Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas at the malls in Kuala Lumpur

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

December is a great month to visit malls and shopping complexes for some Christmas cheer and be trigger-happy with your camera. We've seen beautiful Christmas trees and holiday lights all over the world, what about the decorations in our own malls, the KL malls?

I was downtown the other day. Downtown as in the Golden Triangle area, i.e., Bukit Bintang area. My girlfriend wanted to replace her home printer so we headed out to Low Yat Plaza, reputed to be the largest IT mall in the whole of Malaysia.

Decoration-wise, there isn't much at Low Yat Plaza. Their Christmas tree is set up right in front of the plaza, as in the picture below. You can see the KL Tower in the night sky at 1 o'clock. The road on the right of the Christmas tree leads to Jalan Bukit Bintang. Yes, Low Yat Plaza is easily accessible and a walking distance from hotels in this Golden Triangle area, one of which is the Federal Hotel which has the honour of being the very first major hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The hotel is right up ahead at the end of the street on the left along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Jalan is the local term for Road or Street.

This picture below was taken from the front porch of Low Yat Plaza looking out onto the street that leads to Jalan Bukit Bintang ahead.
A word of warning though if you intend to go to Low Yat Plaza, you'll have to be prepared to jostle with shoppers a bit especially on the lower floors. Low Yat Plaza IS a happening place!

Next, we wanted to check out the new 4G network, YTL's YES, so we headed over to Lot 10 where YES was being promoted in their roadshow there. (Btw, did you know that YES has been trademarked which means YTL has exclusive use of this as a name?) Jalan Bukit Bintang is one of KL's busiest streets. Here's what the traffic is like daily. This picture was taken from the pedestrian walkway linking Lot 10 and Sungei Wang Plaza, on the right,

and this is from where picture was taken.

Lot 10 Christmas decoration consists of Christmas trees spread out all over such as this tree near Debenhams department store.
Sungei Wang Plaza is somewhat better with some bell-shaped lightings above a smartly decked out lower lobby. Too neat for my liking actually. It needs some ruffles, more oommph! if you know what I mean.

I didn't manage to cover more malls but The Star has some nice pictures. Let me show you some of them.

Rhythmic Christmas at Subang Parade - where lights flicker and flash in-sync with theatrical music at Main Entrance 1. You can catch this unique show every hour from 7pm to 10pm daily.

Midvalley Megamall
has a toy theme of giant cuddly bears, puppies and rabbits as well as toy soldiers, Nutcrackers, snowmen and other Christmassy figurines and items.

1Utama has a charming Christmas "town” theme. There are townhouses at both the Oval and Centre court concourses where you can also pick up Christmas goodies upstairs. These are charming townhouses reminiscent of the days of Charles Dickens as in A Christmas Carol.

A purple and white theme at Suria KLCC. I remember one year, they had a huge beautiful purple Christmas tree at their centre court. That was quite a sight.

Friends voted 1Utama as having the best Christmas decor this year. Which one is your favorite?

More at The Star..Christmas at the malls


  1. haven't been to all the shopping malls.. but i guess i like the deco in MV the most.. all the huge toys and huge christmas trees, plus the merry crowd~~ :)

  2. the only malls I go to are the Midvalley and Gardens mall. Midvalley's nice. Gardens a bit blah.

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Bkt Bintang area is a nightmare. Traffic is madness.

  4. I have been to two malls in KL. Midvalley and Gardeens. :D

  5. Thankz for all the nice pixz have not been going anywhere before, during and after Xmas other than the wedding dinner last night on Xmas day in PJ. The hotel seems pretty *quiet* no Xmas mood.

  6. I love the Xmas decors at Mid Valley although I think they plagiarised from BSC's decor last year.

    1Utama's is very cool! And I can safely say that they are always in my Top 3 every year!

    Curve was a bit of a letdown while Pavilion was quite nice too.

    I think KLCC must be kidding to have such a decor this year! It's nothing to shout about.

    Oh! I didn't know Subang Parade had rhythmic lights! Must go there to watch it! Thanks for the info! : )

  7. Was in KL just before xmas but did not venture out to these places... normally we do... but I can imagine the crowd and the traffic...

  8. Hi Professor, true, KL is busier nowadays than it was before. Hope you enjoyed your visit nevertheless.

    You're welcome, Foong. Your video of the rhythmic lights at Subang Parade is nice. I have to agree that KLCC could do better.

  9. You're welcome, Bananaz. A wedding on Christmas Day? Sweet!

    Tekkaus, for little Jordan's sake, you've got to check out the indoor amusement park at Berjaya Times Square!

  10. Mei Teng, as expected as Bukit Bintang is the heart and soul of Kuala Lumpur. Actually, I like that place. I really do.

    Lina, I too enjoy going to MidValley except that it's huge and tough to cover it all. But the traffic is another story.

  11. SK, MidValley's toys must be the talk of the town this Christmas.