Monday, December 6, 2010

December shopping and breakaways

Here in Malaysia, the school holidays are in full swing and will stretch until early January of next year. Shopping malls and complexes are abuzz with locals and visitors alike looking for great shopping bargains.

Besides the Mega Sale Carnival in August and September of each year, December is also a great time to go shopping. The school holiday is reason enough for malls to hold sales in which parents can go shopping for school supplies including school uniforms, bags and shoes for their school-going children. Chinese New Year being either in January or February of each year, the December sale is just the right time to go looking for bargains for the Chinese folk celebrating the Spring festival. Oh yes, not forgetting December-shopping for Christmas gifts. December is indeed a merry time at the malls. It is also a great time for trigger-happy people - talking camera here, of course. The festive and beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere sure are a sight for sore eyes.

The school holiday is also a time for parents to schedule in family vacations. There is a myriad of holiday packages and getaways that families can choose from. Branson getaways provide lots of thrills and spills for some great family vacation fun. Besides Disneyland, Branson parks, like the Silver Dollar City, offer some of the best in fun and entertainment.

Going anywhere?


  1. Year-end holiday means spending more $$$. It's a peak season to travel. LOL

  2. When come to school holidays first thing that I got relieved is the traffic jam. Oh one month of 'smooth' traffic in Klang Valley..haha

  3. with sales happening almost all year round, i already don't find the Mega Sales interesting anymore.. just imagine, how many days in a year is there no sales going on??

    actually when it come to year end, i'm more interested to see the christmas deco in the shopping malls.. 1U and MV are doing quite well this time..

  4. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Just three more weeks away till the new year and new school term.

  5. Anonymous4:41 AM

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