Monday, December 20, 2010

Flights cancelled in Europe due to heavy snow

From where I am this part of KL, the sun is not shining today. But at least, it's not as unusual or inconvenient as heavy snowing in certain parts of Europe where airports have to be closed. The Star reported that among the severely hit were the world’s busiest passenger airports like London’s Heathrow, Paris’ Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt and Amsterdam’s Schiphol, leaving thousands stranded in the terminals.

Doesn't the picture above look like an ice-field instead of an airport? With the aircond here in the office unusually cold today, this picture sure knocks down a few more degrees.

Even the English Premier League was not spared, when heavy snow and freezing temperatures put the title race on ice. I was so looking forward to the match between Manchester United and Chelsea which was supposed to be played in London last night. Besides in England, soccer games in Scotland, France and the Netherlands have also been called off.

Because of the blizzard, Malaysia Airlines has cancelled, rescheduled or redirected its flights to Heathrow. However, AirAsia X had no cancelled flights to London which land at Stansted Airport although one was delayed for 20 hours due to congestion.

In London, stranded travelers slept on makeshift beds at European airports as wintry weather caused travel havoc, dashing the hopes of those attempting to head away for the holidays by road, rail and air.

Even Lady Gaga is caught in this snowy (mis)adventure. Lady Gaga's canceled concerts in Paris had to be rescheduled — it was originally postponed in October during massive strikes in France.

The pop star said staging and sound equipment was stuck aboard heavy trucks ordered off the city's roads during the icy weather. "I am furious and devastated, it's unfair to my fans and to me," she wrote on her Twitter site.

Source: The Star, Thousands stranded, heavy snowfall closes Europe's airports


  1. All I can say, thank goodness for our weather here and never need to experience winter. :D

  2. Like I made a comment in Reanaclaire's Korean trip this morning that we would be happy in the snow if for a short while only. Those guys in Europe are having a tough chaotic time now..we have a blissful weather here.

  3. Lina, I couldn't agree more! And there's no shortage of Vit D.

    Bananaz, I wouldn't trade the sun for the snow. I guess, it's just a matter of getting used to? Our humidity here can be a torture for people used to temperate climes.

  4. wow..that is terrible...yes, bananaz told me that europe is suffering, so freezing cold!! i got sick as soon as i landed..

  5. oh yeah, serious snow storm in London, Paris etc causing flights delayed and people stranded in the airport having nowhere to go..

  6. Oh my god, my aunt is right the some of the fight in London is being canceled because of very heavy snow storm, I this the first time that it happens in London and other airports in UK?

  7. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Has been raining almost everyday. But I am not complaining. Beats dry and hot season.