Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Singapore

The office is quiet today. It has been from last week and probably will be from now until up to early Jan after school reopens. School reopens on Jan 3. Why until after school reopens? This being the long year-end school holiday plus Christmas season, families take time off to vacation with their school-going kids. A colleague takes her family to Penang every year-end while another to Singapore to see the Christmas decorations among other attractions.

Have you been to Singapore during Christmas? The place is rather magical, I tell you!

Orchard Road in Singapore is one place to visit during the Christmas season. Some Malaysians, particularly people in the southern states of Johore and Malacca, make yearly trips to Singapore during this time of the year just to see the mesmerizing Christmas decorations and lightings along Orchard Road. Though the exchange rate may not be to our advantage, certain things there are still cheaper, at least Manchester United jerseys are cheaper there than here in KL. Plus, the range of goods is a lot wider, not only for football/soccer jerseys. But I digress.

Back to the decorations, the Singapore Christmas lighting will stay up until Jan 2, so there's still time if you want to make that trip or if you are due to travel to Singapore by then, you're in luck. Here's a glimpse of what to expect. Don't leave home without your camera!

Better yet, watch a video of the 2010 Singapore light-up. Enjoy!

For Christmas trees and decorations elsewhere around the world - Washington, Moscow, New York, and more - stay tuned..


  1. I have never been to Singapore. Poor me. :(

  2. Orchard Road is always famous for the christmas deco and lightings, i was there last year and was quite impressed.. anyway, i guess MV has done a great job with the Funtoystic theme too.. :)

  3. Never been to Spore for Xmas and never to MV or Sunway haha. Heard & seen these two local places are catching up with Orchard Road. tQ for the nice pixz

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    The Christmas and holiday scene in S'pore is well known.

  5. Have to try and visit Singapore one day! :)

  6. My parents will bring me to Orchard Road every year when I was small, and I will always enjoy the lights. ^_^

    Now I'm too lazy to be going Orchard for the lightings. Guess the next time I go will be after my kids pop out someday.

  7. Tekkaus, no kidding! Malacca is like three hours away only. I'm sure Jordan will love the new experience.

    SK, indeed Singapore has always been known for their Christmas lightings. MidValley does have a nice Christmas decoration this year but this is just in the mall. Our KL streets could do with more sprucing up though.

  8. Bananaz, the malls are nicely decked up. The 5-star hotels too and they are lovely.

    Mei Teng, true and quite a sight too.

  9. Lina, it's more fun around Christmas.

    Shingo, I know what you mean. I haven't been to MidValley megamall myself - not yet this Christmas season.

  10. bad luck of mine, I have never gone to Singapore. But the decorations are very beautiful.