Thursday, December 9, 2010

Island of Penang, Pearl of the Orient

As you can see from the image below, Penang is quite devoid of steel buildings. Picture was taken last December. Woke up early and the view form my hotel room looked so peaceful outside so thought I would take a picture to capture the moment.

The tall building on the left is Komtar (Kompleks Tengku Abdul Rahman) and is the tallest building on the island of Penang.

Here is another Penang exclusive, the tram that services Penang Hill. The service is currently taken down for upgrading and supposed to be operational again in time for the Chinese New Year or thereabouts (in Feb).

Penang is a charming idyllic island, great for a holiday with its lovely beaches, colonial setting, historical sites and abundance of great Penang food.


  1. I'd definitely want to come back to Penang! :)

  2. Let me guess you're staying in Dorset hotel in Larut Road? haha..another sinkalingham. Missed Penang pretty much..

  3. hey happysurfer. penang... ah, i think d thing u can also talk is d food haha :) btw do u still tweet? hardly see u on twitter :(