Friday, December 17, 2010

Rain chains make recycling rainwater beautiful

Chains rain or rather chains for rain or simply rain chains have been in use in Japan for hundreds of years and are now becoming popular in the United States. The Japanese knack for combining function with form (we are talking "aesthetics" here) has made rain chains both practical and a thing of beauty for the home.

One can find rain chains in traditional designs or in a number of other designs, including buckets, cups in the shape of tulips or water lilies, fish shapes and so forth. If you were to buy a rain chain, do remember to also purchase installation hardware if they are not included. Some people would let the rainwater just flow to the ground but if you are collecting rainwater for use, you would then need a water container or some sort of water barrel or catch basin (suitable for bird baths) at the end of the rain chain.

As opposed to rainwater gushing down a downspout, rainwater cascading down a rain chain provides a different effect. Water swirling down the rain chain accompanied by the tinkling sound could present one with a visually pleasurable and delightful experience, I can imagine. is where you can find a wide range of rain chains of every size, finish, style, and accessories to complete the ensemble. You will find here a wide choice of different designs of chain cups and chain links from their wide stock of everything rain chain products. Why should you buy from For starters, you get free shipping on all rain chains. You would be spoilt for choice from their huge selection of exclusive products in different styles and with their expert customer service you would be provided with the best and knowledgeable service. When you shop here, you can be assured of paying the lowest price because they provide low price protection.


  1. and they kinda make a nice decoration too. Right? :)

  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Rain chains is a great idea.

  3. oh, i've not come across such things before.. but guess not suitable for our country, as this encourage the breed of mosquitoes~~ :D

  4. That's interesting. This is "reinventing the wheel", isn't it? It's a basic idea of collecting rain water but with a beautiful twist.

    My grandparents used to collect rain water (as they lived in kampung), but the pipes that they used were basic but practical.

  5. where can i find and buy rain chains in Klang Valley?