Sunday, December 12, 2010

Get the right insurance coverage for your Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Most ordinary auto insurers treat your recreational vehicle (RV) like it's just a big car. But if you have such a vehicle, you may want to get specialised rv insurance protection that not only insures your vehicle but at least covers some of these as well:

- coverage for personal belongings
- one policy for both RVs and autos
- allowance for emergency expenses (which helps cover food, lodging and travel)
- storage option
- service call allowance that pays for an expert come to you at location of your choice
- hitch coverage
- and others.

Yep, get real protection for your home away from home..


  1. hmmm, i hope i can afford a car like that.. yeah, you are right, with so much investment in that RV, an insurance is just very necessary.. :)

  2. Get rid of such gas guzzling dinosaurs. If you own one, sell it and get a bicycle. Stop wasting a non-renewable resource (fossil fuel) and polluting our planet.