Thursday, December 30, 2010

New York Times on AFF-Suzuki Cup

New York Times picture on the AFF-Suzuki Cup final.

The caption reads, "Indonesian soccer fans lighted firecrackers during the final match between Indonesia and Malaysia at the AFF Suzuki Cup in Jakarta. Malaysia won the cup for the first time."

Source..NY Times


  1. Was just thinking if Malaisiya wins the Thomas Cup PH declared, wins F1 PH declared, wins whatever for the first time then PH declared we would have lesser productive days? haha. [Purposely one to let my Bozz see Bananaz is hard working not splitting mah] lolz

  2. Congrats to Malaysia! But is this win "big" enough to warrant a public holiday?

  3. Bananaz, haha... so clever lah you to be thinking ahead. Dream on...!?

    Foong, someone warned that GE is coming. Have you registered to vote or not?