.

Where to party..
Countdown parties in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley

Thank you!

For the past few days, I've been getting quite an unusual reading on my site analytics. I'd like to give a shout-out to whoever it is in Russia who is promoting my blog. Thank you. Thank you so much.

This is year-end and all, it is also timely for me to humbly say THANK YOU to YOU, my lovely readers, for a year of support, insight, laughter and everything else that make my online experience pleasant and delightful.

You all know who you are - readers near and far who so graciously and tirelessly make time to come by for a dose of whatever I dish out - sometimes unpalatable, I know. Thank you, talented musicians, esteemed members of the academia, passionate hobbyists, intrepid travellers, discerning foodies, doting parents and grandparents, brave day-to-day warriors, loving partners, inspirational writers, et al - all wonderful intelligent people, I couldn't ask for more. And I am thankful. Thank you, All..

Thank you too, to YOU, who are curious enough to stop by for a peek, accidental visitors, Twitter followers, stalkers (oops!)..

Thank you, my wonderful online friends!

New York Times on AFF-Suzuki Cup

New York Times picture on the AFF-Suzuki Cup final.

The caption reads, "Indonesian soccer fans lighted firecrackers during the final match between Indonesia and Malaysia at the AFF Suzuki Cup in Jakarta. Malaysia won the cup for the first time."

Source..NY Times

Big n Beautiful Calendar a hit

Here's a calendar with a difference. Singapore's nude calendar has been grabbing headlines not just because it features pictures of naked women, but because it celebrates curves.

Featuring 11 women completely nude, the photos were taken over two weekends by famed photographer, Sit Weng San. The ladies featured are all a UK-size 14 and above. Each calendar sells for S$25 online and all proceeds from the sale will go to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Organised by the founder of the Singapore online plus sized label- BignBeautiful, Erica Sim, who is a UK-size 20 herself, also posed for the calendar. She insists that stripping naked is not a marketing gimmick. It is aimed at empowering plus sized women, encouraging them to embrace their curves.

Lisa Teoh, an administrative assistant shared her reason for posing in the calendar, 'I hope that people just won't outcast us. We are who we are. We are just like anyone else. Inner.. is extremely good. It's just the outer is fleshier, cuter, no difference. Just more to hug!'

Check out the calendar..

Source: The Daily Chilli

Malaysia wins the AFF-Suzuki Cup

Malaysia wins AFF-Suzuki Cup on 4-2 aggregate - PM declares Friday a public holiday. The latter sure is good news for those of us who still would have to go to the office otherwise, being New Year's eve and all. So, happy holiday!

Malaysia won the first leg match in Kuala Lumpur, 3-0, while Indonesia won the second leg in Jakarta, 2-1. The game was played last night at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

Here, fans are seen celebrating at Dataran Merdeka.

Glad there wasn't any untoward incident over the laser incident. Police presence must have helped.

Read the full story..Malaysia wins AFF-Suzuki Cup on 4-2 aggregate; PM declares Friday a public holiday

A photo on the New York Times..

Image source: The Star

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All Sports All the Time

Content by Donny Vinson

I was a girl that loved her sports, and when I was finally moving out on my own the one thing I wanted to make sure was that my cable provider was able to give me my favorite sports network so that I could catch every sports game imaginable. I loved being able to sit down in my own place, on my own plush couch and watch my favorite sports network, ESPN, on my sat. service that I got after seeing this Directv comparison. I realized that the type of service I got that I technically got three different channels in my favorite network, which gave me all the games all the time.

I loved that I could now invite all my friends over to my house for the games and actually have a place where we could all sit around the TV and yell and shout and enjoy the company of friends and the joy of seeing who would win the big game. I cant wait to throw my first football or basketball party and invite everyone over for a sports slash new home party.

Monday, December 27, 2010

How to promote your website or blog

Everyone who sets up a website or blog is most concerned about traffic to the site. As a beginner, the common perception is that it may be a while before your pages appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) let alone appearing in the top ten. But it's no longer impossible now. There is a site that teaches webmasters how to increase traffic with their free linking tools and tutorials on how to build links or get free links. No matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced webmaster or blogger, you will find the information on FreeLinkBuildingTools very useful.

You need links to promote your website and increase visibility online. This site will show you how to find additional ways to exchange and build links with related websites. Get to know about reciprocal links, one way links, three way links, natural link building, free link exchange and more. Sign up for an account and learn all there is about link building to propel your website to the next level of site popularity and ranking.

Christmas in Singapore

The office is quiet today. It has been from last week and probably will be from now until up to early Jan after school reopens. School reopens on Jan 3. Why until after school reopens? This being the long year-end school holiday plus Christmas season, families take time off to vacation with their school-going kids. A colleague takes her family to Penang every year-end while another to Singapore to see the Christmas decorations among other attractions.

Have you been to Singapore during Christmas? The place is rather magical, I tell you!

Orchard Road in Singapore is one place to visit during the Christmas season. Some Malaysians, particularly people in the southern states of Johore and Malacca, make yearly trips to Singapore during this time of the year just to see the mesmerizing Christmas decorations and lightings along Orchard Road. Though the exchange rate may not be to our advantage, certain things there are still cheaper, at least Manchester United jerseys are cheaper there than here in KL. Plus, the range of goods is a lot wider, not only for football/soccer jerseys. But I digress.

Back to the decorations, the Singapore Christmas lighting will stay up until Jan 2, so there's still time if you want to make that trip or if you are due to travel to Singapore by then, you're in luck. Here's a glimpse of what to expect. Don't leave home without your camera!

Better yet, watch a video of the 2010 Singapore light-up. Enjoy!

For Christmas trees and decorations elsewhere around the world - Washington, Moscow, New York, and more - stay tuned..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at the malls in Kuala Lumpur

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

December is a great month to visit malls and shopping complexes for some Christmas cheer and be trigger-happy with your camera. We've seen beautiful Christmas trees and holiday lights all over the world, what about the decorations in our own malls, the KL malls?

I was downtown the other day. Downtown as in the Golden Triangle area, i.e., Bukit Bintang area. My girlfriend wanted to replace her home printer so we headed out to Low Yat Plaza, reputed to be the largest IT mall in the whole of Malaysia.

Decoration-wise, there isn't much at Low Yat Plaza. Their Christmas tree is set up right in front of the plaza, as in the picture below. You can see the KL Tower in the night sky at 1 o'clock. The road on the right of the Christmas tree leads to Jalan Bukit Bintang. Yes, Low Yat Plaza is easily accessible and a walking distance from hotels in this Golden Triangle area, one of which is the Federal Hotel which has the honour of being the very first major hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The hotel is right up ahead at the end of the street on the left along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Jalan is the local term for Road or Street.

This picture below was taken from the front porch of Low Yat Plaza looking out onto the street that leads to Jalan Bukit Bintang ahead.
A word of warning though if you intend to go to Low Yat Plaza, you'll have to be prepared to jostle with shoppers a bit especially on the lower floors. Low Yat Plaza IS a happening place!

Next, we wanted to check out the new 4G network, YTL's YES, so we headed over to Lot 10 where YES was being promoted in their roadshow there. (Btw, did you know that YES has been trademarked which means YTL has exclusive use of this as a name?) Jalan Bukit Bintang is one of KL's busiest streets. Here's what the traffic is like daily. This picture was taken from the pedestrian walkway linking Lot 10 and Sungei Wang Plaza, on the right,

and this is from where picture was taken.

Lot 10 Christmas decoration consists of Christmas trees spread out all over such as this tree near Debenhams department store.
Sungei Wang Plaza is somewhat better with some bell-shaped lightings above a smartly decked out lower lobby. Too neat for my liking actually. It needs some ruffles, more oommph! if you know what I mean.

I didn't manage to cover more malls but The Star has some nice pictures. Let me show you some of them.

Rhythmic Christmas at Subang Parade - where lights flicker and flash in-sync with theatrical music at Main Entrance 1. You can catch this unique show every hour from 7pm to 10pm daily.

Midvalley Megamall
has a toy theme of giant cuddly bears, puppies and rabbits as well as toy soldiers, Nutcrackers, snowmen and other Christmassy figurines and items.

1Utama has a charming Christmas "town” theme. There are townhouses at both the Oval and Centre court concourses where you can also pick up Christmas goodies upstairs. These are charming townhouses reminiscent of the days of Charles Dickens as in A Christmas Carol.

A purple and white theme at Suria KLCC. I remember one year, they had a huge beautiful purple Christmas tree at their centre court. That was quite a sight.

Friends voted 1Utama as having the best Christmas decor this year. Which one is your favorite?

More at The Star..Christmas at the malls

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Frolics - The Holiday Card Test

Here's a most appropriate quiz for a holiday - The Holiday Card Test! Merry Christmas!

You Are Down to Earth

You prefer to celebrate the holidays in your own laid back way. You don't need a lot of glitz or glamour.

If you attend holiday parties, they tend to be a quiet affair. You are past being rowdy.

This time of year has deep meaning for you. It's fine if others don't share that meaning, but you're not about to turn your back on it.

You like to celebrate an old fashioned Christmas. All these new "traditions" give you a headache.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



...............Everyone A.................

............Merry Christmas...............


.................New Year!.................
..........,...Happy Holidays!............

And now for some fabulous light show and song.. You'll enjoy this..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Park AutoMall for the lowest prices for used cars and trucks

Blogsvertise rejected task for lower than pr3. Blog was downgraded to pr2.

We all know that automobiles are a depreciating asset. The depreciation starts the minute you take the car out of the lot. Therefore, one of the ways you can save money is to not buy a new car. Instead, go for a late model used car or truck.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area in Florida and are in the market for a used car or a used truck, Park AutoMall is where you would want to look. This used car superstore is a great resource for used cars in Tampa, having a wide selection of preowned cars and trucks even car dealers go to.

Whether you are looking for a Ford Mustang or a Chrysler Sebring, you can find them here with the best price you can't find anywhere else. No worries about credit approval either. Park AutoMall provides 100% approved auto loans and a 30-second live instant credit approval for your convenience. Besides, at Park AutoMall, you are not pressured into a sale because their staff are paid an hourly salary instead of sales commissions. Here is where you can shop at your own pace and buy when you feel comfortable about the purchase.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Debt settlement to avoid bankruptcy

I just read with a tinge of sadness the bleak economic conditions faced by some people celebrating Christmas this year in Europe. In these hard times, there would be many people who will be out of a job and with mounting debts. The good news is, in most cases, bankruptcy can be avoided for people facing financial hardships. There are debt settlement companies out there who can help with debt negotiation with creditors to settle debt for a lower amount than owed allowing the debtor to save the money for a lump-sum (or installment) settlement payment.

United Debt Counseling is a debt settlement company that helps individuals and families deal with unmanageable debt stemming from financial and personal hardships. Over the years, they have helped thousands of people in the U.S. significantly reduce their debt load setting them back to financial freedom. The best part is, you will not be charged upfront fees as their settlement fees are collected only upon a successful settlement.

Getting the debt relief process started with United Debt Counseling is simple. You just need to complete the form online and a debt consultant will review your information and get back to you. Or you can call them for a free debt analysis on their toll-free number.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Authorities unhappy with gay confession

One daring chap..

A 32-year-old man caused a stir with a daring confession on YouTube that he is gay, Metro Ahad reported.

His admission has drawn more than 38,000 viewers and over 600 comments since Wednesday, but it did not go down well with Islamic authorities, which felt that the man had tarnished his own image and Islamic precepts.

Full article in The Star..

Flights cancelled in Europe due to heavy snow

From where I am this part of KL, the sun is not shining today. But at least, it's not as unusual or inconvenient as heavy snowing in certain parts of Europe where airports have to be closed. The Star reported that among the severely hit were the world’s busiest passenger airports like London’s Heathrow, Paris’ Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt and Amsterdam’s Schiphol, leaving thousands stranded in the terminals.

Doesn't the picture above look like an ice-field instead of an airport? With the aircond here in the office unusually cold today, this picture sure knocks down a few more degrees.

Even the English Premier League was not spared, when heavy snow and freezing temperatures put the title race on ice. I was so looking forward to the match between Manchester United and Chelsea which was supposed to be played in London last night. Besides in England, soccer games in Scotland, France and the Netherlands have also been called off.

Because of the blizzard, Malaysia Airlines has cancelled, rescheduled or redirected its flights to Heathrow. However, AirAsia X had no cancelled flights to London which land at Stansted Airport although one was delayed for 20 hours due to congestion.

In London, stranded travelers slept on makeshift beds at European airports as wintry weather caused travel havoc, dashing the hopes of those attempting to head away for the holidays by road, rail and air.

Even Lady Gaga is caught in this snowy (mis)adventure. Lady Gaga's canceled concerts in Paris had to be rescheduled — it was originally postponed in October during massive strikes in France.

The pop star said staging and sound equipment was stuck aboard heavy trucks ordered off the city's roads during the icy weather. "I am furious and devastated, it's unfair to my fans and to me," she wrote on her Twitter site.

Source: The Star, Thousands stranded, heavy snowfall closes Europe's airports

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Looking for School Scholarships?

For most families, it can be financially-challenging putting a child through college especially if a child is enrolled in a private university whose cost could be double that of a public university. Nowadays, a lot of colleges, universities, and foundations are offering all kinds of scholarships and grants for eligible students. Scholarships are also offered by various foundations, organizations, and even multi-national companies.

If you have a child entering university or a student looking for one of the many available pre med scholarships, here is a site that will be useful for you. School Scholarships provides comprehensive information on college scholarships and financial aid to students completely free. It also has tips and advice to help students earn scholarship or grants for college in the U.S.. You will find Athletics scholarships, Family scholarships, Subject scholarships, State scholarships, Grants and more.

Scholarships for minorities are also included. There are African American scholarships as well as scholarships for left handed people. Yes, left handed people are considered minorities, so are tall people with towering physiques.

In the U.S., there is a significant number of scholarships available for a wide scope of career interests and covers a good cross-section of criteria. School Scholarships makes your scholarship hunt easier. They have listed scholarships and grants grouped according to location, field of study, specialized degree, and minorities. Aside from these, athletic scholarships and company-sponsored grants are also included. You can also find helpful information on application procedures and requirements.

With such a great number of scholarships offered by institutions and organizations, it's not hard to imagine anyone excelling in his chosen field. Let School Scholarships kick-start it for you!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why are Cigars handed out after a child is born

Did you know that the tradition of giving away cigars to celebrate the birth of a child has its roots in the latter part of the 17th Century? In those days, cigars were quite rare thus to be treasured and guarded as one would with money. Handing out cigars, therefore, was an expression of deep appreciation.

So, the next time someone hands out some Dutch Master cigars, you know why. Incidentally, a colleague did that just last week after the birth of his firstborn, a boy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mailboxixchange has the widest selection of mailboxes

Still looking for that perfect mailbox for your home? I know how you feel. House mailboxes would ideally need to be functional first and foremost, at the same time, pleasing to the eye. The mailbox has to be big enough to accommodate the anticipated mail volume. It definitely has to look nice if that item is to be located right outside the main door or thereabouts, right?

Choices abound when it comes to mailboxes. There is practically every shape, size, color and design one can find on the Internet. Let me share my favorites from They certainly have some of the prettiest and cutest post mounted and wall mounted mailboxes as pictured here. They have the widest brand selection of wall mount mailboxes I've come across of every imaginable design, shape, size, and color to suit every mailbox need.

If a wall mount mailbox is not quite what you are looking for, has other mailboxes that may be close to what you need. There are post mount mailboxes, locking mailboxes, column mailboxes, drop mailboxes and many others including commercial and multi-unit mailboxes if you are also looking for one for your shop or office. Visit the site to check them all out. You can call them tollfree for information or to place an order. Also, see if your purchase entitles you to their holiday deal this month of a free Monogram Welcome mat. Prices are low price protected 110%!

Rain chains make recycling rainwater beautiful

Chains rain or rather chains for rain or simply rain chains have been in use in Japan for hundreds of years and are now becoming popular in the United States. The Japanese knack for combining function with form (we are talking "aesthetics" here) has made rain chains both practical and a thing of beauty for the home.

One can find rain chains in traditional designs or in a number of other designs, including buckets, cups in the shape of tulips or water lilies, fish shapes and so forth. If you were to buy a rain chain, do remember to also purchase installation hardware if they are not included. Some people would let the rainwater just flow to the ground but if you are collecting rainwater for use, you would then need a water container or some sort of water barrel or catch basin (suitable for bird baths) at the end of the rain chain.

As opposed to rainwater gushing down a downspout, rainwater cascading down a rain chain provides a different effect. Water swirling down the rain chain accompanied by the tinkling sound could present one with a visually pleasurable and delightful experience, I can imagine. is where you can find a wide range of rain chains of every size, finish, style, and accessories to complete the ensemble. You will find here a wide choice of different designs of chain cups and chain links from their wide stock of everything rain chain products. Why should you buy from For starters, you get free shipping on all rain chains. You would be spoilt for choice from their huge selection of exclusive products in different styles and with their expert customer service you would be provided with the best and knowledgeable service. When you shop here, you can be assured of paying the lowest price because they provide low price protection.

Friday Frolics - Which of the Big Five Personality Traits Are You?

LOL! This quiz says I have a low threshold for drama. Bite me!

Happy Friday!

You Are Agreeableness

You are an unselfish and considerate person. You don't easily find fault with others.

You are helpful and polite. You forgive and forget. You try your best not to start drama.

You are warm and welcoming. You are truly happy to see people, and you're willing to give almost anyone a fresh start.

You like to cooperate, even if it requires a little give and take. You have a low threshold for drama.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winner of Biggest Loser Asia 2

We have a winner! Singapore’s Vivega­nandam Deveraj (Raj) was crowned the winner of The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2.

The 24-year-old yesterday walked away with the prize money of US$100,000 (RM312,000) after losing 67kg from his starting weight of 144kg - making him the contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss (46.53%) over a six-month period.

.. Continue reading.. Biggest Loser Raj wins RM312k

Last season's winner lost 53% of his body weight..

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ecco Mailboxes on Sale

Need a replacement for your old mailbox or just moved into your lovely new home and need a mailbox? Check out EccoMailbox. You will find a wide variety of ecco mailboxes, all crafted with high quality and fine workmanship. You have a choice of mailboxes in many shapes and sizes, colors, designs and material. There is brass, bronze, pewter, and more. You also have a choice of ecco post-mounted and ecco wall-mounted mailboxes as well as tower mailboxes.

If you like a simple mailbox, the ecco e4 mailbox may be what you are looking for. These come in a range of different material and colors which allow you to choose a mailbox that blends in with your home color scheme or choose one that brings out a contrast.

If you prefer a mailbox that provides an indication on whether there is mail in the mailbox, the ecco e7 mailbox has holes in front to allow visibility.

My personal favorite is from the ecco e6 mailbox range. I like the ornate design and this brass baby is what I would go for.

However, if an ecco wall mounted mailbox is not what you want, there is always this, a Victorian Tower mailbox, from the ecco e8 mailbox range. One such tower mailbox will definitely stand out and be the talk of the neighbourhood, in a good way, naturally!

If you are looking to buy a mailbox, now is a good time to buy an ecco mailbox because the sale is on right now, plus shipping is free.

TIME's The Top 10 Everything of 2010

Here's a little trivia quiz for you. Look at the list below and guess as to what it is that all of them have in common.  Here goes..

- Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
- Animals Fight to Survive the Oil Spill
- Tiger Woods, to Everyone, for Cheating on His Wife
- United Unites with Continental
- Vuvuzela
- Conan O'Brien
- Curtains for Joran van der Sloot?
- The Facebook Movie: The Social Network
- Lady Gaga
- Sarah Palin v. Levi Johnston

Not a clue? Alright, more for hints..

- Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
- The New Naturalism
- iPad
- The Oil Spill — and What It Didn't Change
- Netflix
- Conan v. Leno: Tonight Show Smackdown
- Rolling Stone, November 2010
- Toy Story 3
- Beaked Toad
- Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Still nothing? You are not alone. I wouldn't have the answer either.

In 50 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the good and the bad, of the past 12 months and came up with their Top 10 lists. Listed here are just the 20 Number 1's in the list of 50 categories including Top 10 Albums, Top 10 Apologies, Top 10 Biz Deals, Top 10 Buzzwords, Top 10 Fashion Statements, which Lady Gaga tops, and so forth.

Here's TIME's full list of The Top 10 Everything of 2010

Splitsville for Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens?

E! Online claims that the High School Musical sweethearts, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, who started dating as teenagers five years ago when they appeared in the hit franchise, recently ended their relationship. What a shame!

No official statements have yet been released from both camps though. Source..

Monday, December 13, 2010

Widest range of Wholesale products at EzGoo

There is no denying that buying wholesale or in bulk does save money but then again you would need storage space to accommodate your purchases. However, if you are in the retail business, buying wholesale is the way to go if you want to realize a higher profit margin in addition to having wider choices on products.

If you are looking for wholesale products, here is a site you will certainly want to check out and bookmark. EzGoo is a directory and a resource website that caters specially for B2b needs, i.e., for retailers, wholesalers or just about anyone who is interested in selling products.

Anything from clothing to computers, perfumes to sporting goods, even Dollar store items to collectibles, knives, cars, watches, just about anything, you name it, it can be found here. You can find information for manufacturers, wholesalers, wholesale lots, auction resources, eBay resources, etc., - all these available here which makes searching for wholesale products and wholesale suppliers so much easier and quicker.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to treat Chin acne

Some people are born with good genes but for some, acne could be the cause of their misery. In this tropical climate, the condition can be made worse if not enough care is given to preventing acne in the first place. What we eat and what we use play a key role in its prevention. Check out this site,, for some tips on diet and treatment for chin acne.

Geminid meteor shower across the December Sky

Here is a chance to see some meteors or shooting stars this month of December. Every year in mid-December, Earth runs into a stream of debris from an extinct coment, 3200 Phaethon. This causes meteors to fly from the constellation Gemini, thus the name Geminids meteor shower.

This year's Geminid meteor shower promises to be lively, with 50-80 meteors per hour and potential peaks reaching 120 meteors per hour. Anytime between December 12-16 is a valid window for Geminid-watching, but the night of Dec. 13-14 is the anticipated peak.

According to Wikipedia, the meteors in this shower can appear almost anywhere in the night sky, and often appear yellowish in hue. The meteors travel at medium speed in relation to other showers, at about 22 miles per second, making them fairly easy to spot. The Geminids are now considered by many to be the most consistent and active annual shower. So watch the skies from mid-Dec onwards for a meteor shower treat.

If the weather is uncooperative or too cold for Geminid-watching, you can always watch live feeds on the NASA site on the night of Dec 13-14.

Enjoy! and don't forget to make a wish!

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Geminid Observing Tips

Image source: Wikipedia

Read the reviews before buying an LCD TV

All of us do not simply go out and buy big-ticket items without first studying the product with regard to features, price range, brands available, etc.. We would naturally also consider possible negative implications of the purchase, so on and so forth. Take buying LCD tv for instance.

If you were planning to equip your lovely new home with an LCD tv, think of what you would do leading up to the purchase. I know checking out lcd tv reviews would be part of your research exercise. Yes? Happy shopping then!

Get the right insurance coverage for your Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Most ordinary auto insurers treat your recreational vehicle (RV) like it's just a big car. But if you have such a vehicle, you may want to get specialised rv insurance protection that not only insures your vehicle but at least covers some of these as well:

- coverage for personal belongings
- one policy for both RVs and autos
- allowance for emergency expenses (which helps cover food, lodging and travel)
- storage option
- service call allowance that pays for an expert come to you at location of your choice
- hitch coverage
- and others.

Yep, get real protection for your home away from home..