Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Frolics - The Soap Bubble Test

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear, the quiz says I'm a Perfectionist but I don't think I am though just fussy enough to want to get things right. What about you?

You Are a Perfectionist

You are not a person who is concerned with details. You only tend to see the big picture.

You act quickly but not impulsively. You think through your actions, even if only briefly.

You are a big dreamer. Your head is in the clouds with your latest scheme, and it's sometimes difficult to get you back down to earth.

You are a bit mysterious and withdrawn. You have deep spirituality that others can't grasp.


  1. wow!! very interesting post...Thanks for sharing..,I will Waite for your next post..Best of Luck

  2. What? I am somewhat exacting?

    You are a well rounded person who can see both small details and the whole picture. You are very balanced.

    You are slow to act. You like to weigh your options carefully before deciding what to do.

    You are extremely down to earth. You aren't much of a dreamer - you're a doer.

    You are truly joyful. You have a lot of happiness in your life.

  3. Energycontractors, thank you.

    Foong, this is truly a blessing: You have a lot of happiness in your life. Thanks for sharing.