Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All Sports All the Time

Content by Donny Vinson

I was a girl that loved her sports, and when I was finally moving out on my own the one thing I wanted to make sure was that my cable provider was able to give me my favorite sports network so that I could catch every sports game imaginable. I loved being able to sit down in my own place, on my own plush couch and watch my favorite sports network, ESPN, on my sat. service that I got after seeing this Directv comparison. I realized that the type of service I got that I technically got three different channels in my favorite network, which gave me all the games all the time.

I loved that I could now invite all my friends over to my house for the games and actually have a place where we could all sit around the TV and yell and shout and enjoy the company of friends and the joy of seeing who would win the big game. I cant wait to throw my first football or basketball party and invite everyone over for a sports slash new home party.


  1. talking about sports - are you watching football match between Malaysia & Indonesia now? ;)

  2. Yes. Malaysia just sent in a goal. Am hoping there won't be any untoward incident. Are you watching too?